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    Jirue got a reaction from Scorn in Playtest Feedback for June 15 to June 19, 2017   
    This feedback relates to a brief playtest I had yesterday for only a couple hours.
    Firstly, I want to clarify that I was playing on a laptop well below the hardware specs recommended for the game. The performance was as one would expect when it comes to frame rates, and was extremely under-performing at 10 fps. Upon the games initial boot up into the start menu, there was a good amount of time spent freezing and stuttering. I spent 2 minutes waiting on temporary freezing to load the settings menu, and then another 5 minutes after selecting the basic graphics setting for it to take effect and apply the graphics change. After reducing the graphics level, the game menu suffered from considerably reduced stuttering and performed with only minimally noticeable delays from menu button selections.
    Due to the fact I expected my laptop to be under-performing, I spent a majority of my sessions checking out the menus and did only a brief playtest in the Eternal Kingdom. The menus mostly seemed intuitive, with only occasional cases of things that could use more clarification on how to use them. For example, when checking out the skills menu I navigated to start initial research on the Exploration branch. My first instinct was to select the outer most branches of the following sub-menus. It wasn't until after I slowly navigated through some of the outer most branches that I slowly read the small tooltip text saying I needed more points in the "Basic Exploration" branch before I could start researching items in the outer most menu branches. It was only after reading the small text that I even noticed that "Basic Exploration" was a selectable menu, before that I just assumed the outer branches was where I was supposed to start. Personal recommendation would be to have some visual feedback that the outer branches cannot be researched until the "Basic Exploration" branch has research done in it that is apparent from the selection menu where you can navigate to the outer branches. Something like a grayed out appearance, or a text saying "Locked" next to it would help clarify the confusion.
    Some other menu things I'd like to note is in regard to the item menus and the crafting menu. With regard to the item menu, it took me a couple minutes to realize there were additional tabs selectable in the bottom right corner with regards to the equipment menu, Spirit Bank, ect. That is not inherently a notable issue, but the fact that I had little idea what each button was for is something of noteworthiness. Some further clarification would be nice, such as a tooltip when hovering over the menu buttons. With regard to the crafting menu, navigation inside it is not very intuitive to use. It is functional, but clumsy to navigate through given how many items there are to select from and the menu drop-down layout does little to help organize the clutter in its current form. The item placement for materials is straight forward, and the amounts are noticeable enough though the font color blends a bit into the background so it took me a few seconds to notice them. Once I knew what to look for though they stood out a bit more to me.
    As for the Eternal Kingdom, I enjoyed the starting monument area. It had a very nice grandious feeling that really helped set the mood for the game to me and the avatar selection system was nicely formed to help with the impression that you're just occupying a temporary body. After fumbling with the Spirit Bank enough to withdraw the land tiles, I was able to figure out how to place them on the kingdom though it took me a bit to understand that there was a time delay between withdrawing from the Spirit Bank and being able to use them. I like the way the system works for moving land tiles, and how they appear pretty much instantly upon approval.
    Building placement though, I struggled tremendously with. The first person view for placing buildings was extremely hard to work with because it was way too easy to overshoot my intended location by a wide margin with relatively small mouse movements, so I'd often end up needing to shuffle my mouse up and down a lot to get close to the right distance I wanted. Eventually, I figured out that I could scroll out my view enough to get a top-down view which was considerably easier to place buildings location wise but made adjusting height more difficult to view. I also experienced a problem after scrolling out my view all the way where after I canceled placing the building and moved my character to another location where I could no longer scroll wheel my view out, and I could not longer use the WASD keys to move my view screen when trying to place more buildings. It was like the WASD movement and view scrolling got disabled, leaving me with only the first person view to try and place further buildings which as I stated before is frustrating since small mouse movements could send the building placement to a vastly different location then intended.
    Anyways, those were the most notable things I experienced for now. I'll see about getting some more time in later to find what I can for further feedback.
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    Jirue reacted to goose in extremely low population   
    So..feel the need to remind you that the game is in pre-alpha. If you're expecting crowds of people, maybe wait for the game to actually launch. Or at least for alpha. Or beta. This is a test environment, not the game.
    That said, 7 is lower than average. But if you joined this expecting it to feel like a proper MMO when they only turn up server capacities to triple digits for stress tests, you should click the link in my sig.
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    Jirue got a reaction from gray in What Things Would You Like To See Given There Are No Primary Healers?   
    Strategic structures that regenerate nearby troops. Would add a significant building to protect in large battles.
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    Jirue reacted to HappyWulf in Monster Hunter - Crowfall Style   
    I'm a big Monster Hunter fantard. I've been playing the series since it's first release on the PS2. When I see descriptions of the PvE for Crowfall say that you don't do it for exp, but you do it to survive and to get access to resources they may be guarding, or simply protecting your land, I think of Monster Hunter.  I think of Guild quests where the NPCs give you water thin stories about a big monster in their trade route so they can't leave town and they need a Hunter to bring it down, I think of how can this formula be emulated in Crowfall?
