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  1. We've seen every other additive accessory except the goggles... if someone gets the goggles to drop, please post. (You don't need to post what dropped it...just the fact that its actually in the game).
  2. Has anyone gotten one of these to drop on LIVE since the wipe? Or have they been removed from the loot table just to watch our inventory and spirit banks fill up with necromancy additives? @thomasblair @Pann can you confirm they are actually in game?
  3. I actually agree with JJ here and really wish we had more diversity of class roles. While there was a lot I didn't like about GW2, I did like the diversity of classes available. The Mesmer and his use of clones and phantasms was very cool. The Engineer as a nice and relatively unique class. In Shadowbane, I liked the Doomslayer, the Stalker, the Sentinel and the Sac Sader. I would love to see more diversity in roles...big bombers that effected friendlies (the Sentinel). True black mantles that nullified all healing (the SB Assassin). The ability to bypass black mantles by sacrificing your own health (the SB Crusader). Perhaps Frostweaver will offer a new avenue for more unique classes and combat roles...but only time will tell.
  4. I’ve never been ganked and blamed the system that didn’t properly coddle me. I blamed myself for not taking proper (and available) precautions. YMMV
  5. Take away /who so we can’t get an accurate count. Put each faction cap at 50% of the hard zone cap (50/100 or 60/120 or 75/150). Remove respawning at runegates and force respawning at the Temple if your faction fails to control a respawn point in the zone. Don’t allow defenders to respawn in the Keep if they die on the Keep parcel. Set the que for entering a full zone so that it rotates between factions (allowing 1 of each as the slots becme available). Then let the chips fall where they may.
  6. Good point. Neither Dust nor embers should drop in the Temple zone either.
  7. And here I thought Myrkul had abandoned the worlds of Crowfall. Good to see that the reports of UDL’s demise were grossly exaggerated.
  8. Remove the ability of Embers and Dust to drop in EKs. Problem largely solved.
  9. While none of the -W- are using boarded weapons, I have no doubt our enemies are. I dont get too bent out of shape about it regardless. I’m pretty satisified with my blue weapons, blue armor and blue vessel. YMMV
  10. For all we know, Frostweaver may be the ultimate stack buster! (Unlikely, but possible)
  11. I’m for the Keep It Simple Stupid method... Increase some AoEs so they hit more targets... Ranger’s Barrage and Dagger Spin increased from 5 to 10 targets Assassin’s Dagger Spin increased from 5 to 10 targets Druid’s Aura Emitter increased from 5 to 10 targets Templar’s Divine Light increased from 5 to 7 targets Duelist’s Pepperbox Shot and Go For Broke increased from 3 to 5 targets Myrmidon’s Whirlwind increased from 5 to 7 targets Cleric’s Hand of Gods increased from 5 to 7 targets Increase the damage of some AoEs so folks are forced to spread out Druid’s Aura Emitter increased by 20% Assassin and Ranger’s Dagger Spin increased by 20% Ranger’s Barrage increased by 20%
  12. It was my understanding that the barriers from ultras were only suppose to last 1.75s (ie the duration of the old invulns).
  13. That's the weapon I used in that fight... When 35 can beat 65...the TTK isn't too long. If you made it easier for us to melt you...the results would be even more lopsided. Knowing who to target first, getting on target, having optimal builds, being prepared for the fight, communicating during the fight...all contributes to success. That being said, I'm looking forward to what the new armor revamp has instore and it may indeed, shorten the TTK. I don't think you're going to like that either.
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