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  1. Man, I am loving that feel and look to the User Interface! Looks solid and fun
  2. Test post no shame attatched!
  3. I agree with you most times. One time I dont agree though is in EVE online. My god, when BoB was entrenched i thought i'd never see them topple. They were just replaced with Goons and now it's a coalition of like 40k members dominating everyone its really really boring now.
  4. Yes sir! Among my favorites i played that i consider well made pvp games are EVE Online, Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Lineage and Wurm
  5. Personally it needs everything for me to enjoy an mmorpg. Not just pvp, not just crafting, not just exploring, not just pve, not just bosses. I need the complete package. I need just as many non combat things to do as combat things. I want to pvp more than all the others but i won't play a game that is just pure pvp and nothing else. Or i'll just play LoL or an FPS or whatever. I want to live in teh virtual world and do virtual things and kill virtual people and virtual creatures.
  6. I played SB and DF and didn't care for either or to be honest lol. I got a group i've played with since UO but i'm going solo with this game so far. My brother may join me but other than that i'll be fresh with no guild before the game starts. I can't wait! edit- I'm assuming the SB and DF you are seeing is most likely shadowbane and darkfall. *shrugs*
  7. I vote no but if they manage to scrape together an obscene amount of money i vote yes. I read diretly on their budget explanation how and why they are able to make a game with a lot less capital and this was precisley one of the reasons why they were able to! IE the 10x10x10 example
  8. mavol


    I thought other peopels posts were pretty clear honestly
  9. mavol


    Personally i could live without flying. Would rather not have the mechanicin case it somehow affects the game in too negative a way like kililng open world pvp or killing the chance of running into groups of players on a trek or something.
  10. Hey, thanks for putting this together passing it along to some buddies
  11. That office atmosphere looks real chill and cool. Good vibes can make productivity soar and good ambitions arise. Cool stuff
  12. as of 1230p today i got the the confirmation and merged the accounts. Yay!
  13. mavol


    Shots fired. lol great post
  14. Thoroughly dissappointed in BD, It is pretty much exactly what i don't want in a game now. RIP Sandbox http://black-desert.com/articles/the-naked-truth-about-black-desert-onlines-current-state-of-affairs-open-beta/ This link sums up a lot of how i feel..but ultimately i've never seen a game do a 180 from CBT to OBT as much as this besides Archeage. BD is Archeage 2 fiasco but worse in my opinion.
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