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  1. Ek Guinecean npc's are all floating a few feet off the ground. Same with food vendors found in forts and keeps in the Infected, and the city planner vendor in the keep. Toggle Debug Info (F10) - If you hide this information, it appear again every time you zone. The setting is now saved, it must be hidden again.
  2. VIP is currently the only way to respec an existing character. It's the developers' opinion that it's only a convenience feature, since a new character can be fully leveled to 30 in less than two hours. I agree that respec should be free for VIP and non-VIP alike while the game is still in beta.
  3. Had a player successfully reconnect during a match, but his name on the party frame did not update from "Waiting for player to reconnect".
  4. Half my matches started with 4/5, and none of them reconnected. Whether it's a loading problem, connection problem, or people just quitting, hard to know.
  5. "Player-mover" powers - When used inside structures, these powers (such as chain pull, knight ult, etc.) frequently teleport the player up a level or even on the roof randomly. In the main game, it's pretty annoying. In a tournament setting with real money prizes, it's kind of a game-breaker. The castle in the end is especially bad since there's multiple levels inside you could end up on.
  6. Ranger vfx - The left click combo and Rapid Fire have a swarming green effect on the projectiles during these powers. The effect looks like it's intended to be on the bow during charging (or on hit?), not on the projectile itself. It makes these powers look visually "busy", especially on Rapid Fire. I can't say for sure (don't play a ton of Ranger), but I think it might be a side effect of a recent fix for Confessor projectile fx not showing.
  7. Your ability to break motherlodes is a combination of your +mining skill (your tool + stats from your toolbelt) and the rank of the node. You'll mostly be limited to breaking rank 1 nodes with only intermediate tools. It goes very slowly, but it's doable until you upgrade to an epic quality Miner. This allows the use of advanced tools, which means more damage against higher ranked motherlodes.
  8. All emote commands (/wave, /laugh, etc.) only play the first few frames before returning to the idle pose. None of them continue for the full duration.
  9. Eternal Kingdoms are accessed from the main lobby. Select "Player Worlds" after choosing world select with your character. Click the "All" filter at the top to see all the public EK's, or type in the name in the search box if you're looking for some place specific (like "Aerynth Traders" or "Srathor's Lawn"). Most places will list the kinds of items they sell in the description, but you'll have to actually visit the kingdom and browse their vendors to see what specific items they have.
  10. @Opodeldog It sounds like you chose "Player Worlds" at the start, which is your own housing instance. Try "Starting Worlds" next time, you'll find the tutorial quest line that maybe you're looking for.
  11. Hi Schleimling, thanks for your feedback. Some of these things are already in the game, but you may not have seen them if you didn't play too much past level 18. When you explore the Infected world, you'll see some basic weather changes (rain and lighting changes). We've also seen some other examples in the past, like heavy fog and snow (though I'm not sure these are in the game at the moment). There's also a wider variety of plants there that can be harvested for crafting (ginseng, mushrooms, onions, etc.) as well as more types of trees ready for chopping. Shallow bodies of water are
  12. While I didn't play Shadowbane, I believe the caravan system in the game fills this role (you may have encountered caravans during the tutorial quest). In the main pvp campaigns, running caravans can provide ingots, timber, and boulders; building materials which be refined down into bulk crafting resources. That, combined with the upcoming factory system, should provide the mass production systems you might be looking for. Also of note, crafting, along with most other activities in the game, is designed with groups and guilds in mind. "Crowfall: Join a guild!"
  13. You can use the cooking stations scattered around the world to open up a whole bunch of recipes. The easiest to find is in the temple, near the bar.
  14. @jtoddcoleman Regarding the tech you talked about during the livestream (the recent change to Assassin and Myrmidon melee powers), could it be applied to harvesting as well? The timing and flow of harvesting could be improved quite a bit if the "hit" part of the power synched up with the striking part of the animation, instead of at the very beginning of the left-click. The is especially true when it comes to hitting (and missing) weak points. The two items below might better explain what I mean: Thanks!
  15. Choosing the Archdruid or Earthkeeper promotion tree adds a Life Tray, which comes with a new mechanic for handling your essence. Life tray powers generate your essence, Death tray powers spend it:
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