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  1. Same, I've always been a spear guy. Or at least a non-magic focused, slapping you around with a staff guy.
  2. In that case, I'd love for my Knight to look like Rugged Garen.
  3. Would love to check this out once it's finished, before I dip my little toe into RP'ing here.
  4. Definitely interested in Legionnaire (yay ponies with axes!), either a Templar (because greatswords have always been my shtick and the flavor text for them makes them pretty interesting) or Ranger / Knight (latter with the ranged subclass).
  5. I think you missed his point about wanting to see stuff about fealty and player relations.
  6. I think greatswords are going to be the realm of Templars, honestly. Doubt we're getting them. That being said though, Sentinel for me if I do roll a Knight.
  7. This. Imagine it being almost EVE like, hiring guilds / groups / individuals to escort your caravan of goods, materials, etc from point A to B, with the very real chance of losing that stuff if a rival guild decides to raid you. Or when warring with another guild, planning supply raids and such, with ambushes and whatnot. The excitement!
  8. While OP did sound a bit arrogant, I do have to agree that I'm not a fan of the way the spinning attack looks. But that's just my two cents. I fully support this idea, however:
  9. Temper


    Cosmetic pets, yeah. Or ones that pick up loot. Not a fan of combat pets, I don't think I've ever seen them done well.
  10. Temper being from Malazan - I wonder if there are any other fans here! Anyway, I've been gobbling up everything I can find on Crowfall since I first heard of it, and I'm pretty much bouncing off the ceiling in excitement.
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