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  1. Think I might have shared this once ,but when speaking about strategical advantage related to terrain, Dark messiah of might and magic always comes to mind ,because thats was one game that allowed you to get creative with using the environment to your advantage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SeRaGgWy_M
  2. It is lovely yes ^^ To the swimming pool most often ,work & the music academy ^^ also too many games,too little time.. I was drawn back here because of the private message about the Tshirts I've created. Rather flattered that some people seem to remember the Tshirt designs after all this time. While I would also love to sell those Tshirts for people that want them,I don't have the know how,nor the license & time for it.
  3. well,the gorgon likes em fossilized
  4. Still believe weaving combos entirely in power usage is a mistake. Cause what do you want to promote?That players who can perform the sequence of their archetype's powers by themselves get a boon? Part about the problem is that its all about themselves then,about the individual performance Combo opportunities shouldn't be solely linked to a powerbar..At least not if you want players to perform sequences together Environmental combo enablers like ;centaur in swamp-rear kick ->mud stomping combo If you want players to look further than a powerbar,the current state of it won't do. Another issue is maintaining balance between freedom and structure. Maybe some combos simply don't match combat dynamics at this moment. I think the UI is pretty nice though But in its current state,is it easy for players to keep track of the combos that are possible in a given moment? Is the interface intuitive enough;simple and enjoyable to use,easily understood.. If not players don't know they can perform a combo. So perhaps there has to be a visual indication (dots,light effects,..) on each skill that show how far you could perform a combo.
  5. Malcolm Mcdowell in his deep, evil Molag Bal voice; "I call forth Ophidia" hmm the Myrmydon vs Ophidia
  6. It is very fancy as it has magical protection against wine strains
  7. It would be perfectly understandable if a player is not interested in the overall economy. But why would such a player then ask for a plan to incentivize those players to sell or export rewards its like "I don't care about it ,but can you please motivate me to do it anyway?" Such a waste. Cause it might have been a great question,as there are different kind of PVPers who have their own reason for wanting to play. YOu could ask if the game has to offer incentives to other types of PVPers Like for some who greatly enjoy RP might be motivated if the game allows them to join a neutral sect or pirate crew ,each come with unique unlocks (longterm goals). Or take someone like me who cares nothing for prestige or possessing a personal virtual throneroom or oversized castle. Some players can take joy in that,and thats enough reason for it to be there.if you are not into that ,its fine too.At least the game supports it.. Maybe its good if the game is tested by gamers who enjoy different aspects of such a game. So more combat,really... I also think we should be able to declare an attack on anyone,infighting!
  8. only the washer seems to know normal nowadays. A mercenary guild might be just perfect as I don't need a fancy throneroom to feel good about myself. If i want to reach for the sky i'd simply go for trip in a hot air balloon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfKRlxAduwA When it comes to griefers all i can ever think is "shut up and fight" As long as they can't use the game in unintended ways to grief ,they are nothing. Let them choke on envy when things turn out to be a success for you
  9. if we are going to have such huge castles,a lot more than wound licking will happen all over the place I'll be the naked druid dancing sexy on the lower left balcony to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYZ5tfUQK_w Summoning thorny rosebushes for the cornered enemies who decide jumping from the highest balcony is the right thing to do. soft landing guaranteed
  10. Rooting combo entirely in individual archetype skillcharts might not be the best thing to do. The sequence of actions that need to be performed to yield the advantage might require too much structure for a game that is otherwise so open & "free"? Such structured combo's could end up disrupting combat dynamics.Or some of the combo moves simply never get used. It just means that the combo's are "not in tune" with the actual dynamics of combat. And if ,for example,chainpull would have a possible combo attached to it.the follow up set of combo actions is useless;if chainpull isn't working you can never execute the combo properly. Maintaining the balance of freedom and structure is a challenge. Linking combos solely to skillbar is also detrimental to teamplay. Because the rewards are gained by individual performance.(sets of follow up actions on your own bar) Maybe for some archetypes,like the ranger,individual combos would be ok to reap minor benefits from traps that are triggered. The ranger is more like a wanderer/scout ..So that might allow for a few more individual combo opportunities.. Survival might be one of their benefits when they put combo's to good use. But you want to reward when players coordinate an attack together,yes? That when coordinating team & timing is perfect, they get a reward? Like the the ranger could oil the place up,the confessor could put it on fire;resulting in the opportunity for the ranger to use fire arrows. Securing a strategic advantage by skillful manoeuvre.It is no longer just about individual performance,like when combo is linked to individual skillbars solely. This way ,combo reward coordinated group assaults where every action is timed and performed well. For emergent reasons,it would also be best to include some environmental combo enablers. Like on mud terrain,the rear kick of the centaur turns into and optional "mudsplash" combo. This way,players also look at environment itself in an attempt to yield an advantage that comes with a combo.
