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    I'll be RPing, fighting in the inner rings, and maybe starting a cult. We'll see.
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  1. You should always want to farm harvesters anyway. Loot pinatas <3
  2. We're setting up plans for grouping up in the coming tests now, so it's a great time to join!
  3. More than one type of human?? That's so cool! Also, there being bards changes my plans greatly.
  4. As cool as that sounds, promotions aren't intended to change the class to that extent. They more give you access to abilities that extend the existing kit in different ways. A promotion that doesn't have anything to do with the existing mechanics, like sin, and the existing themes, IE fire priest, isn't really something that could happen. What you're suggesting is a different archetype, something that I believe we've been told won't happen until after launch.
  5. How much will the pieces of the buildings snap to match up sockets? Will it be easy to avoid accidentally snapping if we don't want to? Will we be able to hit a key to stop the snapping from occurring?
  6. In one of the Q&As they did, they said that if a vassal is banned from an EK, all their stuff automatically goes back to them.
  7. Wouldn't it make sense to just give everyone access to place all the parcels rather than just the ones they own? That way you get as much testing done as possible from all the people that get access. -A poor backer who just wants to play with all the new toys :'(
  8. Infynis

    [Story] -

    Very nice! Makes me anxious for the campaign module! And I totally get what you said about writing in first person. I absolutely despise it!
  9. They've said that anything from the Kickstarter that becomes obsolete will be replaced by something of equal value before launch.
  10. I have created an in-character https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/15388-welcome-to-the-church-of-wildfire/'>recruitment post for my church over on the RP forum. The Church of Wildfire will be headquartered in Serrated's EK. If you're interested, by all means, check it out! https://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/15388-welcome-to-the-church-of-wildfire/
  11. A blinding flash fills the space with light, and my body with warmth. My body. It has been a while since I have found reason to use it, but it is just as comfortable as ever. Across the room from me, a woman lies on a stone altar, identical to the one on which I now sit. Her hair is the colour of flame, and she wears gleaming armour of silver and gold. My armour I suppose. She appears serene, except for one arm dangling from the plinth, a shattered glass bottle on the floor beneath. Against her granite resting place leans a mighty sword, its length etched with the markings of her order. That i
  12. Taking ethereal dust off of monsters is pretty buggy. If you try to stack it with some that you already have, it will sometimes dupe the item, sometimes delete the stack in your inventory, and sometimes rearrange your inventory. I also occasionally receive the not enough stamina message while harvesting a boar corpse while I still have plenty of stamina.
  13. After the crash (I assume) of the US East servers, I lost the ability to harvest anything, and my position in the world changed. There were a lot more monsters though, and they seemed to be functioning better, which was nice.
  14. Yeah, we are aware of the problems with the site. Our webmaster (who is also our guildmaster) is working on it.
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