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  1. Had a piece of slate drop from a hunger crystal. I think it was a rank 3-ish. Guinecean Duelist replays the first few frames of the sit animation while logging out. One of the exploration soul drops reads as "soul_exploration_10_display_name". (Edit: I made the rune, it's Villein)
  2. Hell, just give the single dust we get now the normal chance to roll a chaos ember.
  3. The same thing seems to be happening when your character is rooted. It doesn't matter if you turn your camera to face your mob, the powers still fire off in the direction your character was originally facing.
  4. Banetrees have no damage flytext and do not write to the combat log. If not for the toast message and siege status window, we wouldn't know we're damaging it at all. Spider queen was added back in, but it doesn't seem like her loot table was adjusted. I killed her half a dozen times and only got dust for the trouble. Also, her Punishing Cocoon power stays in effect for several seconds after the animation ends.
  5. Hyriol

    Runic Book?

    Runic weapons come from limited-use recipe drops off the wartribes. Crafters must equip the scroll case minor found at the temple along with the recipe in order to craft the item.
  6. That was a mockup they showed a long while ago. It was never present or functional in-game. Rumor is it has been pushed to a post-launch implementation. This happens when the crafting window loses focus by clicking somewhere else in the UI. Press J or click the window to re-focus it so you can right-click components again. You'll know it's ready when there's a yellow line highlighting the window.
  7. The fix was not successful; the behavior has not changed at all. Given enough time and/or subsequent attempts, crafting stations and the sacrifice brazier no longer activate (craft, move, or loot).
  8. Many players have been asking for the ability to sacrifice their existing vessels for xp to spend on their new ones. Would it be relatively easy to just hook up an xp reward to the vessel "delete" button on the main screen? It could drop sacrifice items (for example, level dust) directly into your spirit bank commensurate to the investment you had in the vessel that was deleted (level/quality/xp, etc.). Just a thought. @vkromas
  9. +Mining only increases the damage you do against higher rank ore nodes. Plentiful harvesting skill (caps at five) and harvesting critical is what you want to see higher quality resources.
  10. Your 'Runemaking Experimentation' skill determines how successful your experiments are (good, great, amazing, etc.). I was wondering if maybe you skipped some of those nodes, it would account for poor experimentation rolls. As to why you're getting worse results now than before, I think there were some recent changes to how re-rolls work which give less consistent results. I'll link it up if I can find where the changes were.
  11. What does your skill training look like? And what kind of risk are you using on your experiments?
  12. Duelist Dirge Redirect Pain heal over time does not write to the combat log or throw flytext. General Field Surgeon Rune Rehabilitation only ticks once over the six second duration. Should tick twice. Friar Rune Chain Heal has a root baked into the animation that doesn't fit with pretty much every other power in the game. Wood Elf Dissipate no longer cancels autorun when used. It would be great if that could be extended to everyone else.
  13. It's new sub-component found only on the vendors in the forts and keeps (and Test free item racks). The vendor icon looks like a scroll. According to a recent live steam, no one will be able to make them as they're intended to be a gold sink.
  14. Avernus went down early this morning. My character who was on it at the time is stuck, and throws an error when attempting to join other worlds:
  15. When crows and vessels were first announced, there were two idea that were talked about, but never went anywhere: Will there be an 'in-place' upgrade path for vessels, instead of having to replace them? I believe it was JTodd who proposed it as an alternative for people who didn't care for the idea of changing bodies in the first place. Will vessels always be locked to the initial class it's chosen for? The idea back then was for an existing vessel to swap or re-roll to a different class as long as it was allowed for that race.
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