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  1. Yes I did experiments with grades up to 'Orange' (obtained by killing a dev). There are more pips to fill with a higher grade (and I had to choose which to complete on 'Purple' quality if memory serves me). Quality of ingredients does not change the initial success rate (And for all we know this is inflated) but the success rate of Experiments is determined by your skill which varies by item. As for blueprints, yes but I am pretty sure it will have limited runs of an unknown quantity. If it is unlimited (or even 100's lol).. do we even need to discuss crafting? Let alt accounts do it.
  2. FYI there is a spreadsheet where this info has been collected already as well as starting on other things. You can request edit access if you desire. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qEHxSyPwNNoknRrEnKj1E9sWYquZvEp65Yx74OJudcY
  3. Not everything is in yet with regards to crafting. That being said a skilled crafter is more likely to obtain a consistent result. To make the best of the best will require a metric ton of materials and you should also consider playing the lottery. As an example, I will break down a long sword. Names may be wrong but the basic list is the same. Longsword Weapon Blade: Long 3x Metal Bar Weapon Grip Pommel 1x Metal Bar Hilt 1x Leather/Plank Crossguard 1x Metal Bar That requires 12x Amazing Success on Experimentation to get the absolute best result. Now unless they bungle cr
  4. Vessels are what are in Campaigns and EK. You may be part of different campaigns/EK with different vessels.
  5. Also try to remember that many systems are not in place as well.
  6. Yes and no.. CCP has worked hard to improve the experience as well as there being a large player base focused upon helping new players (EVE University corp). The reason I say Yes and No is for many reasons. Sandbox games are inherently difficult for new players. For games of the time, EVE really was not that different. Everquest One was brutal with losing levels and ALL equipment on death (No equipment loss is no longer part of the experience but losing a level is). There where few websites or anything like we have today. Most games since WoW have frankly coddled players far more (to exces
  7. Well you can look at the concept art for the order. I did write the Possible Ore list on my chart in order. The % of bonus is related to how many pips are available to alter which is influenced by the grade of output which is influenced by the grade of the materials. These are not the droids you are looking for.
  8. Currently to move farther you need to train all 3. This may be a bug in the skill tree or it may be intended. Report it and move on.
  9. Update.. I am now starting to expand to include seals, wood, and leather combinations on my sheet. If you would like edit rights to add to the sheet, send a PM here.
  10. Many things are not in yet.. Right now this is barebones crafting
  11. EVE has been going for a long time with just such a system. Training is in real life time not play time in the game. This allows that casual player who can only login once a week to maintain the same skill training as the one who logs 40 hours a week. A new player will be able to reach a close parity with a veteran player within a set real life time span in terms of ability within one Archetype. The Veteran player will have more Archetypes trained and this keeps them in the game playing with more options. The community of the game as well should help to guide these new players in th
  12. No that may not be intended for this tree. I am just saying that for some trees or particular nodes it may be intended. Report it and move on. At the current point in development entire systems may be reworked, scrapped, or we are seeing something they testing the waters on.
  13. Its more than Immersion. Nameplates add to the graphical overhead and processing. Some suggestions where broad that they wanted them from a distance (worst option in terms of performance) vs Just a Name plate of the current target under the reticle. Personally I do want have to deal with the forest of nameplates at Ore nodes. Something under the reticle which can be disabled is fine. After playing for awhile, I was able to identify what everything was at distances beyond any nameplates in use now.
  14. I know they state you will not have to train everything but sure there are several things which need all skills trained. You can train some advanced skills right now as well even though they clearly read like you should have gone through the basic tree first.
  15. This is generally how most see it. I've made this statement on Unoffical Discord chat, Crafting and Player Economy are going to be the make or break line for this game. There are many niche pvp options out there and that is the thing that really sets this game apart for the long run.
  16. For the record We did kill a Dev over the weekend of testing who dropped resources not available directly in test as well as grade of Purple and Orange. The resulting crafts where perhaps better if you looked out to the third decimal place.
  17. Due to inventory issues I was unable to test this aspect fully. It does work fine if you stay in one place but the times that I can remember that I moved where just as likely to be dreaded inventory bug. As far as I can tell right now, the actual Success/Fail on crafting is front loaded when you hit the combine button.
  18. I am ok with there being a lower risk lower reward system. The system that Vanguard used allowed for very low risk low reward outputs as well as higher risk high reward ones. Right now as crafting stands (and by my guess we do not even have half the system in place yet) there are two major parts to crafting. First is the basic item with basic stats based off materials you have chosen. Second is experimentation where you can possibly enhance the stats of the item in question. The first stage basic craft could very well be made the least risk path with nothing more than clicking a
  19. That is a pretty broad statement I for one loved Vanguard crafting more than SWG. Right now the system is more about getting lucky in RNG than any other factor. Without mass stacking of one stat in all stages you end up very small changes to the base character even when making Purple or Orange grade items. Now I fully realize that it is still being fleshed out and stats are likely to change but for the most part its going to come down to how lucky you get with RNG. You may be happy with this and want some sort of factory stamping out the same product forever. I however would like th
  20. I am undecided until more information regarding Training. Currently it looks like you will be looking at roughly 2 months training (short estimate) for each Crafting Tree. Harvesting tree is far more complex and you will be looking at rough 6 months (short estimate) for each harvest type. I know these estimates are on the low end (Harvest is padded a bit more) as I figured the time based on Tier 1 training time which is roughly 3 days.
  21. Your skill is not classified as a Rank 1 skill until you fully complete the training time. So you can not train certain skills until you have fully reached X level.
  22. I use the word Grade because that is the term they use (and is used in the crafting). I can agree with your use of the word resource though.
  23. This is true you will average out to lower than the best if you do it the way that I described. Of course I do not care for the SWG system myself.
  24. Its an all or nothing thing not a stat buff like most others.
  25. Harvesting Use all 4 harvest potions for best results. When mining a higher metal node type gather one ore then upgrade pick (Order is Copper->Iron->Tin->Silver->Gold) Quickest Upgrade Path for tools (pad for failures): Gather 8 wood -> Craft Basic Hammer -> Gather 1 Stone -> Craft Basic Pick -> Gather 1 Iron or Tin -> Craft Rune Making Pick -> Gather 2 ore -> Craft Harvest potion -> Find Silver -> Use potion -> Harvest entire spot. You should now be ready to make full set of Silver tools and can now mine Gold to upgrade to those Crafting Do not u
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