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  1. Cutting grit drop chance is largely tied to the quality of your harvesting belt. You can also get a 5% with a cutting grit harvesting potion.
  2. You have to to escort a caravan pig from the nearby lumber mill. If you move too quickly, you'll leave him behind.
  3. Player skins and item dyeing are both listed as "midterm" goals on the Crowfall roadmap.
  4. I believe that is the npc version of the "stake" power that Rangers can use.
  5. The game has officially launched, so now's the time to claim any items you intend to use. The only account items you can really lose are the mount figures, which will break with use. However, you will always keep the skin, which you can apply to existing mounts in-game.
  6. Vieczor, This issue should have been corrected with this morning's patch. If you're still having problems with the inbox, shoot an email to support@crowfall.com.
  7. Alpha, You'll want to send this inquiry through support@crowfall.com, as they're unlikely to see it in this section of the forums. Cheers.
  8. You can buy the common rune, but the uncommon ones (which can only be acquired through drops) are the ones needed to progress through upgrading.
  9. Xym, Each upgrade level of your harvesting discipline rune is relatively small, but they're important steps if you want to be able to really produce harvested items. A green rune allows you to equip a toolbelt, which adds secondary harvesting stats (things like minerals, gems, or bone). The blue rune allows you to reach a full plentiful harvesting skill (with temporary buffs). A purple rune allows you to equip the advanced tools necessary to break the highest rank resources in the game. It's certainly expensive, but very necessary when it comes to providing resources for you and your guild.
  10. Biggie, You can change faction by visiting the banners at the east end of the Earth Temple. It should let you change to Sun unless you're already affiliated with a faction due to a guild membership.
  11. Hey Zuzu, Double check your items by clicking your account profile on the main CF page, and choosing Rewards. It should list all the items you're entitled to. If you find you're still missing something, shoot an email to support@crowfall.com.
  12. You'll probably need to contact support@crowfall.com to get this sorted.
  13. The developers have talked about this for a long while, but it's never been a priority. I'd recommend contacting support@crowfall.com to see if there are any solutions for you; now or in the near future. Most controller buttons seem to be hard-coded in the current version of the game. I haven't figured out a way to change or remove these bindings, making it impossible to get full use out of the device. At a minimum, removing these bindings built-in to the game would allow us to make our own bindings via third party software.
  14. You may have tried to put something in your name/description it didn't like. Send an email to support@crowfall.com for help on this one.
  15. Players can place land parcels and building deeds in their Eternal Kingdoms. Choose "Player Worlds" from the main lobby. Be sure to claim any EK-related items you may own from the Inbox, first.
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