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  1. @thomasblair Are we losing Foreman's Take it Down or other active harvesting powers we used to slot in the Survival Tray?
  2. Currently the Wood Elf Camo and the Illusionist Camo can only be slotted in the Survival Tray. Going into Combat breaks this stealth state. Will the “consumable slots” be available for this Camo power? If not, will it now function using the “C” stealth mechanic Duelists and Assassins use?
  3. Nah...its much easier to cry and whine. The Participation-Trophy-Generation rears its ugly head again.
  4. Isn’t Agent’s “heal” actually an OOC Health Regen buff? I”m not sure its effected by PHM.
  5. Hmmm...I’m not sure how I feel about his claim. However, to set the record straight, if you are referring to Virakar, they used the Irekei Language that I and Sam “Meridian” Johnson developed. They also made some adaptations for their own use (as did Shadowclan). When Sam, Wolfpack’s head writer and master of lore, published his first bit of lore on the Irekei it contained 6 unique words that he had come up with. Terms like “Khan’Jhalakar” and “Fir’Khanim” etc. It was clear that the language was modular as it shared the term “Khan” for blood. With Sam’s permission I developed word and sentence structure, prefixes and suffixes, verbs and verb conjugation, adjectives, etc. These were published in “Letters” I put on my Shadowbane Lore website at the time (Shadowbania.com). There were 3 or 4 letters I published and Wolfpack used that vocabulary and language structure to then assign names to NPCs, ingame locations, additional lore descriptions, etc. The old Virakar language page as well as the Shadowclan pages generally referred to this original Irekei as “Gradisharian Irekei.” There were certainly some mistakes made (the number structure for instance was terrible) and both Virakar and Shadowclan developed their own dialects which deviated from (and in many ways improved upon) the originally published works. Nkoth!
  6. I think you’ve underestimated the Sanctifier and Vindicator as DPS and overestimated the Arbiter as Support. However, on balance, your analysis is spot on. There’s a promotion class called Vandal? Seriously? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.
  7. Well done Vanguard...well done. If only we had more guilds working on coming up with effective spec groups rather than just trying to emulate whatever the "vet" guilds are doing. Bravo!
  8. I miss Expansive Mind and Demon’s Pact.
  9. While I voted “no” in this poll...I fully support a complete skill/vessel/equipment wipe and I do not believe a wipe now and another wipe in Jan/Feb would be too much of a hardship. Given the fact that we will not be seeing any updates to the LIVE server over the next 4 months, a complete wipe now would give the LIVE server the best chance for prolonged playability IMHO while we wait for 5.110.
  10. Because we know that a full wipe will be in 5.110, then a partial wipe now would only widen the perceived problem (of there being haves and have nots). There not being an option for a full wipe currently, I vote no wipe at all until 5.110.
  11. I actually agree with JJ here and really wish we had more diversity of class roles. While there was a lot I didn't like about GW2, I did like the diversity of classes available. The Mesmer and his use of clones and phantasms was very cool. The Engineer as a nice and relatively unique class. In Shadowbane, I liked the Doomslayer, the Stalker, the Sentinel and the Sac Sader. I would love to see more diversity in roles...big bombers that effected friendlies (the Sentinel). True black mantles that nullified all healing (the SB Assassin). The ability to bypass black mantles by sacrificing your own health (the SB Crusader). Perhaps Frostweaver will offer a new avenue for more unique classes and combat roles...but only time will tell.
  12. I’ve never been ganked and blamed the system that didn’t properly coddle me. I blamed myself for not taking proper (and available) precautions. YMMV
  13. Take away /who so we can’t get an accurate count. Put each faction cap at 50% of the hard zone cap (50/100 or 60/120 or 75/150). Remove respawning at runegates and force respawning at the Temple if your faction fails to control a respawn point in the zone. Don’t allow defenders to respawn in the Keep if they die on the Keep parcel. Set the que for entering a full zone so that it rotates between factions (allowing 1 of each as the slots becme available). Then let the chips fall where they may.
  14. Good point. Neither Dust nor embers should drop in the Temple zone either.
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