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  1. Mark and Recall from Morrowind?
  2. Where is mandalore to correct these grammar mistakes? Damn. We needed more internet policing...
  3. Thanks I will read through that, though I suspect I already have. I expect a back story and all the lore which is normal, but that doesn't imply an in-game storyline.
  4. Where does it talk about the story of the game? I'd like to read more about it. Obviously running "Story" through the forum search doesn't help. It's all speculation and many other threads. This isn't directly an answer, but the devs seem praise the idea of not having quests from NPCs in this interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLJqQWWWwP0&t=448
  5. I didn't think this game had a story.
  6. You could also require food consumption as a harsh campaign rule, and then when the world becomes more desolate, turtling would just kill you. You would have to strike out in search of food and supplies and inevitably run into the hunger enraged beasts or the other survivors who collected more supplies than you during the earlier seasons.
  7. I think the solution is in Diplomacy and Strategy and not just a pick your NPC number and level. Hire a player guild, join an alliance or maybe do something else? I don't like the idea of NPCs popping in to balance a small guild vs a large guild. EVE gets brought up a lot in this thread, but how many small corps in EVE have holdings in nullsec? Do they have those holdings because of POS guns? or is it because they are in a strategic alliance with their neighbors?
  8. For fun: Let's assume that they implement a mechanic for players to mint coins. Let's also assume they make no currency and implement no economy and let players truly drive everything from day 1. That would be one hell of a wild ride until the market fluctuations flattened out. Also who controls the minting process? Counterfeiting? Do coins have weight? If not and you can reverse the minting process, then couldn't you have 1 person carry enough metal to outfit an army? Edit: Inflation?
  9. This may be off topic, but I have always liked the idea of a spellcaster being the vessel for his own magics. It would be a system where you have to prep your spells before you can use them, but in prepping them, you store their energies in your immediate magical field that is held and focused by your body. The more spells you add the more volatile you are. Powerful spells are a heavy burden to have prepared and simple spells are not. The more volatile you are the more dangerous you are to yourself and those around you. This idea could use reagents before battle or simply a pre-casting system. The more spells you have flowing through your body, the more visible it would be to anyone around you. As you get stronger (level up or whatever) you can contain more spells in your aura. There wouldn't be a limit to the number anyone could contain, but there would be a very simplistic mini-game that you would have to manage as you walked around with a high number of spells ready and the difficulty of the mini-game would grow sharply as you met, and if you wanted, surpassed your characters containment abilities (you could have more spells than your level permits, but you'd have to be very good at the mini-game). Failing at the mini-game would have dire consequences. Fun things like you explode with all the magics you were storing rupturing your body and spraying out in all directions around you. Fun for your friends too. It would be something to fear if you saw a castle wall of brightly glowing spellcasters waiting for your guildmates and you to try and assault their walls. It would be hilarious if one slipped up with his concentration and blew a hole in the wall...
  10. This actually changed my mind on this. Because there are many different campaign worlds with many different rulesets, why not have a world with flying mounts? At least you would know what you are getting yourself into and if you don't like flying mounts, you know which campaign to avoid.
  11. This is my one response here, but people should let this thread die IMO.
  12. I don't think this game can work without currency. Perhaps the campaign worlds could use bartering... If I am a merchant in EK and I have amassed 10,000 stone blocks, do I have to decide for every player that comes to buy from my shop what I will barter? Do I need to set a rate per every other tradable item in the game? Sure you could just limit your trades to accept specific trade items, but then you lose customers. This game will need currency, at least in EK. Read up on the benefits and invention of currency (IRL) and you will see why.
  13. A semi realistic bodily harm physics system would end this debate. Too bad it's so costly on your system. That first fireball/hail of arrows...
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