  11. It used to be different. Stats used to change based on player interaction with the world & objects too. In quest for glory V ,also your activities could alter your stats. So you walk a tightrope?your acrobacy increased. Food & intense physical activities improve strength.If you had a certain amount of strength check,you were able to move rocks. Though if you worked to become more flexible,your strength started to decrease.So you couldn't have it all at once Drinking pegasus water increased vitality ,Styx water meant instant death,.. There could be a lot more to play with than just gear here. So it is pretty sad that people request gear compare. Because its asking to adopt a flawed game concept that actually is in need of a revision.
  12. The ranger might have 'detect traps' too. So if the ranger enters a swamp,she can detect quicksands. Trap detection could be improved by passive offline researching.So she can get like 15% to 90% trap detection. When she heads alone into a swamp,the ranger risks a lot,seen as there is no real danger,& there still is a small chance she gets stuck. But when the ranger is chased by a large group,it might be a smart way to escape & at the same time get her enemies in trouble. Oh my,the one in the lower right corner sees other ways how this can play in his advantage
  13. I think knowing yourself & choosing an archetype which reflects and matches your playstyle,is the first choice that will play in your advantage/disadvantage. From the streams I got the impression Tyrant prefers the straightforward,unapologestic skull-crushing.So champion ,being the front-line powerhouse,might fit him perfectly. Though champion isn't as defensive as knight,or mobile as legionnaire. If champion and knight would feel the same ,there would be little point in having two separate archetypes. Want a stealthy sniper,laying traps with good mobility that allows some room to go your own way? Ranger might be your fit.. I think they'll play differently ,like instruments. You'll have to try and find out which ones are a good match. If you play an archetype that doesn't match you ,you'll be at a disadvantage. while you play one that matches your playstyle an advantage. Other advantage/disadvantages will come with finding creative strategies within your current location,which can be exploited towards victory or goal achievement. Like farm holding (see suggestion section) ,danger of collapsing walls,bouldering slides,quicksand,.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMjDhTirdHU
  14. definitely the atmosphere Ambiance!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjF1HSB-PUI
  15. When food becomes an item of importance,it changes how players prioritize their next move in certain situations. Including the surroundings of a player as an vital part of gameplay & decision making,might lead to more emergent adventurous gameplay. In might and magic,foot travel made use of food ,red apples; if foot travel took many days & your food supply was short,your characters could end up weak or dead. So if you noticed you had no food left,finding food in the current area/situation you were in ,became the challenge. However if you had like 20 apples left,you could set up camp for like 5 apples and that cured weakness too. But if you were stuck in the middle of nowhere without food,hunting for food was a wise thing to do. Unless you were lucky enought to find a tavern where you could refill your foodbag. Food can make the game more adventurous. And it allows more negotiation styles in crowfall.. The state of your character might affect how long a block can be endured. or like they said in the techno mumbo jumbo article "if your character pill brushes against a wall,the simulation will apply friction that will slow you down" When your character ends up weak,this friction might be increased with a few % If you really want food to have importance, it might even have a small effect on reaction times..or would that take it too far? Maybe that would challenge players to estimate when its the right time to push the assault,and when its better to do something about your poor physical state(or search for backup). This might also increase interaction between players that find themself in dire situations.. Funny enough those dire situations in games often end up to be the most memorable.. I wouldn't mind more challenge in these 'harsh environments' Games never have any depth when it comes to survival and thats because environment is not a vital part of survival in these games. Ofcourse interactable objects,wall collapsing on top of enemies ,...all add to the challenges the game has in store for the player.. Survival could be one of the challenges with this..Certainly not a feature for those that want to have an easy time deciding next moves..
  16. Retreating is a valid tactic too,many forget.Ofcourse everyone wants to be god and single handed take on 50 confessors Which might be possible with using environmental objects to one's advantage,collapsing a wall on them or something. If 1 player could have the power to take down a whole group,each enemy becomes a threat not to be ignored.. You better hope they need a longer time casting and aiming their meteor purge.. otherwise,if that power would trigger instantly on all 50 confessors,you'll have no chance to escape while they treat you on an instant cleansing shower x50 At least if they need time to cast and aim it ,you might escape just yet.. its good that you mention it,not many realize that small scale combat/skirmishes differ from large scale combat. The game needs slower gameplay elements if it is ever going to support the 'large scale strategic simulation' Which doesn't mean combat itself needs to be slower. But for large scale combat something is needed as a mantle on top to support large scale combat Ever dropped a leaf at an ant colony to observe their behavior?They appear slow to us but they are quite fast actually. So slower but lethal catapults affect combat dynamics in large scale battles for example.But that is only scratching the surface of it all. Some slower pace elements are needed in large scale combat I wouldn't say that combat is suffering ,with new engineer MrMike on the team we can rest easy I think. Animation blending will " fix " a lot already,no worries.
