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  1. Identity


    OFC! Hello my old friend Sinon welcome to crowfall! Noted!
  2. Hi everyone! With such success I couldn't resist not to buy my pledge! I wish you all a short waiting for the game release! See you soon at the end of summer!
  3. Identity


    This is exactly what i am looking for. Snagans for life! TS3 Server No Forum that is underused - instead we will use google documents with organised information Guild crafting systems for all necessary items in order to be self sufficient Points are awarded for actions (e.g. crafting potions, gathering materials, …) and can be used to buy all necessities (gear, consumables, …) from within the guild → The more you help others, the more help you will receive You are free to act as you wish although in order to benefit from the guild you will have to invest some of your time We will not put restrictions like “no PKing in general” on you - everyone plays the game in their free time for their own enjoyment Internally accessible collection of the guilds knowledge
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