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  1. Ground Targeting AoEs still bugged (got a ground reticle at first logging in but then it stopped working). Naiad Fountain still a green Druid orb and still no blue circle showing AoE. Played a Female Centaur Champ and was getting the combo bug on about a third of my Rend combos and whirlwind combos.
  2. Big news for ArtCraft !

  3. Test your might...

    Had a blast! Great video Xarrayne...and thank you Chaos for trying to bring the pain! If I had only put better gear on my guy...we may have been more effective...
  4. Please add a +10m range modifier to Master of Arcane and Master of Focus Weapon Runes to help unbalance the disparity between Confessors and Rangers (who get range modifiers from Master of Bow (+5m), Arcane Archer (+5m) and Sharpshooter (+5m)).
  5. It appears that all of the training nodes in the Tier3 Racial trees are not hooked up to the vessels. I've trained the Harvest Critical Amount: ALL node to get 5 more harvest critical amount and it had no effect. Switching vessels had no effect. @thomasblair @mhalashace I think we had similar issues before when the Tier2 trees were added in that they hadn't been hooked up to impact vessels. It appears that that is now true of the Tier3 trees.
  6. Does that mean the combos bug has been fixed?
  7. Hand of Glory

    Hand of Glory grants you a 3rd ring slot...unless you are a Guinecean..who already gets a third ring slot. Similarly, Fashion Statement does not enable High Elves to wear a third necklace.