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  1. Was able to see an enemy Crow, he rezzed and stealthed, could still see him. EK crafting stations frequently fail to trigger the crafting screen after activating the table.
  2. Hey @Sutek, Grind: Most of what you'd call grind in this game thus far is the resource harvesting. You have to acquire some tools, then whack on a tree or a bit of ore. The skinning is slightly more interesting since you have to kill an animal first before whacking on a corpse. In the future, they'll be adding points of interest that will supplement or even replace the manual harvesting we're doing in the test version of the game. I didn't play Shadowbane, but I believe they'll be similar to the Mines you know. All of that said, it is a group game first and foremost. If you can find a guild or friends to keep you geared for fighting, you won't technically have to engage in any of that. We already have player-run vendors, so you can also acquire your gear by farming up a bit of gold and buying what you can't (or won't) make yourself. Combat log: In current testing, there's a 20 second countdown after clicking the button before you logout. I've never been attacked during logout, so I can't say if it cancels your logout or not. On logout, your character and all of your inventory and equipment is removed from the game. I'd like to see something akin to Rust's "sleepers" on the harder campaign modes, but maybe that's just me? Setting: I assume it's the graphical style of the characters/world that looks childish to you. To each his own, I suppose. Maybe it'll grow on you the first time you behead an enemy? There's quite a bit of lore there, you just have to explore all the Pantheon, Bestiary, Race and Class entries on the website (and use a bit of imagination to fill in the blanks). The lore in general isn't represented in-game yet (i.e. things to read about, people to talk to) but I think that's just part of having the pre-alpha content we do now. I don't think we'll see too much more of it until we're much closer to launch, just in case they want to tie more of the overall narrative into the game's various systems. JTC is probably chomping at the bit to get more of it to us, but it just isn't time for it yet. Servers: We're currently on AWS servers and as far as I know that will remain the plan for launch. They did a tech video some time ago, but it basically gives them the ability to spin a server up anywhere in the world that has the infrastructure and audience to support it. Thus far in testing, we've seen US, EU, Australia, and Singapore servers. One important note; the game uses a decentralized setup when it comes to character and world data. The tech they're developing (and the lore to support it) is about moving your character and gear between worlds (servers). At any given time you could play on any world with any other player, and (mostly) bring your character and items with you as you move. There will be caveats to this, of course, but it should be great if you want to play with friends in another country. Maybe not so great if you're trying to avoid "that group". There are plenty of SB vets around, maybe they'll chime in on what you may be looking for in a Shadowbane 2.0.
  3. If a doober spawns on top of your character, you can't pick it up until you move away and back again. Good work on updating the command list so quickly after it was mentioned, but you left out /trade and /accept-trade. Players like to abbreviate, so it's a little inconvenient that Beach Head, Bastion's Hallow, and BrookHurst are so similar. ;P
  4. Test Calendar

    Hi @calidor They haven't used the playtest calendar since they moved the Live environment to 24/7 service. If you can't connect, you may be using an old version of the client. Try a fresh download, see if that works any better. Be sure to grab the Live client, not the Test client. If you're still having issues, check in with support@crowfall.com.
  5. It still works, they just moved it. You have to tab before entering chat, instead of after (like before). It makes a little more sense now, since you can now change tabs while moving around.
  6. It does, along with any other power that increases your maximum health.
  7. Keep gates have no interact prompt or sparklies on the inside. The sparklies appear on the top of the wall, but there's no prompt up there. Survivalist Rune - Burst of Strength Power - Activation sound effect is gone.
  8. Occasionally hearing doober pickups from someone else as if I picked them up myself. Not grouped, and I don't see any players around me.
  9. Notification sound effect "chime" from the Me chat tab is missing in this version. Decent fps boost in this patch when you're staying in one region, but takes a hit if you travel to new areas.
  10. Animal Specialization Skill Tree - Many of the nodes in the new radial version of this tree are too close together. The golden "fully trained" borders overlap, and you can't tell which nodes connect anymore. Also, in the same picture, the Beneficial Harvest Chance: Animal node is actually fully trained (paw w/dice icon), but it does not display as trained or unlock the next adjacent node, Plethora of Meat: Omnivores (meat icon). The same is true of the Carnivore tree. I have Beneficial Harvest Lifetime: Animal completely trained, but it does not unlock Plethora of Meat: Carnivores for training. Animal Specialization Skill Tree - I was able to train the Animal Specialization Mastery node with only 55% of the total tree trained. If I'm not mistaken, you're meant to train the entire tree to 100% to unlock that one?
  11. Totally not a priority, but the in-game command list is getting pretty out of date. It hasn't had anything added since before /trade was implemented. Also, the recent update that makes crafting tables save the current project is a big success. I was making something on the Test realm when the server went down, patched, and went into maintenance mode. When it came back 45 minutes later, my crossguard was still sitting in the table waiting for me. Targeting folks in and around the fort lodge is still a big problem. Something in there is soaking up powers. The crafting stations and the resource vendors are the two newest additions, so my money's on them. It's also still impossible to ground target AoE in the immediate vicinity of the throne. Had some issues in this build with Retaliate triggering, but the prompt goes away almost immediately and you take the whole CC. Anyone else seen this? It's easy to reproduce with jumping spiders landing on your face.
  12. RMB dodge has double sound effects again (Guinecean) Duelist Vanish (Ultimate) - the explosive barrel damage portion of the power is triggering on enemies multiple times. I believe the graphic vanishes after the first detonation, but the effect remains in place. The player I was fighting said it activated three times in a row at the same location. Skills and map screen are both taking significantly longer to load up. Most stronghold guards aren't aggroing on enemies. I played several hours tonight, and the MSG only spiked to the red twice, momentarily. The biggest fight of the night was a dozen people; the network gave me no trouble at all for the duration. Biggest problem this build is some kind of desync/invisibility. One is related to recovering your grave (and losing your equipped items in the process), that Metauriel posted here; here's a video of my point of view. The other is more random, and may be related to culling or LoD's. Enemies and allies both are invisible, though their nameplates still show. It seems to be as simple as looking away from a character then back at them again to cause and fix the problem: Video.
  13. May 17 Snap Test!

    MSG speeds stayed consistent for me on this test, around 90ms. It peaked out around 165ms, but I never once saw it spike in the red. It was all small scale stuff, but it's encouraging.
  14. I'd like it to go one further, where the % Weapon Damage in the tooltip itself is calculated based on your current equipment. Something like: 63 - 85 +74% Weapon Damage (93 - 129) The (93 - 129) being the actual expected damage output of the power, based on my arbitrary math.
  15. Campaign population capacity?

    The largest I recall was about a hundred people (50 v 50) during a Siege Perilous test. If you aren't familiar, this was the initial siege testing map they ran before real 24/7 servers were thing, sometime around early/mid-2016. Later that same year, they showed a tech demo of about 200 characters on screen during a livestream. You can find that video here.