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  1. Confirmed. Let's @ACE_FancyHats for good measure, since the bug forum wasn't working for you.
  2. It was in an old MarkeeDragon video, off in the background. I'll edit in a link when I manage to find it. Edit: It's probably not the mount feature video you were thinking of, but it's modeled, textured, and moving. Doggett's making his ears move over Todd's right shoulder.
  3. We saw a 3d horse model being animated like two years ago, so they're probably a lot further along than we think.
  4. This is probably working as intended due to the way pip-based classes interact with the power cost multiplier stat. Your cooldowns are likely suffering from a combination of high weapon weight and low power efficiency. You can check for sure by clicking details on your character sheet, then checking the combat > power modifications section. You might be using some wartribe weapons that have unusually high weapon weight due to the random nature of stat distribution on all dropped gear.
  5. I don't think it's necessary to give Cooking its own training track. It already requires a special dedication to become a chef due to the complexity of recipes and the sheer number of ingredients involved. In the future (when item storage is *solved*) I'd like to see optional ingredients for things like increased duration and/or enhanced buff effects. Cooking skill could be considered a basic crafting profession, so it could use the basic crafting skills already in the skill tree. It would reward players for training as a crafter without requiring any further specialization. I'd also like to see specialized harvesters involved in acquiring special cooking ingredients, similar to how players with the Survivalist rune are the only ones able to create Bloodworm stew on their own. I think the question is, "Why are runes forced to rare quality regardless of the resources that are used?". There's already a developed crafting system in place where the quality of ingredients determines the possible quality of the product. A player in an Epic quality vessel shouldn't have to wade through three quality tiers of runes to get what they need. Once they have the necessary Soul, they should be able to make their Epic rune using Epic resources. I don't have a problem with the upgrade system that's currently in place, but it should be a secondary method (especially since someone did the math and a Legendary vessel needs 6 million gold worth of runes if you get them from the discipline vendor). I've never commented on it because I know the Thrall system is somewhere on the horizon, and the whole thing could change by then (hopefully).
  6. Duelist Impale is still busted. I think this one is going for the record.
  7. I *believe* crafted runes always roll blue, regardless of what quality materials are used. It's a shame they didn't use the already existing crafting system to determine final quality for these (could even have souls themselves in multiple qualities). Then again, what we have in-game currently is a placeholder until Thralls are properly implemented, so hopefully the whole thing will get re-worked when they're finished.
  8. The Quarrying disc doesn't affect mineral drop chance. It only increases the damage you do to the node and the rate at which you gain harvesting pips. To get a full pip per hit, you need either a "main" major harvesting rune (miner, quarrying, etc.) or The Reaper minor. In addition to the items Arkade listed above, you can also consider taking a Connoisseur rune to your set-up, which adds an additional mineral harvest chance (+5%).
  9. Druid Ultimate - Death Surge does not clear blind.
  10. Root effect still locks your character's attacks to the direction they were facing during the duration. If you turn to aim at another enemy, all the attacks will miss until the root wears off. Npc attacks still land on you even when the attackers miss or are out of range. Especially noticeable with cc's attached to leaps and charges. It's been suggested before, but I'd like to see the buy item confirmation and destroy item windows work with the "Y" hotkey. It would make for a nice QoL change. World bank export function could really use a "select all" button. Selecting individual items with the check box is a little too pixel perfect; it would feel a lot better if the dead zone around them was reduced/removed. The confirmation pop up for exporting items draws behind the world bank pane on the right. Guinecean pov/camera/reticle position is really in need of an adjustment. It was far better before 5.3's race/class split, and I'd either like to see it changed to something similar or the ability for players to adjust it themselves. Reference below - note the amount of wasted space between the character and the action bar after the 5.3 change (which persists to today):
  11. Here's a post that should have all the info you're looking for:
  12. Templar Censure has a physical range of 20m (matches the tooltip) but the damage and stun portion of the power only land within 15. Duelist Rapier prop is out of place when channeling runegates. Splitting stack does work in the bank now, but there doesn't seem to be anyway to re-stack them without pulling them from the bank first. Enabling auto-stack here (ctrl+rmb) should do the trick. Duelist Cheap Shots - damage flytext timing is all drawn at the end of the power instead of as each shot lands. Lifesteal still has oddities when at full life - flytext and combat log show it as damage, and your character plays animations as if hit. Enbarri champions listed as Urgu in the combat log. Duelist impale still busted.
  13. When fighting animals, most sacrifice loot drop items do not scale up with rank. A rank 1 has the same distribution of quality drops as a rank 8 (mostly whites, occasional greens).
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