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  1. i hope the melee casters have procs. Also aoes.
  2. I disagree. Your afraid of youth! Its a video game community. Your all immature. How are those limited edition action figures doing?
  3. The trickling of water and the hum of a fish tank motor by fish tank.
  4. I cant respect a guild that has no cookies.
  5. Well ill be playing CF for the next decade come beta.
  6. it would also be cool if you could ride some of the animals you tame, giving them a different option in play styles.
  7. what about North American/Euro guilds? Do they have a place to play? Are amero servers accessible to euros and vice versa? ...and whatever other multi national guild combos are out there.
  8. yup, the entire sb Community will be playing this. guaranteed(i know im dyslexic...but thats how u spell it???? domg....) .
  9. ally with us! i represent no one! also come back to sbemu and help us crush enemies. though...gl finding a tree until the wipe coming up.
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