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  1. Is LIVE still down for anyone else?

    Live servers are down until further notice. You can scroll up just a bit where Kraahk has explained it.
  2. My vote for worst bug still present in 5.8 is how often powers are failing. Here's a bunch strung together. First few are harvesting - the second swing almost always fails. Also, energetic harvest (Q) will play the animation, but will not consume pips or grant the effects. Sometimes two or three presses are required before the game accepts it. Next are a bunch of Duelist Pepperbox Shot failing to connect. This looks like a problem with the DM that we've seen before. It will sometimes miss the closest target, but hit the ones in back. Pips are consumed, but no damage is done as if the attack missed entirely. The rest are combat powers failing against npc's and players. These seem to be caused by desync with the server, like the energetic harvest above. The animation plays and the cooldown begins, but the pips aren't consumed and no damage is done. Almost all powers are affected in the video: basic attack, Impale, Inconceivable!, Pepperbox Shot, Redirect Pain. I haven't seen many reports at all of powers failing, so I'm not sure how widespread it is.
  3. Some powers are playing double sfx/vfx. Flintlock shot, energetic harvest, sometimes footsteps. Almost always spawn dead halfway underground in the EK's in this patch. Changing EK parcels can cause players to stick in "Loading Zone...", have to kill client. Can open map while in the skills screen. The map doesn't open, but the Ui elements do. After the last server down and patch, I and a lot of other folks lost all inventory and equipped gear on EK toons. Edit: Possibly related to the spawn-underground-dead bug above. Lumbermill POI has a cat spawner on the roof.
  4. Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 stopped working

    The client download page has an optional download called visual c++ libraries. Maybe give that a try?
  5. @Tezza https://crowfall.com/en/client/ Under "Test Envrionment"
  6. Sometimes npc's corpses spawn a short distance away from where they actually died and cannot be looted. You can bump into them with your character until they're in the right spot, then they work again. Outpost tower has a built in people launcher. Sometimes it rubberbands you, somtimes you take fall damage, sometimes it's a complete desync and you have to kill the client. Happens 100% of the time I double jump into that spot as a Guinecean. Still not thrilled with the night time lighting; it's so bright. I think it's because the distant fog gets lighter the further it goes, when it should get darker and obscure distant terrain. Temple discipline rune merchants are broken. Clicking the major or minor runes does not bring up the buy window. Duelist - Go For Broke - tooltip says 9s cooldown, game says it's 50s. Duelist general dps feels very underwhelming in this version due to changes in our best attacks: Slayer +50% Triple Aught Shot bonus doesn't show in the tooltip. At least you changed the flavor text so it's not "devastating" anymore?
  7. The progress indicators circling each island (orange, green, blue rings) in the campaign map are not working in this build. The outpost flags aren't updating correctly to show ownership. Some show the wrong faction, some aren't showing at all even though they've been claimed. Is it intentional that neutral camps aren't marked? The scoreboard "Next turn in Xs" only worked for the very first score tick of the fresh campaign. Opening the map displays a tooltip about siege windows every time. I even saw it in the EK a few times.
  8. @Unfolded Game logs are in your main game directory: Crowfall > Download, and look like "CrowfallClient_numbers_Yourname". Email to support@crowfall.com.
  9. Login password works as normal in the launcher, but is rejected at the in-game login due to invalid characters. EK placeables are frequently starting off-grid and can't be lined up correctly. Character orientation at time of use seems to have an effect. "Too far below terrain" is a big problem for many of the pieces, especially corridors or ramps where you want them to meet the ground. Snapping is largely non-functional, especially with stone walls. Either they don't connect at all or they snap to 90 degrees from what they should. Crafting station sockets are locked to one direction. If you rotate it how you want it, it will always snap back to the same facing. The blue plane that marks the edge of the active parcel interferes a lot with placing items near the border. Can we swap to a grid marking instead? Some of the crafting stations are missing LoD's and disappear completely when beyond a relatively close distance. Runemaking, Leatherworking, Stonemasonry affected. This one's been around a while, but the inventory grid (the dark gray marking off the light gray slots) is a 'dead zone' when dragging items to move them. The slot doesn't light up blue or gold, and asks you to destroy the item instead of just dropping it in the nearest available spot. If you right click the dead zone while adding items to a crafting window, it deselects the window. Right clicking a blank map turns it back into a blank map. Cartography, she does nothing! Music tracks are cut off abruptly. Seems more noticeable on the nighttime track.
  10. Character individuality

    I don't recall seeing any indication that they're planning more in-depth cosmetics than what we already have. We'll have more faces, hairstyles, etc. to choose from, but probably not the customization sliders or intricate details that you might be imagining. This is most likely a performance choice to ensure the client runs well when we cram a lot of people in the same area during a siege. Armor will likely have identical models, but we'll be able to change the colors or materials that are used. Weapons will have quite a few different looks to choose from as they're adding racial variants for most of them. The crafter will be able to choose the style and the colors when creating them based on available resources, recipes, and skill. Here's the various sources for the info above. The videos are quite old now, so who knows what may have changed since then: Armor customization Weapon customization Racial weaponry concept art
  11. Duelist - Slayer tree - Quickdraw talent does not reset cooldown on Flintlock Shot with either rapier or pistol basic powers. Duelist - Rapid Fire - This power is not modified by range increases (+9m talent training or +5m racial). Some pretty serious DM issues on the basic pistol attack. Almost half my shots against the R1's in the beach head fail. Duelist - Slayer tree - Damage caused by the Dynamite power causes you to leave stealth and enter the combat tray.
  12. Imports/exports and local banks are persisting across different campaigns on the same vessel. So far it's been the last three or four in a row, even though they've had different names and I had to pick a faction at each start. Duelist - Vanguard Scout - Cheap Shots power - the range is shorter than stated (13m vs 15m) and is not being modified by the Saltpeter Rounds racial power (+5m). Duelist - Snipe power - the range is shorter than stated (14m vs 15m) and is not being modified by the Saltpeter Rounds racial power (+5m). Vanguard Scout passive power - If the character is at full health, the "healing" numbers are displayed as a damage number in red. No actual damage is taken. Only shows on Go For Broke power. Duelist can enter a state where all melee powers hit twice for the exact same damage. Was Vanguard Scout meant to get the range bonus instead of Dirge?
  13. 5.8 crafting questions..

    Blacksmith crafting tables (forges) are in any keep or fort. You can still make any crafting station in an EK as long as you've brought in a general crafting station from someplace else (export from a CW or make one in a public EK). Discipline rune slots are unlocked via the talent tree, but the first one is pretty early. Maybe level four or so.
  14. Third CW in a row that shared the imports/exports and local banks with each other. I'm assuming this isn't intended since they've all had different names. Combat powers suffer from the same issues I have while harvesting in the EK - the animation plays but the power misses as if it never took place. Energetic harvest ultimate sometimes has to be triggered three times in a row before it activates and charges the pips (the animation plays all three times). With combat powers, the animation plays and the cooldown begins, but the resource isn't charged and no damage occurs. The scoreboard widget lags far behind the map scoreboard regarding +potential points. The widget only seems to update at the same time points are added where the map scoreboard updates as soon as outposts/forts/keeps change hands. Haven't had a single client log generate for me in this new version. We could squeeze a lot more testing in on the talent system if you'd drop a sacrifice brazier on the EK dragon statue. Please let us zoom the camera in during character creation to see all the details. Thanks.