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  1. I guess it depends on how you define "small." By Eve standards, all of the Crowfall guilds are small.
  2. I'm not convinced the system is broken. There were a number of problems in forming a victory guild which we didn't anticipate (namely acquiring and holding forts and outposts, destroying enemy assets during a siege, etc.). While it certainly made the per member cards more achievable, the cards like "outposts held at the end of the season" greatly balances those per member cards. Given the headaches created in administering a victory guild, I'm not sure I'd recommend we follow suit next campaign. We've certainly learned a lot in trying it out. I still think the per member cards are a significan
  3. Alliances weren't discussed in the Q&A. As Miraluna said, subguilds exist to the extent that you have a lead guild which forms the alliances and invites other or subguilds to join the alliance. I don't believe there is any plan to allow a third level of subguilding to alliance members.
  4. I suspect what you "heard" was erroneous. I'm not aware of any guilds who used such an exploit to get control of forts early. The land rush at server up did see a number of fights between folks with basic weapons in their race to loot the gold in the neutral forts. That "feature" (neutral forts spawning chests) has apparently been removed in 6.1 according to the patch notes.
  5. Yes...I am very frustrated with the crafting system. I have posted my detailed feedback on the DevBackerForum concerning the complexity and interdependence issues I have with the system as well as suggestions for improvement. I believe there is zero chance for factories pre-launch so I am focusing on quality of life enhancements and means of making the juice worth the squeeze.
  6. Can you show us where the bad men touched you?
  7. The Winterblades are the diehards. We've been here since grayboxed Hungerdome. No other guild has played in every iteration of this game. We'll persevere out of sheer spite. Don't expect us to go anywhere.
  8. Yumx: First, let me say that this saddens me. The Crowfall community is richer with -V- in it. With that being said, I understand your frustrations and in a lot of areas, share them. There are certainly areas which need improvement and assistance. Crafting is too complex, cumbersome and interdependent IMHO. WarTribe gear, at least early on, is too strong in comparison to crafted weapons and armor. AoEs are too powerful and there are numerous promotion classes that are ineffectual. With that being said, I also see the Devs listening to our concerns and making adjustments. The pig claiming
  9. Don’t shed any more fake tears @weaponsx. We all know you had no intention of doing any more crafting in that keep we took from you.
  10. Nice write up @Angelmar! Well done. A whole lot of fun (and work) for a 4 day campaign.
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