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  1. Duelist - Flintlock Shot - Accepting the Slayer talent Quick Draw removes the general power information at the top of the tooltip. (Range, cooldown, cost, etc.) Duelist - Slayer passive - The Feeling Lucky buff icon is completely white, obscuring the number of stacks you have.
  2. Vendor-related crafting recipes are no longer listed in the basic crafting nodes. Business: Vendor Thralls node description says it increases basic crafting assembly, instead.
  3. I think it's hidden automatically based on the class you're playing? I see the same thing on a Duelist, but a Cleric shows all four. Black Mask is similar; shows four powers on Duelist, but only two on Cleric.
  4. Duelist - Go For Broke Power - The cooldown for this power is being affected by weapon weight 10x what it should. Two advanced weapons (combined weapon weight 10) is adding a 10s cooldown, instead of 1s. Double heavy weapons (combined weapon weight 80) adds 80s instead of 8s.
  5. For 5.8.3 snap test (there's no thread): All skinnable npc's are doubled up on 3d models. This persists until you kill and loot the creature. Spider Queen is the same physical size as the normal spiders until you kill and loot her. Crafting runes fit better as an exploration rune rather than a major, especially since your first major isn't unlocked until level 18.
  6. Training dummies have been replaced by r1 pigs again in the Balance temple for the current campaign, making it difficult to test some things. Still no cooking station/camp fire in the temple. Powers still regularly fail as previously reported since the start of 5.8. I hope the upcoming character controller work will resolve this.
  7. Race and class skill training has been removed from the game in favor of the new Talent system in 5.8.
  8. Hey BucDen, The embargo system as described above hasn't been implemented. For now, use the spirit bank (b key) to save all your items at the end of the campaign, or to transfer items between worlds. It can be used anywhere and is safe from looting. Be sure to keep an eye on those import/export limits you mentioned as they're only given to you at the beginning of every campaign.
  9. Duelist - targets affected by the slow from Saltpeter Rounds aren't affected by the stun from Pepperbox Shot.
  10. Hi Phraek, here's some stuff: The Spirit Bank isn't really meant to be a 'bank stuff whenever I want' thing (though the current implementation lets it function that way). It's a placeholder mechanism for moving items between worlds that will be replaced later in development. Currently, imports and exports reset at the beginning of every campaign. Use them wisely, as it's the only way to save your items, gear, and resources when the campaign comes to an end. Ultimately, the game is about scavenging dying worlds in service to your gods. You're exporting your spoils of war to your Eternal Kingdom for trading, crafting, and possibly importing for a leg up in the next campaign. There isn't a lot of guild functionality in-game just yet; most of it is on the Crowfall website. In-game UI and functionality will come later. Most people are directed to the Looking for Guild section of the forums. Vessels are literally the bodies your character inhabits as an immortal Crow spirit. When you make a character, you start with a basic body. These can be swapped to an upgraded version that is crafted by the Necromancer profession. They have much higher starting attributes, and can have their stats customized by the crafter. Advanced crafting in Crowfall requires a crafting discipline rune and an advanced table. The rune can be crafted and equipped as early as level 5, and unlocks all the recipes for that profession. The recipes won't be visible though, until you use an advanced crafting table for your profession. These can be found at forts, keeps, and properly equipped Eternal Kingdoms. FYI, it's much cheaper now in testing than it will be later in development. Re: finding the action - Siege windows are the most reliable way to find a big fight. Outside of that, guilds or organized groups go a long way to finding (or creating) fights. Contested forts and keeps also show on the map as being 'on fire', and the devs are planning to add more "toast" messages to notify you when the bad guys are around. Eternal Kingdoms are social and economic hubs. Functionally, they're most useful as a marketplace; players can place vendors there and sell their goods. Some players have created some very successful shops, and they were the go-to place to visit when you needed replacement tools or an upgraded set of armor. They can also be pvp-enabled to spar with your guild or participate in duels. Eventually, you'll be able to place artifacts and relics there that will give your guild a small boost while still in the campaign worlds. Beyond that, it's just a player housing area where you can hang out in your down time or between campaigns. Stuff over, give us a holler if that answered what you were wondering about, or just created more questions. ;P
  11. Live servers are up 24/7 with the newest stable version of the game.
  12. The closest thing we have to what you ask is the known issues section. It's listed along with the patch notes in the Feedback and Bug forum for whatever build we're currently testing. The developers have very rarely asked for focus testing on a particular feature or bug, since people tend to play with the newest features anyway. That said, don't worry about reporting old bugs or repeating feedback that we've heard before. The more the developers hear it, the longer it will stay on their radar.
  13. Tutorial popups display code snippets instead of actual text. HP bars and vendor icons are drawing through terrain. Jotun zone has no dioramas at all; no resources, no npc spawns, no outposts. Powers failing to fire is still a huge problem. To reiterate, this is when the animation plays and the cooldown starts, but the resource cost isn't charged and no effects (damage or buffs) take place. Duelist Inconceivable! power seems to be the worst offender. While testing, it once took four casts in a row before it would stick.
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