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  1. omg its perfect. I was hopeing you would make the duelist with a short range attack like throwing knives or something, like a short ranged ranger with more defence capabilities. I kind of feel like im reading your game creation like a book. Or your just reading my mind. my only problem is now, that your pay system wont let me finish paying for my pre ordered stuff =( i should in this test phase =(...
  2. Does an animated gif count in the contest? I just saw someone post a gif and i wanted to make one so bad. I just thought it wouldnt be considered an entry. If we can imma change one of my pics to a gif animation =)_).
  3. Carefull Indie. That's a PVP snake. I also made this at the same time
  4. also the fact that they are trash that find it funny to randomly accuse people of horrible attrocities in a fashion that would get them arrested and jailed if they did it in real life. Just scum people running and playing MB...unfortunately those people also play on sbemu, but they get put in check there and often are given account banishments.
  5. sb had strict no fix polocies at first. It made it hardcore and each character that much more special. Now its just everyone has dozens of toons and half they jave played little more than to lvl up.
  6. I was a little worried with the alpha videos. Now im not. The character creation seems it will be very vast. There will be an endless combination of characters. This is the trait i most desire in a game. I am now full appeased.
  7. You were GIVEN 6million dollars....There are things out of budget? How?
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