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  1. Apparently, someone forgot to tell srathor it was a joke.
  2. Didn't you and UDL start this thread so you could pound your chest and impress us with all your shinies?
  3. [-W-] Winterblades

    Gotta love those legendaries...
  4. @davegreco an amazing work! Bravo sir!
  5. While rings have stats, are craftable and can be equipped...the tooltips aren't showing the stats of the ring. This ring increases mana (by 6), adds final damage (by .2) and adds critical hit damage (by 1.1).
  6. That's still not working. Although I've trained the +5 Blacksmithing Experimentation in the Man Blacksmith Experimentation is the same regardless of whether I'm in a HalfGiant or Minotaur vessel. I'm also not getting the extra STR or INT from the Man Tree when using a HalfGiant.
  7. Leather Crafting At Blacksmith Station: You added a leather working tab to the blacksmith station that includes lacing sinew (which is accessible by both the trained Blacksmith and the trained Leatherworker) and Stitched Leather (which is accessible only by the trained leather worker). Neither lacing sinew nor stitched leather is available at the leather working station. Please add BOTH to the leather working station.
  8. Advanced Training not effecting vessels. This came up in the most recent live stream and has been reported more than once and is still in 5.4. The training from Racial Basics and Class Basics trees IS effecting vessels. However, the training from the next trees (Man/Sylvan/Monster and Fighter/Rogue/Mage) are NOT effecting vessels. The +5 Blacksmithing Experimentation I should get if my Blacksmith is in a Human Vessel is NOT working. The range modifiers from Rogue training in the advanced rogue tree is NOT working. It looks like none of this is bridging the gap from training to vessels.
  9. Thanks for sharing the recording of your destruction of those deeds. I know I'd love to see how the stations were slotted in an EK environment. That's not something the rest of us have been able to experience. Did you record the rest? How you got them, what you did with them, etc?