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  1. I got nothin but love for ya Gracen. I thought you guys had more stones than this...ah well.
  2. ORLY? Your efforts for Chaos since running for EU has been what exactly? You’re teaching them how to hide? Hey...way to save durability hits on your shiny gear. Gotta love them pixels.
  3. I’m not upset in the slightest. I didn’t tuck tail and run at the first sign of adversity. I also didn’t change the meaning of your post. You claimed you’d stand by Chaos regardless of whether you were winning or losing. The past week’s worth of evidence proves otherwise.
  4. Haters gonna hate. Quitters gonna quit.
  5. I agree...it was. And the next night’s sieges could have been equally fun and close...had certain people not gotten butthurtt and took their balls and went home. Apparently it only took one siege to break the will of the server. GG.
  6. JTC: As someone who remembers fondly those days of fighting Bone Dancer and the Burning Legion/R30s in Shadowbane Beta, I fully appreciate the reference. Back in those halcyon days, those who felt they were getting steamrolled didn't ask for early server resets or for the big dog to break apart. Quite the contrary. We built Akalabethia aka "Alphabet City" and withstood the thundering horde and beat them at their own game. Steel sharpens steel. Those with the gumption to fight, do so. While there are certainly some in Crowfall who have taken their balls and fled for more European pastures, there are others willing to stand up and actually challenge the big dogs of the current Trials of Malekei. My hope is that you make no rash decisions concerning the existing life of this test. Give the players an opportunity to fight it out. While 7 groups of -W- did take the Chaos keep from 12 groups of Chaos...that doesn't necessarily mean that that will continue every night for the next two weeks (it was certainly dicey at the end). Order has certainly shown the tenacity worthy of those early Shadowbane days...and my hope is that Chaos will do the same. In any respect, I appreciate the insights with regard to your rewards incentives and look forward to meeting the challenge.
  7. I couldn't disagree more. No imports would immediately ratchet up the fun IMHO. Forcing crafters to ply their trades inside the CW instead of within the safety of their private EKs would greatly increase the excitement and competitive nature of the game. MAKE IT SO!
  8. Aerynth Traders continues to expand...adding more independent crafters and vendors in an effort to diversity Crowfall's premier economic hub. You'll find competitive prices, well stocked weapons and armor, both white and rare resources, crafting stations, toxins, vessels and jewelry. Come check it out!
  9. I dont think I've ever complained about counts or whether pugs are or are not included (or anything of the like). You tell me that the numbers were even, when they weren't, I'll point that fact out. You tell me that you had 10 guys in intermediates...when you had 2...I'll point that out as well. You want to b!tch to the Devs about gear disparity so you can get whites added at vendors...I'll point out how that's going to effect the overall economy and the long term success of the game. You want to just say "Good Fight" when you win..then just say "GF" and leave the spin at home.
  10. Well that didn't take long did it? Now you want to have a debate about how you count the numbers to justify a good win from a poor defeat? Seriously? Frankly, you're previous posts were much more insightful. Stick to those Ginko.
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