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  1. @thomasblair Might consider removing the “grounded” flag from the Recall power. Another player became stuck in a tree, but he was unable to Recall out because his character was floating in place. (and therefore unable to cast any powers)
  2. Hi @lumbaria It's probably a problem with entitlement on your account. In the past, the message actually said "entitlement missing", but it recently broke. Send an email to support@crowfall.com and they'll get you fixed right up.
  3. When the camera is forced close to the character because of proximity to terrain or objects, it causes the character model to flicker in and out. Survivalist rune - Bounty of the Land passive stats (survivalist, apples, bloodworms) persist on the vessel after the rune has been removed.
  4. Overflow means you received an item that was too large to fit into your available inventory slots. In this case, it's probably your old vessel you received as an item when you changed to a new one. Clear enough space in your inventory (I think it's 2 wide x 4 tall?) and it will dump the overflow item. This will allow your inventory to work properly again.
  5. This is a recent UI addition. It's a way to add consumables and tools to your survival quickslots without having to pull up the spellbook.
  6. On the skills dashboard tab, clicking one of the currently training skills to shortcut to the tree disables the back button in the upper left.
  7. Odd issue with spirit bank, same as last snap test. I can put three items in, then can't put anymore until I remove something. Plenty of space left in the bank, and I still have imports and exports remaining.
  8. Class training isn't affecting my vessel (Rogue training on Duelist in this case). I'd like the ability to adjust/disable the input queuing. I find it interferes more than it helps. I can probably adjust to it over time, but I prefer how it was before. The in-game escape menu no longer has text describing what the options are. After using 3 exports, I became unable to deposit any more items in the bank. I had 17 of 20 exports remaining. The prompt pops up, but nothing happens. Overall client performance is improved, but the hitching seems to have increased in frequency. A few of the UI effects are behaving strangely - first is a dead hog's nameplate following my character, the second is the stamina heal effect with a border: Video Guinecean RMB dodge has the tools detach from the hand during the animation: Video The Guinecean "Crazy Head" virus is making the rounds again. Make sure you get your shots: Video I find the "Common" quality item banner difficult to read in-game (white on white): Pic Ethereal Dust and Gold Coins have a white quality banner but no text: Pic and Pic Recall power does not format correctly on the power bar: Pictured, 1281 seconds
  9. UI not working in game

    Hi @Sat Navigate to your Documents folder, and delete the Art+Craft folder there which contains your settings files. The game will regenerate the folder on next launch, and the fresh versions should solve your issue. This has worked for everyone else that had the same problem, myself included.
  10. Expansive cooking system.

    Yes please! *glug glug*
  11. Animal specialization Tree - Carnivore specialization cannot be trained once the prerequisites have been met. Error 412 Locked. Pic Monster Tree - Critical Hit Damage cannot be trained once the prerequisites have been met. Error 412 Locked. Pic ___________________________________________________________________________ Environmental sounds persist into the main menu after exiting a world. Missing texture on the cottage eave. Pic Also, on the armor dummy at the crafting station. Nameplates are visible through terrain at certain angles. (Edit: Trees, rocks, and buildings, too!) Pic Went to go make my first intermediate weapon: 1) Dust drop rates may be too low, since you can't get them from animals anymore. I have some training, but it still took much longer *just* to farm the dust then it did to make the basic weapon and the metal billet. 2) The assembly failed, but I still got a stock weapon that couldn't be experimented on. (Hurray!) 3) I tried to name the weapon. The character still took input while I was typing the name, which caused me to enter stealth when hitting a key, which closed the crafting window, which lost the item I just made and all the components. I tried to reopen the same crafting bench, but the item and the crafting progress were gone. (Boo!) (Edit: I saw this behavior listed in the patch notes. Hopefully it's a "we just don't have the tech to do it right" thing. How I miss thee, factory output hopper.) Keep crafting stations - you doubled up on the enchanting table, but left out alchemy. (At Archenstone, at least) Environment sfx are nice and add to the game, but a volume slider would be swell. Footstep sfx are intermittent at best, and the spacial balance doesn't work too well. It's difficult to tell who's making them, in what direction, or how far away. Overall though, sound fx not bad for a first pass with new tech, with the possible exception of that Dissipate sound. ._. Noticeable client performance boost in this one (except for Brookworst, of course). Keep these comin'. Harvesting the weak points feels worse with input queuing as a player who prefers to hold the button down. I think this would improve a lot if the hit detection fell at the end of the animation, especially on the long mining swings. (This is probably true for a lot of powers, tbh) The map feels a *million* times better with actual resources on them.
  12. I had the same issue a while back. I corrected it by deleting the Art+Craft folder inside the Documents folder, which contains the setting files. @Psych @Vodswy
  13. Help with crafting

    1. The basic crafting skills also contribute to the advanced crafting professions by a reduced amount. They just recently talked about it in their last live stream. 2. You're getting the stats explicitly stated, like a .2. If that is your only source for that particular skill, you'll need to wait for a full train for it to be useful. However, you could have other sources for the same stat (such as other partially trained nodes or potions) which combine to a full point you can use. For example, in current testing, the pre-alpha testing point for Experimentation Points only grants a .8, meaning you would earn another useful point with only that .2 trained in the tree. 3 & 4. These go together. The potions do stack with skills (whether trained or equipped) which means you can stop the potions whenever you have sufficient skills from other sources to cover the difference, or you're hitting a stat cap. Plentiful Harvest is the example Blair uses for this; you can get it from a lot of different places, but it caps at five points. If you continue to train at five points, it will allow you use those secondary sources for other things, like freeing up a Discipline rune slot or forgoing the harvesting potion. 5. If you have a specific goal in mind (e.g. become a Blacksmith asap), four pip is the way to go to move down the tree quickly. Otherwise, just keep an eye on the training time per pip. It's sometimes more time efficient to train the first two or three pips of the second node than the fifth pip of the first. It just depends on if there's a difference in tier between the two nodes.
  14. If you've adjusted the in-game brightness, the setting doesn't take effect on the next launch until you bring up the settings menu again.
  15. Vast majority of the powers granted by Discipline Runes are not benefiting from the long cooldown reduction from the racial basics tree. Intermediate, Expert, Advanced Vessels.