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  1. Can you tell us when this was recorded? I think some context in terms of "how far along in the world building process" would be helpful.
  2. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    Now that's the most accurate thing you've said thus far!
  3. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    As I told you in Discord...I hope you sent your attackers a nice thank you card for providing your channel with pvp content. I can't imagine someone trying to stream a pvp game and then complain when someone went out of their way to provide that very content you were looking for.
  4. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    He's already found a nice home with Balance.
  5. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    I think I'd watch that!
  6. Twitch Streaming- Sniping

    I do not share this opinion. I find nothing “dishonorable” about accepting an invitation to pvp with someone...especially with someone who is broadcasting their pvp encounters without the knowledge or consent of their opponents. If I volunteer my time to willingly engage in pvp with someone who is broadcasting those encounters and is trying to get views/followers/donations from those encounters...and I do so without any expectation of sharing in those revenue streams...I would think a sincere and heartfelt “thank you” would be in order.
  7. Whoa!? Where did this come from? I’ve got issues with the skill trees...but it being too much of an on-rails theme park isn’t one of them. You backed a game in which there was zero diversity of races and classes. You backed a game without disciplines. You backed a game where there weren’t racial bonuses or capturing of thralls or in game leveling or active advancement of any kind. The ability to gimp yourself has gone UP not down. This recent skill redesign takes away both racial basics and class basics...both were mechanisms to ease players into the kiddie pool which didn’t require them to jump into the deep end and actually pick a racial group or a class type. Those “rails” have now been removed. You’re entitled to your opinion Scree....but in this case you’re out of your ever lovin mind.
  8. The 125,000 points we see in the those represent RL seconds? Minutes? some other measurement of time?
  9. I like these changes. While I would have preferred to allow Blacksmiths to also train Leatherworking...I understand the desire and even need to make these changes and simply things. Well done. While the structure is absolutely a big step in the right direction, the trees themselves need an overhaul. The article says that recipes and passives are unlocked by skill training. I don't know of a single passive skill that is granted by the existing skill trees. The unlocking of passives and ACTIVE skills would be a big plus and really make skill training and account progression feel rewarding and worthwhile. I am still an opponent of the including of harvesting and crafting skills within the racial trees. I think this was a mistake in a number of ways. First, it created a number of "wasted" nodes that had to be filled to unlock the master node in the racial trees if you had no intention of doing that harvesting or crafting profession. Second, it created clear paths to optimal harvesters or crafters. There is no question that HalfGiants and HalfElves are superior gravediggers because of the training nodes found within the HalfBlood racial tree. I believe these artificial paths to optimization should be avoided and all races should be able to gravitate toward all harvesting and crafting professions without feeling like they are gimping themselves. Please give us back the individual class trees we used to have under the old archetype system. The current class trees seem very generic. The old trees had more class specific based training nodes and at least seemed more valuable to actually training your class. Losing the Race Basics and Class Basics is a great step in avoiding VIP issues. However, I suspect that what you've done is simply lengthened out the Mankind/Sylvan/Monster and the Fighter/Mage/Rogue trees. In my opinion, these trees should be SHORTER not LONGER. The Divine/Arcane/Chivalry/Barbarian trees should also be shorter, and you should show us what Druid and Cleric training actually looks like (and let us get into those class specific trees within 9 months of starting training). The Class specific trees can be LONG...and I'm fine with making those trees take 1+ years to complete...but not having them...and not knowing whats in there...and never anticipating any specific class training is a mistake IMHO and one that would be relatively easy to correct. (the class trees should also be where you have class specific active powers for FireBall2 for Confessors and LayOnHands for Templars for instance).
  10. I agree with Durenthal. Once you pick Barbarian as your primary Class Track you should be able to pick Chivalry for your secondary Class track. Presumably, we'll eventually get Myrmidon and Champion trees as well. Once I pick Myrmidon as a primary track I should be able to pick Mage, Divine, Cleric or Champion as my Secondary Class Track.
  11. BTW...thats a necklace
  12. Not exactly up to 5.3 and 5.4 standards...but not bad in 5.5....
  13. Neither Ice nor Fire quivers allow experimentation. Ice will complete and become an Ice Quiver. A competed Fire Quiver says "Piercing" on it.
  14. @thomasblair did you intend to nerf Crafting Leadership? Fully trained Crafting leadership used to add 2 experimentation points. It now adds .5. As intended or bug?
  15. Necromancy is most certainly in for 5.5....