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  1. @Pann I think I’m seeing slots for 3 stores of ice. Do Frostweavers get a 4th when they promote to ArchMage, Icecaller or FrostGuard?
  2. In re-reading the news article...it says that Bosses have a 100% chance to drop the correct Major (matching the name of the Boss). That seems to imply that minions have a lower percentage chance of dropping a major. Is that correct? What will Minions drop? Majors? Minors? Crafting Discs? Harvesting Discs?
  3. @thomasblair the 15% stat bug was a great feature which helped to enhance the advantage of having better crafted vessels. I was very much looking forward to seeing Orange Banshee discs provide 4.35% Elemental Pen vs the 3.45% of Blue and 3% of White. I think most folks actually appreciated that bug.
  4. https://twitter.com/Gradishar_/status/1231216607265017857?s=20
  5. Gradishar


    Welcome! There are quite a few of us Shadowbane refugees around to answer your questions. With that in mind, the Winterblades have started posting daily Crowtips on Twitter to help folks learn the ins and outs of harvesting, crafting, combat and sieging... https://twitter.com/Gradishar_
  6. I do think that that was their intent...to build the EK system so that free building within the CW would be possible. However, I suspect that in building that system, they also discovered the inherent problems and challenges with free form walls and buildings. We saw various issues with buildings and walls not being placeable due to changes in elevation. EKs are notoriously laggy. When -W- built Aerynth Traders (still the best EK open market server built to date) we used a ton of legos and the stress on server performance (with only 12 people online at a time) was noticeable. The Token and vassal systems weren’t exactly streamlined or bug free. The polished interface for those systems was never added. I suspect that the lessons learned from the Open Build EK development has led them to where they are now. How much customization we get remains to be seen. To me, the first iteration needs to have “some” customization...but the mechanisms for claiming, choosing assets to build, ranking of assets and ultimately destroying or conquering those assets will be much more important than the shape of the walls or the number of turrets I can put down. At the end of the day, I want all the customization we saw in EKs. Waiting until after commercial release to get that will be acceptable if the the rest of the system is fun, challenging, competitive and compelling to play.
  7. I agree. Water isn’t necessary to make terrain difficult to traverse. Use of elevation, both positive and negative, can create choke points, bridges and areas to reinforce defenses (beyond just building 3 layers of walls).
  8. You’re 100% right. I built the cities for the Covenant of Swords in Shadowbane. I absolutely agree with you that the strategic elements of wall and building placement were a phenomenal element of Shadowbane and I truly hope that Crowfall eventually provides that kind of strategic city/keep/fort construction within CWs. If we don’t get that on day one...I’m ok with it (although I will certainly be disappointed).
  9. Is that a golden voodoo doll? WTB Crowfall Voodoo Priestess Promotion Class!
  10. Yes. There have been some official references to city building and customization, which allows guilds to build unique buildings to customize the forts and keeps they capture.
  11. I suspect that the first iteration we’ll see will be generally similar Keep/Fort system that we are already familiar with. The building of the walls will require more effort (ie, boulders, ingots and timber will be too heavy or large to fit in our inventory and thus we’ll need the caravans to get those resources from the PoI to the Keeps/Forts). There will be options for what to place (Barracks, Church, Bank, etc) but not where inside. Then we’ll have a ranking system for improving the buildings and probably the walls as well. Now...is that the free form system we’ve enjoyed in the EKs? No...it isn’t. However, we have to remember that “winning” and “points” aren’t a part of EKs and have to be a part of the CWs. So, as a first iteration, that kind of a static and limited system may be necessary to provide an even playing field and an efficient means of calculating victory points as the seasons progress to the end of the Campaign. Obviously, the more customization in terms of wall and building placement...the better. I’m ok with a static system to start as they get the bugs worked out in building, ranking, claiming and destroying each other’s assets.
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