    Then I think about how the combat in MH is, with no indicators on the ground, but with plenty of visual cues in telegraphed attacks. I think about carving large monsters for crafting materials, making cool Wyvern Scale armors. (Fashion Hunter!) I can then imagine a special type of player who enters dying worlds simply as a Hunt, to go on expedition simply to be the last man to slay a soon-to-be-extinct breed of beast.
    How much could be done to make some truly epic PvE battles with 'regular' monsters, when the player does not level up and the damage you deal is based more on gear than on how many of the exps you have compared to your foe? 
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    Jirue reacted to mourne in Gordon Walton - Are You The One Who Brought Us The Nge?   
    "Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan." - John F. Kennedy
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    Jirue got a reaction from ozzie mozzie in Wheres The Petition To Keep Out Slayers   
    Given their rather upstanding postures and such from some of the pictures, I'm more hoping for a rowdy swashbuckler personality with witty retorts or something ala Monkey Island.
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    Jirue got a reaction from nesogra in Wheres The Petition To Keep Out Slayers   
    Given their rather upstanding postures and such from some of the pictures, I'm more hoping for a rowdy swashbuckler personality with witty retorts or something ala Monkey Island.
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    Jirue reacted to nesogra in Wheres The Petition To Keep Out Slayers   
    Same.  I don't mind cute but I'm really hoping for something closer to a steampunk Yoda.
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    Jirue reacted to snowmizer in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    I did not consider this....I hope the devs have.
    If you can "Blockade" their EK, so they cant get resources to the Campaigns, or jump/loot their caravans heading out to resupply their Campaign.....Then that is an aspect i can live with.
    I just know there will be enemy guilds that we will want to do everything we can to hinder their game.....and many guilds that will want to do the same to ours.
    That, to me/us, is the fun......and why we are backing Crowfall.....

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    Jirue got a reaction from dajjal in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    By cutting off their supplies, I would think. Sure, their home base will be safe so you can't destroy what they have already collected... but much like seiged cities of olden times, I figure you can still choke guilds out by cutting off their supplies from Campaigns. Eventually they would run low or out of much needed materials which is what I assume you're aiming for. I know, it's not as direct a method as just crushing them outright but you probably can still slowly squeeze the life out of them with the right placement of troops in campaigns.
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    Jirue reacted to Nimbitto in Competitive Attitudes, Player-Policing, And "toxicity"   
    To be fair, words can hurt. It`s very easy to say "Welcome to the internet, grow up or get out." but not everyone sees or feels it that way. Saying that "It`s the internet." doesn`t mean it`s ok or something of no consequence. It`s easy to say that it should be ignored but people can still be insulted by comments made online, they can still be hurt by it, regardless of if they are "grown up" or not.
    On the internet, over the phone, face to face, the medium used is different but the intent and response is the same for alot of people.
    Granted there are always things that can be done on a game or on the internet when it comes to such things. Blocking, ignoring, reporting to moderators etc. It`s all good and yes, it is true that just like in real life people will have to learn to handle insults / griefing / abuse.
    That does not mean they have to accept it though. While you have a very valid point about them (abusers / griefers etc.) only being as important as you make them that doesn`t mean it can be just shrugged off just like that, things are never that easy..
    Everyone is different after all. Some people have thicker skin than others when it comes to the bile that people can hurl around.
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    Jirue reacted to headlight in Eternal Kingdoms Needs An Overhaul...   
    I just don't like people that don't follow safety standards. OSHA restricts the amount of people that can swing on my nuts at one time. The 3rd post on this thread was something similar to my post. Yet you chose mine to swing on. Maybe it was the smoothness, the maintenance, or the size of them that attracted you, but please ask permission first and submit the correct forms.
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    Jirue reacted to PopeUrban in Why Gender Lock Classes   
    But... the debs are gender locked.

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    Jirue got a reaction from Luthair in Why Gender Lock Classes   
    Maybe you're right and I'm missing the point. Why do they have to explain it away as looking cool or having a better animation? To me, that is more of seeking a justification then just saying you like female butts. People just prefer different shapes, especially when it comes to the anatomy of things they're attracted to (sexually or otherwise). There's no need to explain it away as something more detailed then it is. They like the look of female butts (or other female anatomy) more then male butts (or other male anatomy), so they would rather.look at a female butt (or other female anatomy).
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    Jirue got a reaction from KingsLetter in Why Gender Lock Classes   
    Ah, but that "macho" argument could go both ways. Who uncomfortable enough in their masculinity to the degree you seem to imply would prefer to represent themselves to other people online as a non-macho avatar? You read too much into it by tying terms like "macho" to these individuals, I think.
