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  1. Aerynth Traders is open for business

    Aerynth Traders continues to expand...adding more independent crafters and vendors in an effort to diversity Crowfall's premier economic hub. You'll find competitive prices, well stocked weapons and armor, both white and rare resources, crafting stations, toxins, vessels and jewelry. Come check it out!
  2. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    I dont think I've ever complained about counts or whether pugs are or are not included (or anything of the like). You tell me that the numbers were even, when they weren't, I'll point that fact out. You tell me that you had 10 guys in intermediates...when you had 2...I'll point that out as well. You want to b!tch to the Devs about gear disparity so you can get whites added at vendors...I'll point out how that's going to effect the overall economy and the long term success of the game. You want to just say "Good Fight" when you win..then just say "GF" and leave the spin at home.
  3. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    Well that didn't take long did it? Now you want to have a debate about how you count the numbers to justify a good win from a poor defeat? Seriously? Frankly, you're previous posts were much more insightful. Stick to those Ginko.
  4. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    Its spin man. Its propaganda. You didn't have to say anything about the numbers...but you felt the need to point out that you thought they were the same on both sides (which there weren't). It helped you feel good about the win right? Hallelujah. Rub our noses in it just a bit more right? Well...mission accomplished. We lost outnumbered to you and your guards at your fort. Has the record been corrected now? Are we all on the same page? Left handed compliments about the fight being closer than the final casualties, aside...are we good now? As you said...GF! See you on the battle field.
  5. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    Good point Ginko. I've lost track of the number of times I've watched Chaos sit inside their fort and refuse to engage outside because they don't want to lose their guard advantage. We did haul our cookies to your fort to engage in a fight and didn't whine at all in global about the loss. It wasn't until this post...and Scipio's chest thumping...and his claim that the numbers were "even from his perspective" that you saw anyone from -W- say squat about numbers. We'll keep bringing the good fights...because that's what we do. We win some...we lose some...and contrary to the diatribe above...we acknowledge when we've made tactical errors which cost us the fight. (its happened more than once). Regardless...don't expect us to roll over and accept your spin and propaganda with a smile and a nod. As I explicitly said won, we lost..we'll prepare for the next fight....just save the fake news for Fox and Friends and we'll all be a happier crew.
  6. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    Good to know that you consider your losing of that fort a victory. Gotta love UDL math.
  7. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    When 3 can take an objective from 9+8 guards...I do believe that's significant... but you can use whatever justifications help ya sleep at night. You were on Retaliate in that video right @MJayed?
  8. 100% Assassin free! And no MSG!

    I need to start playing Assassin damnit!
  9. Assassins win Fights

    Nice Vid Scorn...loved the Aerynth Traders plug... spot on!
  10. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    Yes. It counts. We've seen the video. You won. We lost. Just as this epic video...where 3 took a fort from 9+8Guards absolutely counts... You're epeen engorged enough now?
  11. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    That’s pretty funny.
  12. Dude...perhaps you need to re-evaluate why you're here. My sincere suggestion is to take 3 deep breaths, uninstall CF for now, and come back in 6 months. High blood pressure and anxiety over pre-alpha just isnt worth it.
  13. Here's a heads up.... Everything you farm after today's wipe will also be wiped. This is pre-alpha....get a grip.
  14. Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!

    That is true only if they don't add or expand to the existing trees. My belief is that even after a few years, you won't be able to train everything since more trees, and more options will be added routinely post-launch.
  15. Difference between Champ and Myrmidon 5.7?

    The Mino is a solid choice for is the Centaur. The Mino gets a faster in combat charge (thats also a KD), frontal stun immunity and Bloodlust (a poor man's Myrmidon Berserker power for mitigating all damage). The Centaur has a charge/-20armor break, Trailmaster OOC movement buff and a 75 AP or 75 SP toggle power. IMHO, the Mino ends up being tankier while the Centaur is more offensive minded due to the armor break...but both are very solid options. I'm not a fan of the HalfGiant Champion in that their racial power, "Blood of the Giants," doesnt stack with Ultimate Warrior and so you end up using just UW (and lose the one power that really sets the HG apart). The Stoneborn is also an option for Champion. Unfortunately, I think the Stoneborn racial and bloodline powers aren't nearly strong enough to make the Stoneborn an attractive race at the moment. Stoneskin lasts 6s and is on a 42s CD (and cuts your Champion UW heal by 50% if its up at the same time). The bloodline power seems underwhelming. I'd absolutely recommend either Mino or Centaur.