  17. Such talent confirms we'll continue to see topnotch quality MrMike is the messiah send to restore balance & spread Gaea's fertile fluids like holy water
  18. Animation lock challenges you to estimate when the right situation occurs to use a power. Especially major powers that hit hard need longer cast time,like meteor purge from the confessor(love the animation that comes with it) So with animation locks, you need to be cautious and time skill activation effectively. If you are on the opposing side,you have the required time to try to prevent an enemy confessor to unleash her meteor purge. Animation locks help to keep the 'time to kill' reasonable.So opponents can't powerchain you to death in a second. So it promotes skillful play,planning skills,put the emphasis more on tactics. While taking it away remove a skillful playing field,instead it would promote the spastic button smashing spamfests where rotation is all that matters. The ones that want animation locks removed will probably be the first to complain that the game has no tactics & that its boring What do you expect from a spamfest.. Crowfall is on the right tracks(maybe some minor tweaks here an there) Its shaping up very nicely and animations look topnotch ..
  19. In Quest for glory V dragon fire, the max carry capacity was influenced by the character's strength. Giving weight to each item that exists in-game is good. In the last picture,the weight of the magical axe is 700g Quest for glory V and M&M VII are in my top of best games ever. I think crowfall would even improve adopting some of the game elements those games had.
  20. No auto loot. Now I don't even like the idea of stacked items anymore. (Which I was thinking about yesterday :http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/8952-gear-compare/page-3#entry227785) Consider the time it takes to drag 1 stack of ores, Or something like this inventory ; If an enemy just has to drag 1 stack of items it takes shorter and costs him less effort than when each item has to be dragged separately
  21. The duelist on the other hand might have faster paced animations.. Slower animations for the beefy champion,suits you sir To achieve balance,both are needed.Also in "large scale strategic simulation" Which differs from small skirmishes
  22. You can't say faster pace is the universal solution,although some things might not yet have hit that "sweet spot" through a little tweaking here and there.All that is required are little tweaks to combat animations to make it more involving and intuitive...those tweaks were probably already planned ..Its pre-Alpha you know.. But oh no,lets all grab our axes and start butchering the entire combat system.. "Throne War Simulator, and it's a mix of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) and a large scale strategic simulator of a fantasy world." Mmo's have always walked a fine line between skill and twitch. The general trend in both gameplay and control configuration has been to reward spastic player input ,decreasing emphasis on stategy and flatten the learning curves. ..Figures that games have been going downhill all these years.. If they want "large scale strategic simulator" they need to go for skill and strategical depth. It is true that action games normally leave little time for complex strategic planning.But in the end,they said this type of game has never been done before. Power attacks that have larger impact need to leave space(dosed right) for effective counterplay. I think if you're chasing a confessor and she can just turn around and blast her lethal power attack in your face instantly ,all the melee fans would regret ever requesting the removal of animation locks. Her power attack being sealed behind an animation lock means she needs to time it,she needs her group members to keep enemies off her while she performs her power attack Its all about timing,estimations,executing at the right moment, accurately timing your abilities.. Go play tetris https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fv5cuYZFC0 and share the level you reached..get your bragging rights fix today
  23. Fast paced combat is what they should aim for overall for combat But it is important to realize that tactics designed around slower combat are needed to support large scale combat. Large scale combat is a different story than small skirmishes. During castle sieges the ,siege weapons will always move slower as the units.Because they impose great threat& the foe need to be able to react properly. In large scale combat we'll need some tactics specifically designed around slower combat. Awareness(of environment,self,encounters,friendly fire) is important for players to gain insight to make skillful decision i've written it out in Immerse's topic once http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/8751-a-repeated-essay-and-discussion-on-the-definition-of-skill-in-combat/page-3#entry224532 ,not feeling in the mood to repeat myself all the way I hope your connection can keep up as well that you won't become overwhelmed ,VikingNail
  24. the faster combat will be,the easier to lose oversight in larger scale battle. Large scale combat needs tactics designed around slow combat.Like castle sieges.The rival needs to get the opportunity to respond to an approaching catapult. You cant just throw all tactics designed around slow combat out of the window if we are going to have large scale battles.
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