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  1. O que criaste Tofyzer, é um fórum e é tuga xD
  2. O pessoal que adira ao fórum tuga, que se faz já votações para nome, não? =]
  3. http://9gag.com/gag/aE1rErp Now you know.
  4. Single world. That maybe true, but you have to throw some clay at the wall and see what sticks (not sure this translates well into english), for future development. The clay being ideas and the wall being Artcraft's minds, that is.
  5. Migrating could be done as simply as adjusting the creature's spawn coordinates as seasons go. Crowfall's universe will be (hopefully) made up of dozens of worlds, some of which are the archetypes homeworlds, some of which are not. I do hope each one gives a distinct gameplay experience. This idea is an effort of that, of giving yet another world to feel around. A different sort of world, even. It's not a gameplay feature, but if new races and new worlds weren't supposed to fall into the "Suggestion Box" forums, about half the topics wouldn't have been created in the first place. I do feel strange having to explain this to someone. Maybe I'm just not understanding something in this conversation.
  6. Now we're talking, real criticism. I believe either PvE or PvP requires a rich setting. I sought only to establish an empty canvas on which to build on, I'm personally a more of a RP PvP player, and would love to be in such an alien place as a dark place in which a luminescence biosphere thrived, and entire civilizations carved their way around the planet. It is an empty shell. The whole of Crowfall is an empty shell, that we're suppose to fill in with our play experience as we go. Are there any solid questions you want answered?
  7. That's quite the oversimplification, and overstatement. But hey, it's a free country x] Stay unofficial!
  8. Hey Oridi! I appreciate how I always get feedback from you, eheh. In this planet, underground doesn't mean lack of life as it does on Earth. Caves often grow rife with albino plants, and wildlife walks these caves. Even without Hunger, creatures tended to descend to the Planet's core at the peak of Summer, rising in the Winter. That is because temperature rises in the upper tiered caves faster, leading to most underground rivers drying out in upper levels in the Summer due to heat, and lower level ecossystems and rivers defreezing. As Hunger takes hold of the planet, wildlife ascends through the tunnels. The Crows can then decide to follow them, or stay and defend their forts as the danger below increases, for the planet's horrors rise to escape the frost.
  9. To Ignissum's inhabitants, the Universe is a dark place, where life found itself confined in the caves of a planet too close to the sun. Deep rivers carried the first cells from cave to cave, as life pockets grew inside the planet's scorched surface. Moss carpets these cave's grounds, turning the underground's rivers nutrients into breathable air. On the cave's ceilings, foxfire ivy's pale light shine over a wide range of ecossystems, as many as the caves that birthed life into the underground. Inteligent life soon arose in several of these dominions, burrowing their way into other race's dominions. The indignous civilizations often clawed their way up the rocks, only to find their curiosity lacking, as they reached the planet's uninhabitable surface. The light burns the unfortunates to reach it to a crisp, directing their explorations down to the planets core. As civilizations expanded throughout the planets history, they often reached the planet's hidden terrors, forced to retreat in haste, abandoning forts and palaces alike. Hunger spares not even the most desolate of planets. Crows must control these caves, creating further tunnels or reopening ancient passages at their own risk. Though it may seem foolhardy to dig to the surface, as the Hunger consumes even Ignissum's sun players find that the surface becomes yet another access way to enemy bases. (Much like the sentinels in Matrix: Reloaded [yes we know you hated it], guilds can attack from any access they create to their enemies' base - from up or from down their feet) In this world voxel creation and destruction comes to true fruition. Can your clan handle this? Indigenous Races: Aracks (Arachnid like civilization.) Groundeceans (Underground Guinicean-like civilization - think groundhog) Wallworm (these unintelligent creatures feed on minerals, often falling from the walls and ceilings as they encounter caves in their voyage to feed) Feral giant moles Vara'udul (Think Balrogs from LODR) Etc (the mighty race of I'mnotdoingallthework)
  10. If you guys want to hire a slave driver, I mean, office manager, I've got a whip, and plenty of experience in interpersonal relations management during the building of the pyramids. Also, I took part in lots of teambuilding workshops on slave ships. Did I mention I'm from the Southern US of A? *whistles Dixie song*
  11. Posso dar umas mãos nas traduções, se for preciso.
  12. Vão ao site do humble bundle, comprem os dragon ages por 5 euros, e já têm com que se entreter até ao crowfall sair
  13. E pronto, já vamos ter Português no jogo =]
  14. It's the same. Understandable is spanish to portuguese speakers. Same language is being able to understand perfectly brazilian novelas at the age of 4 because my aunt Helena wanted to watch them. Source: I'm portuguese. I'm guessing you're brazilian. Embrace the portuguese heritage in you, we have nobel prizes. PS- But yes, if you want to appease all portuguese speakers, you make the game in PT portuguese. Portuguese has at least 42 different recognized dialects (wikipedia), yet each one of them is able to understand the mother language.
