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  1. I'm certainly pleased with the direction that crafting is heading. I love the introduction of crafting stations and the requiring of holding/building forts and keeps to facilitate crafting. This truly makes crafting a part of the game loop and will help elevate it from merely a necessary evil. With that said, here are my questions: "[W]e’re also going to fix the experiment and crafting failure loop to be not so damned painful." Currently training all three of the Basic Experimentation Points nodes allegedly enables you to receive 4 experimentation points (2/1/1) that would apply to all advanced lines (Blacksmithing, Woodcraft, etc.). That is not currently the case. Fully training those 3 nodes only gains you .8 pips in the advanced lines. Is that by design? Is that a bug? Is that something you plan on correcting/fixing/redesigning? Ultimately i don't think that training is able to provide enough experimentation points given the number of lines which can be experimented on. A fully trained Blacksmith, with a Leader-Crafter and no potions can get to 15 pips...but when we are making purple weapons, and can invest 9 pips into damage, durability, sheen and grade...that is often only 1/4th of the available experimentation. While having to make decisions/priorities should be a part of this...the best crafters in the game should be able to fully experiment in more than just ONE of the available lines. Thats a long winded way of saying we want more pips. Any plan to revamp things to facilitate this to make this "not so damned painful"? "In addition, we’ve got other Crafting-related systems in the pipe, too, like player-owned vendors and gold..." I presume this means Thralls and Currency. I'm sure your players would love to know more about both subjects. The implementation of currency can be a particularly thorny issue. Whether we can mint our own currency from ore...whether we can smelt coins back into bars...whether you set exchange rates or whether that is completely player driven...are all interesting concepts. Anything you could share in this regard would be greatly appreciated. "Part of this update means adding these new crafting stations to specific strategic locations in the map." Will you have limits on how many stations can be built in a particular fort or keep? Will keeps necessarily hold more stations? Will station building function like the current hippo building? (i.e. require timber/ingots/boulders from POIs) Or will crafting stations themselves be created by crafters? (stonemasons perhaps?) Will stations be destroyed upon losing control of a fort and have to be rebuilt by the capturing faction? Will what type of station is in the fort be predetermined by you or will the players be able to select what kind of station is going to be built inside a given fort or keep? "Recipes for all of these buildings are now available, so you can start crafting in the privacy of your Eternal Kingdom once you get the resources you need to do so." That sounds like we're getting these immediately. Are stations really already ready for us to test? "As a teaser, here’s a quick shot of a new crafting project UI to show you where we're headed." This layout and your overall crafting design makes perfect sense for blacksmithing and leather working and necromancy. What I don't understand is stonemasonry. Will we be building keeps with harvested green stone and experimenting on the hps/durability of individual bricks? walls? ramparts? The skill system for each of the crafting lines is a mirror of the others...but for stonemasonry, it seems out of place. Can you explain your vision for stonemasonry?
  2. [-W-] Winterblades 5.3 sword didn't turn out quite as good...but still not bad...
  3. I've tried switching vessels to see if training would re-connect...but no go. Elven Eyes is back to Leather Proficiency in EKs as well. I could have sworn Elven Eyes worked as intended last night.
  4. yep...same for me on my blacksmith
  5. it appears that none of the training pips are effecting vessels in the EKs. My trained Blacksmith is down to 4pips in my EK.
  6. If you are a Shadowbane'd know the name of HeRog (infamous board warrior and mouthpiece for the Covenant of Swords in beta and on Treachery). He also lives here in Peyton Manning's favorite city.
  7. Just across the river in CB.
  8. [-W-] Winterblades

    DAMN Jah! I hadn't seen that sword before... well done!
  9. At 48...I'm not the oldest Winterblade...but I'm certainly at that end of the spectrum. I think you'd be surprised how many members of the currently active and competitive guilds are in their 40s. Crowfall has a lot of old Shadowbane Vets...and we played SB from 2003-2009 (and earlier if you were in beta)...which necessarily dates a lot of us.
  10. Clerics are not benefiting from skill training. My 100 extra hps from training will impact my Ranger...but my Cleric is uneffected. All clerics in the game right now have exactly the same hps (before gear modifications). I suspect none of the skill training is effecting cleric vessels at all.
  11. Ok...after a great deal of experimentation...we did get leadership to work. The three take aways are (1) Clerics can’t provide leadership buffs, (2) you have to have the passive slotted in all trays (assuming you ever want to switch trays), and (3) you have to have the leadership passive slotted before you become the group leader.
  12. @thomasblair @mhalashace You guys are aware that leadership buffs are no longer working right? Neither the leader is showing the buff in their buff list nor is the footman buff being pushed to the group members.
  13. 5.3 Group PvP - Winterblades v UDL

    Genocide...good videos...but ya need to list the names my friend! Folks like to see their names highlighted in the vids! Here...let me help... ORDER: Anthrage Scorn Xarrayne Joramyn Genocide Takhisis vs. CHAOS: Soulein PanzerUDL Uzziah Kiro Woolly Mandalore Snoww Spawl Dair Anherz (for only the last fight)
  14. I agree 100% Brightdance. Here's 1 hour of yield from 3 harvesters with proper tools, advanced potions (2) and optimal discs on the R5s in 5.3 TEST: I'm confident with training, harvesting gear, leadership and a full group we should be able to increase this substantially. In any respect, MLs are well worth the effort under the existing scheme.