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    Jirue got a reaction from KingsLetter in Why Gender Lock Classes   
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    Jirue got a reaction from KingsLetter in Why Gender Lock Classes   
    Why is it weird? Is sexuality such a weird concept to you that you must question people's preference for it? Do you question ancient Greek statues or paintings of half naked ancient gods and call them weird for the artists preference? Perhaps, but it is what it is. A preference is just that, a preference. It is neither weird, nor good, nor evil, nor any other moral definition. You prefer what you prefer.
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    Jirue reacted to oberon in The Sapphire Problem   
    Alpha 1 is what compelled me
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    Jirue reacted to BraveSirRobin in Eternal Kingdoms! Kickstarter Update 19   
    I really really like this but I do have one big problem and that is collaborating with guildmates on a single EK.  What would really make me go all Sapphire and Ruby would be a mechanic whereby players could voluntarily combine their EK cells into one.  Right now it appears that to get a guild central EK going it will take "a combination of time and raw materials (stone, iron and wood) to add cells (raw square footage) to your Kingdom" which means a lot of unorganized sprawl as everyone is messing with their own EK's in the meantime.  Let me add my 3 X 3 or w/e you decide cells to the guild EK and then my parcels on that.
    Please sirs I beg of you

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    Jirue reacted to M0rdred in Eternal Kingdoms! Kickstarter Update 19   
    Well I think the Eternal Kingdom theme tune has been decided; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fv5cuYZFC0
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    Jirue got a reaction from fleur in What Things Would You Like To See Given There Are No Primary Healers?   
    Strategic structures that regenerate nearby troops. Would add a significant building to protect in large battles.
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    Jirue reacted to doc gonzo in Change Promotion Class   
    this kind of thing just makes me chuckle every time i stumble across the fallacy....
    it's not like the detractors link anything...just make broad brush and unsubstantiated statements...
    soooOOOooOOOOoOOOooo.... just cuz i'm silly like that...let me lay out something for folks to ponder...
    from this Thread we can see things breaking down into three types of Players...
    Agamemnon - the master Strategist/politician...expert in overall planning/logistics who has the Vision of how and what needs to be done to accomplish the Goal....not so good at actual Combat himself...he leads from behind
    Achilles - teh great Warrior, master of all things twitch...unstoppable in a 1v1 contest...but does not work and play well with others in a larger Fight...his skills being more self oriented and himself loathe to hold back in order to work with a Group/army
    Odysseus - the wily and crafty Soldier, leader of Troops who sees the Strategic as well as the Armies capabilities on each side, then not only hammers out a creative use of tactics but leads from the front during the actual Battle...not the greatest of Warrior, but able to get his troops to be far greater than the mere sum of the Individual parts....
    now, some might think that CF should be oriented so that an Agamemnon leading 49 Achilles is the ultimate "force" in the Game...
    i would disagree...yes the strategic brilliance added to all those top notch duelists fighting together will indeed win over many types of Foe....but is this the Vision of CF?
    or is a smaller group of 30 with 5 Agamemnons, 5 Odysseus', 5 Achilles and 15 "normal" soldiers and specialists...working together as solid Team to overcome obstacles what is desired?
    i prefer the latter....which should be no surprise since it describes QFT pretty well, and BSR is our Odysseus....
    could just be me...
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    Jirue reacted to sheen in Change Promotion Class   
    This would also depend on if the game itself makes the first person aiming more focused.  Some games for example will let you ironsight in first person view but do not have an ironsighted version of third person shooting. 
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    Jirue got a reaction from doc gonzo in Change Promotion Class   
    Mmm, I've played some years on a game that allows you to freely switch between Third Person and First Person view. I found in that time that when roaming an area looking for targets or just trying to get a general bead on enemy locations that the Third Person view is more handy, but if you're looking for more precision with aiming then First Person was the way to go.
    It also highly depended on what weapon I was using. For example, a Grenade Launcher and a Minigun were far easier to use effectively in Third Person while Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles were more effective with First Person view. It only makes sense as such given the effective areas of attack as well as the precision of each weapon's style.
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    Jirue reacted to doc gonzo in Change Promotion Class   
    interesting semi-thinking here...
    i'll stick to myself personally...for the purposes of my example
    in Skyrim i use both FP and TP style aiming...
    if i am going to shoot an arrow/spell i go to first person view...it's MUCH easier for me to aim, and due to the simple change in camera angle i get a MUCH LONGER field of view...enabling me to see and aim for larger distances than what i am able to do with the tilted camera angle of TP
    for melee and close in stuff...or even scouting around...yes i use TP for situational Awareness and so i can do what you can't in real life...see behind me....
    both have their place and in my opinion, each are better than the other at certain things....but much of it depends on Camera control...and the Range/Distance we are talking about...
    just my thinking here...
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