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  1. It's nothing you're doing on your end. It's a bug with building placement that was introduced with this new version of the game. Eternal Kingdoms aren't currently high on the priority list, so we'll have to wait a while before this one is resolved.
  2. God's Reach NPE > Blenden: The mine in Vu'Alborne's Fall has minecarts that cannot be interacted with. There's half a dozen or so with the gold sparkles, but the prompt to loot them does not appear.
  3. The beginning temple zone is quite barebones outside of the content attached to the new player experience. Players interested in learning the crafting and harvesting systems won't have much to do here due to a lack of non-basic resources.
  4. Agent Provocateur rune - Stinkbomb and Caltrops powers both root the player and trigger the global cooldown on powers for a full five seconds. Weapon skins - I really like the designs for all the new stuff, but a scaling pass is needed on several of them. All the new shortswords are as long or longer than the long swords, and the one handed axes are comically oversized. Also, while I appreciate that these variations are finally in the game, the current implementation of them is a giant pain to manage. I hope this is just a temporary solution using current tech while the final version is being worked on. By final version, I mean something like the teaser that was shown long ago, where the aesthetics of the item are chosen during the last step of crafting when naming the item.
  5. Invisible objects in npc camp, Marconia 1845, 2359. Thankfully, these do not cause teleports. Aracoix Assassins momentarily appear with a human 3d model when leaving stealth for an attack. Invisible object by the caravan master in Marconia. I think it used to be a catapult? 1998, 2656. Invisible objects in a camp, Marconia 2150, 2388
  6. There don't appear to be any free vendors for uncommon+ discipline runes, making it much more difficult to test with crafted vessels. (Previous test iterations had them on the old-style runegate parcels, which no longer exist.)
  7. Guinecean Duelist - Zoning removes all powers from the stealth tray. Guinecean Duelist - When using dual pistols, the character periodically faces to the right while firing instead of forward to the target. Guinecean Duelist - Ultimate powers (Vanish and Dynamite) frequently explode on a very short delay. Scavenged loot containers are on a short respawn timer (a few minutes), probably not intended. Manually having to slot Energetic Harvest as your Ultimate doesn't make a lot of sense given the new tray functionality of 5.110. I'd like to see a better solution than having to replace our combat ultimate as a harvester. Fps performance very low in and around the Marconia keep (10-15fps).
  8. That's all you need. Just make sure you're using the correct crafting table to access them instead of your personal crafting.
  9. ""Three Faction Campaigns" which we are now referring to as "The Shadow"."
  10. Were you in the Infected world at the time? It sounds like the death field that protects the runegate parcels that lead to enemy temple zones. I've never seen it in the combat log before, so I guess that could be the official name.
  11. The action bar UI changed in the last patch or two. There's an incomplete looking white highlight around the action bar slots. It looks unintended compared to what we had before, where the color matched the tray you were in:
  12. Duelist Slayer - Dynamite - Either the damage range of the barrel is far too short (~1m) or the power is not reliably applying it's damage at all.
  13. Duelist Slayer - Pip gain from lmb attacks becomes inconsistent when under the effect of Inconceivable! buffs. Humiliation's Galore is meant to increase pip generation for all pip generators, but it only increases the first attack, Clean Shot. Capo Ferro reduces the pip gain from the third attack, Professional Shot, from two to one. Depending on your luck, you can reduce your pip gain lower than when having no buffs at all. Duelist - Inconceivable! - Re-casting the power while the buffs are already active (in the event you didn't like the buffs you received) frequently fails multiple times in a row before the power succeeds and the buffs are re-rolled. Duelist - Rapid fire - the number of shots granted per pip is not consistent with the power description. Should grant 4-8-12-16-20 shots, actually grants 8-8-12-12-16 shots.
  14. The wander AI for npc's causes some strange behavior in and around chasms. I believe they're trying to wander all the way up from the bottom to the rim of the canyon, in what looks like a strange procession. It's actually kinda neat to watch, except they all leash back down to the bottom as soon as you engage them. Druid npc's seem to use healing rain offensively, targeting the player instead of injured friendlies.
  15. Duelist - While moving in combat, the strafe left to strafe right (and vice versa) animation switch is missing some frames. The transition is not smooth.
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