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  1. Redeeming it would put the value for the collector's edition into "wallet funds." Which means you would lose it if you redeem it, not pre-ordering. (Also, posting in Q&A next time would be nice! )
  2. But she sees the future... So she's already seen what you've done? Perhaps I'm taking that too literally though
  3. Ah yes, now they can also make a mini fig of each creature as well (and 3 more of each of those creatures in their other stages as hunger consumes them) and I can have an entire game of D&D with exclusively Crowfall figurines.... The dream.
  4. Awweessooooommee. Thank you so much for posting all of these here!
  5. Vow

    All Kill

    I'll probably just use a pet as a luxury item honestly.... I don't have much interest in them for combat. I don't know that I've ever played a game where I actually like the combat pets implemented. Probably because having an in depth combat pet system detracts from the player experience at some point or another
  6. Were you going for Tommy Tutone or...... Also: Pledged: $1,634,818 Backers: 17,285
  7. I really liked this update a LOT. Like Raeshlavik said, it really shows how integral EK's are going to be in the game. I for one cannot wait to see the major trading hubs that people make spring up. Because everyone gets their own Eternal Kingdom, I would venture to call it instanced.
  8. Vow


    No love for SG in here. So sad
  9. The Flash, Grimm, Constantine, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, and a lot of random anime. Been hoping to find something else that piques my interest but I've had no luck as of late.
  10. Are we talking Mr. Magorium or...... (That's the first thing that comes to mind)
  11. They hired what quality help they could to start out. The initial intention was probably to have someone who can design, in the art style they invisioned for the game, that will catch a person's eye. His forte was not in special effects and adding them was just something he was put in charge of too in the mean time. Firing the guy who made the great models we've seen thus far to get someone else for FX would be absurd. Essentially the one guy was being spread thin because they didn't have the money to have another designer for the FX.
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