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  1. Guild List Bugs

    would it be possible to add a thin black border to the guild crest images where they appear in the guild database? For black crests it would just make them slightly larger...but for white crests, we could actually see their edges (right now..those that use white in their crest end up looking very wonky)?
  2. 5.3 Release Date

    Bah...I don't think 5.3 will be interesting at all. I'm holding out for 5.4 and VESSELS!!!
  3. The issue of doobers from motherloads came up during the stream and @thomasblair noted his concern about increasing the yield from motherloads in light of the fact that they are coded to allow for up to 3x the yield of normal nodes. Of course, we immediately said "3x yield? when have we ever seen 3x yield?!!?" To which TB said... "well...its 1x to 3x yield for motherloads." First, I would go back and double check your code because in all the motherloads I've dropped, I've never seen any yields that made me think we were getting more than normal nodes. Is this 1x-3x for both the treasure table rolls as well as the loot table? Is this happening at 75%, 50%, 25% and 0%? Again, given the time we've spent harvesting minerals for vessels and gems for ring experimentation, the motherloads have always been a significant disappointment in terms of "normal" yield. Second, if it is "working as intended" and the 2x and 3x yields are just so rare we never see them, I'd suggest changing the range from 1x-3x to 2x-4x. If we know the yield will be at least twice a normal node...and up to 4x a normal node...the extra time and wear and tear on our picks could be worth it. Motherloads are currently VERY difficult to drop...and there should be a significant reward for doing so.
  4. TB and MH told us that the Centaur toggle powers do not interfere with the cleric toggles or the bard toggles. A Centaur/Cleric/Bard could have 3 toggle powers all up at once (Hippocratic Oath, Holy Aura and Verses of Victory)...and if they get hard CCed, it would take them 6s to get them all started again.
  5. So for 30s, this applies a snare to the Duelist base kit powers of Flintlock Shot, Pepperbox Shot, Go For Broke (from stealth) as well as the Master of Pistols powers (LMB Pistol Shot and Rapid Fire)? Does this also mean that if you have the Saltpeter Rounds buff active when you hit Go For Broke...everyone hit with GFB is also snared? (since its an AoE)? Can Saltpeter Rounds be slotted in the stealth tray? and not break stealth if activated? Also...for a Guinecean Cleric...this would increase the range of his Hammer Throws. Would it also increase the range of Tend Wounds? Rescue? Rehabilitation? Does Saltpeter Rounds add 5m to any of the Knight's base kit powers? Chain pull? I would presume that this would effect bow powers if a Guinecean Knight took the Master of Bows or one of the bow MajDiscs right?
  6. I presume that those will be the only 2 powers the Master of Pistol dual wielder will lose out on? The rest will still function with MainHand Pistol and OffHand Pistol equipped?
  7. Elken Cleric Theory Craft!!!

    Im not a fan of Burning Hatred on healers. As you said, the orbs appear at the enemies and you need to be as far away from the enemies as possible. Legios are presently bugged and get Noble Purpose for free...and its one of the reasons that Legios have few rage problems. I'm concerned that your build will have mana issues and Noble Purpose should help relieve that. On the issue of Flash of Light...I just don't see a blind on a Cleric being even remotely worth the bar space. I'd much rather have Purgative, Rehab, Toughness, Unstoppable (or Fountain of Life from Naiad). Yes...slotting things into the Survival Tray is certainly a dicey proposition...but I fully expect that to be a valid strategy for healers who can stay in the back lines. A lot of building an appropriate bar strategy depends upon how you're going to be playing your character and under what circumstances. A toon built for 2v2 or 3v3 will be built considerably different from a toon built for 15v15 on a faction server that allows cross group healing. In any respect...I think you've got the start of a good build here...and I for one can't wait to get my hands on the new cleric!
  8. Elken Cleric Theory Craft!!!

    On a dedicated healer...Flash of Light would be the first thing I’d remove from my bar. The other two Field Surgeon powers are worth considering. Purgative is great for removing bleeds, disease DoTs, etc (from the entire group). Rehab, while only single target, stacks with Tend Wounds (assuming TW functions like the Legio HoT)and is great for helping the group member they are focusing on. I do expect Toughness to stack with the Aura but I like the CC remover more. Juggernaut is good...but on a dedicated healer I prefer a second healing disc (Naiad, Pixie, Dryad). Unfortunately, the bar real estate is limited. I’d consider slotting the aura and the Juggernaut buff in only the survival tray...and focusing your heals in your combat tray.
  9. Are these Bow Discs functional in 5.3? i.e. have the bow animations been added to Knight, Champion and Myrmidon and the "unobtainium" requirement has been therefore lifted?
  10. Some follow up questions for @thomasblair and @mhalashace : The 25/15 temporary mitigation enhancements for the native armors mitigation... are those enhancements only applied when wearing the appropriate native armor sets or is that in place at all times regardless of armor worn? The Duelist now dual wields pistols if he takes the Master of Pistols Weapon Disc. Does that mean that the Master of Pistols Duelist will be unable to use the Impale power (as he won't have a rapier equipped any more)? The advanced bows now have a range for experimentation on. With good crafting experimentation, will the advanced bows range exceed the range of basic bows? Will different bow types had different max ranges? Most movement RMB powers (Zealot Rush, Dissipate, Dodge Roll) have been converted to racial movement RMB powers while the non-movement RMB powers seem to have remained as class powers (block, parry). It seems like we are now mixing apples with oranges. Any chance that the non-movement RMB powers which are being retained by the classes can be coded so they can be slotted in either the RMB or like a normal active class power? Presumably, the Champion's Leap, and the Ranger's Forest Step will still be active would make sense for the Knight's block, the Templar's Parry and the Cleric's block to be treated the same way (and still allow those classes to use racial RMB movement powers). Armor most certainly needs a balance pass. The damage modifiers of 10/4.5/0 for Leather/Chain/Plate coupled with the absence of significant organic damage make Plate the red headed step child of the Crowfall Armor world. If you haven't done a balance pass on the armor types...especially now that we are losing the ability to equip any amor type out of the box...I'd highly suggest re-examining the armor numbers.
  11. Things this Druid wants for Christmas...

    And how do you know that they don't already work "as intended" and its just the tool tips that are wrong?
  12. Time Line

    I'm on record as saying that if they soft launch in 2017 I'll eat my hat....and its a large felt hat...very unsatisfying.
  13. Their terminology is a bit confusing. There are three spheres of training... Profession, Race and Class. Profession is broken into 3 lines: Combat, Exploration (read harvesting) and Crafting. Racial is broken into 3 lines (Man, Sylvan and Monster) and Class is broken into 3 lines (Fighter, Mage and Rogue). The true classes, i.e. Confessor, Druid and Duelist, won't have specific training trees at launch but those could eventually be added to the class lines and would branch off of their respective duel training trees (training in the Barbarian tree benefits both Myrmidons and Champions. Training in the Divine tree benefits both Clerics and Druids). Those with VIP accounts will be able to train both Crafting and Combat in the Profession tree...both Man and Monster in the Racial tree...and both Fighter and Mage in the Class tree. While this ability to train two lines won't materialize until after they get out of the Basic Racial, Basic Profession and Basic certainly won't take a year (more than likely, less than a month) for them to start reaping the rewards of VIP.
  14. Forum Issues

    The Dev Tracker is messed up again. The forums will randomly log me out. I can no longer access the ACE Developer Forum. Overall...there are some serious issues going on.