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    Sports: Hockey, Martial Arts

    Studies: Computer Science, Physics, Environmental Science

    Games: CSGO, any first person shooting game, Overwatch (i'm very hyped about this), SDGO, Elder scrolls, Black Desert, (currently playing Albion Online). I had other gaming interests but those are in the past.
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  1. We can always "exchange treasure horde". I assume that's how Crowfall works hahaha. Good fights always come before looting though.
  2. Just a question, did they lay ladders right outside of the keep?... It's like "yup, i'm just gonna lay some ladders here, you can use them and try to climb up if you get close enough muahahaha"
  3. Not a hardcore anime fan but absolutely love the color combination.
  4. It'd be nice if space is excluded so we can add more into it hahaha
  5. Just for clarification, does the 150 characters include space or no?
  6. Chalcitis is still looking for active members for the test. I have updated our main website with lots more information about us and also updated the current signature.
  7. I can't get over ACE's design for helmets. I was already impressed with the wolf helmet for ranger. I just really like your approach to designing helmets and druid is no exception. Thanks for the update ACE!
  8. That probably won't change but playing a support class will still be pretty fun. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  9. Hey wtfraven, welcome to the guild and glad to see a dedicated crafter around! Hope to see you in Siege Perilous.
  10. I finally learned the name of my favorite crowfall drama queen. Saw him in a few videos before, never knew his name. This cracked me up haha.
  11. Siege Perilous is coming soon. Chalcitis is still recruiting new members and we'd love to see new members joining for the test.
  12. I'm not gonna lie, the radical effect on the spell for the catapult looks great visually. Looks almost like a magic circle.
  13. I have to agree with Courant. It takes away the idea of "oh my god someone is attacking from a different direction I need to turn my camera quickly to see" kind of feel. If you zoom out more, it will be harder for enemy to sneak up behind you from the wood because your zoomed out camera would be able to spot them and takes away some of the tactical sense. EDIT: And I don't think feet touching action bar is the issue. It's the scale of you character vs how much you can see when you turn the camera. To me, Crowfall showed a good chunk of what I can see in front of me and beside me, giving me
  14. They do intend to raise the mobility over the course of all these tests but ACE prefer this game to stay on the side of more tactical based to it won't be one of those fast paced games on the market.
  15. Huffy_puffy, cuz...i feel ya, budget cut man
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