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  1. Yes...I am very frustrated with the crafting system. I have posted my detailed feedback on the DevBackerForum concerning the complexity and interdependence issues I have with the system as well as suggestions for improvement. I believe there is zero chance for factories pre-launch so I am focusing on quality of life enhancements and means of making the juice worth the squeeze.
  2. Can you show us where the bad men touched you?
  3. The Winterblades are the diehards. We've been here since grayboxed Hungerdome. No other guild has played in every iteration of this game. We'll persevere out of sheer spite. Don't expect us to go anywhere.
  4. Yumx: First, let me say that this saddens me. The Crowfall community is richer with -V- in it. With that being said, I understand your frustrations and in a lot of areas, share them. There are certainly areas which need improvement and assistance. Crafting is too complex, cumbersome and interdependent IMHO. WarTribe gear, at least early on, is too strong in comparison to crafted weapons and armor. AoEs are too powerful and there are numerous promotion classes that are ineffectual. With that being said, I also see the Devs listening to our concerns and making adjustments. The pig claiming alerts are certainly a step in the right direction and I truly believe that the Divine Favor cards are becoming more and more pvp focused. The framework that ACE has created provides a foundation for a game that I still believe will live up to the promise and excitement we felt back in Kickstarter. Taking a break until Beta sounds like a solid plan. I look forward to your spirited return.
  5. Don’t shed any more fake tears @weaponsx. We all know you had no intention of doing any more crafting in that keep we took from you.
  6. Nice write up @Angelmar! Well done. A whole lot of fun (and work) for a 4 day campaign.
  7. We've experienced the same. We've tried to isolate the variables to determine what's broken and clearly not giving the gem chance. The best theory we came up with had to do with the picks coming from the Campaign World, but I'm not sure that that is correct. The fact that exported items don't seem to stack correct was the basis for that theory. We've started only using newly made picks/hammers to make sure there isn't an issue and since doing that we've had better luck.
  8. @thomasblair is there a mechanism for turning off/on the Sentinel after he’s been built? Is there a mechanism for removing/replacing buildings in keeps/forts?
  9. Fake news. I just saw a great video the other day of this OP Pitfighter that just destroyed his competition. Let me find that link.... there we go...
  10. Until we unlock them, we can't see the time cost for each of the passive nodes in 5.11 (for some unknown reason...hint hint)
  11. @Pann I think I’m seeing slots for 3 stores of ice. Do Frostweavers get a 4th when they promote to ArchMage, Icecaller or FrostGuard?
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