  15. Acho que era melhor esperar que mais membros se juntassem. Quando a alfa chegar decidimos =]
  16. Mais uns nomes para espalhar o caos. (Tem de se criar uma poll eventualmente.) Propinquas Tempestas (Tempestade Iminente) Principes Tempestas (Principes da Tempestade)
  17. Até agora penso que fui o único a dar sugestões. Aguarda-se que o povo se pronuncie, mas não há pressas.
  18. Sim, provavelmente era uma boa ideia, respondíamos perante um de nós, e esse um de nós respondia perante a Guilda em que nos inseríssemos. É uma questão depois de vermos quem é que é o nosso Ben Stark.
  19. I read "Salutations, I am gay Hobo."Lol.
  20. Da maneira que aquilo está a correr, vou tentar publicar depois de estar completo =P Um homem tem de comer xD Mas tens aqui uma pequena parte do trabalho: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5322-crowfall-knight-inspired-work/
  21. I started this work as backstory for the Knight, though it has since moved on from that premise, engulfed in a story I had already been working on. That being said, here's the early works of the story. Swords clashed with fierce intent, bright sparks briefly piercing the veil of night as they revealed the deadly grins of the two contenders. Crossed blades slid and hilts crashed, their swords forcefully locked for an instant, sturdy steel chipping the edge of a corroded blade. The smaller swordsman’s weight shifted, apparently yielding under the opposing pressure, but instead sliding away from the impending blade’s bearing, swiftly rotating and slashing his opponent’s rear as he stumbled. The voluminous man fell to his knees disclosing no distress, no uttering of pain, not even having arched his back at the passing of the cutting edge through his flesh. His skin-patched skull was a vacant feast of crows. No humanity remained to be found where his dead eyes used to orbit, an empty hollow eerily lit with blasphemous blue. With a rotten smile ripped across his face, he rose back to his feet, as unholy vigor willed his limbs. The undead Champion bashed his rustful sword against his torn shield in challenge, his jaw hinging down to an gargantuan gape as he roared upward. The wordless cry echoed throughout the murky woods where the wasted garrison once laid vigil. The Knight springed himself towards the creature, set on seizing silence. The undead warrior rose his sword a moment too late; the polished steel blade motioned towards the throat, cracking the spine as the severed head slid, twirling to the ground. Headless, the corpse fell dormant in the snow. I am an aeronautical engineer and part-time writer. I am available for work, and have some ideas to improve on the lore of the Arquetypes, if the Artcraft team wills it. Hope you enjoyed this small bit of story. C& C are most welcome.
  22. Nem tu sabes a missa a metade. Comecei a fazer um fan fiction disto, já vai com umas 15 páginas lol.
  23. Já visitei, obrigado mazh.
  24. Boas rapaziada. Beta 2 aqui. Até ao final do ano arranja-se bem tugas suficientes para uma guild. Proponho como nomes "O Quinto Império (5th/5º)" ou "Sons of Lusus (SoL)" ou "Saudade Sadia (SaS)" ou "Prata da Tormenta (PT)" ou "Javard Heroes (JaH)" Como lemas "A Fome é Saudade." ou "Tormentos da Fome." ou "Dying Worlds, Eternal Glory" ou "Raios e Coriscos" ou "Arrear Armilar" Como brasão de armas um corvo com uma pala amarela num olho, erguido num mastro segurando um fino ramo de oliveira, com terra verde e vermelha erguendo-se no oceano como fundo. Ou outros, sei lá.
  25. Olá! What college? I'm at UBI =] Btw, you could've activated the mbnet in one your debit cards, I'm caixa geral and I did it a while ago. It's very useful.
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