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  1. Looking forward to quality gameplay.
  2. On forums or in the security question? I see it as H20 on my last post, maybe it's translator messing things up? EDIT: This is really embarrassing but it seems that every time I was given an error saying my security question was answered incorrectly it sent it in each and every time. I hope you guys can forgive me for the application spam.
  3. Well, sorry to be a drag but unless I am doing basic addition and subtraction wrong I think I filled out the CAPTCHA right but it won't go through; unless H20 is secretly something other than water I'm pretty sure I put it all in right.
  4. I wanted to sign up, but I tried every way of typing Pacific/Atlantic/Pacific Ocean/ Atlantic Ocean in the CAPATCHA(OnTheWebsite), and so my application would not go through because of that one question.
  5. Was really hoping to join this guild due to the great people I see posting chat messages.
  6. What exactly do I have to do to sign up? I can't find a direct thread on your forums to sign up, am I missing something or do I just go to a General forum?
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