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  1. The harvesting skill trees already contain additional inventory slots, they just aren't implemented yet. It may not be a bag, per se, but you can at least hold more stuff. This is quite an old mockup by now, but it should give you an idea of what it might look like when it makes it to the live game: https://crowfall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Crowfall_PreAlphaCraftingInterface.jpg Harvesting gear (both weapons and armor) was included in the crafting system when it was first introduced. You just have to know the right recipes!
  2. Good bit of fun, even at 300 ping. Thanks everyone, good fights.
  3. Keep gates are teleporting you to the top of the wall instead of inside the corridor.
  4. After today's (10/5) patch, containing "movement fixes" (there's no new bug thread or patch notes yet): I ran around the CW for 20 - 30 minutes without a single stuck issue or teleport float (Duelist Tunnel). The only issue I encountered was the "trap hill" just north of Bastion's Hallow. It still has the same issues from last week's patch: https://youtu.be/mxQsf0zrbPY Otherwise, pretty happy with this movement fix so far (at least until we hear from the Druids). Now we just need improvements to the awkward loss of momentum at the end of a jump, and I think general movement will be in a good place.
  5. As a Duelist main, what's your preference on how they handle this? I'd like to see it unlock a ranged tray. It plays completely different from stock Duelist, and you'd want a different set of passives, etc. when playing ranged vs. normal melee. I can see the argument against it, though; that's a lot of power and flexibility out of a single rune that you don't even need a new weapon for.
  6. I wasn't able to participate, but I had a lot of fun watching on stream. Thanks guys.
  7. Movement stuck issues: Recent patch has improved things greatly when it comes to getting stuck on random props (rocks, etc) and walls. Still have the occasional floating bug when teleporting (Duelist Tunnel), but it seems to be much less frequent. Teleporting in general seems much more reliable. Great work on this one. Still an issue with getting stuck/rubberbanding on the ridge north of Bastion's Hallow: https://youtu.be/mxQsf0zrbPY Edit: Same issue exists on the ridge south of Reaper Ridge (2705x3010), along with getting stuck under the world and random dying.
  8. I had the same issue, but it wasn't a combat state problem (I was burrowed at the time). I think they just stop working after a certain amount of server-up time, like other things have done in the past. Resting, cooking, and taking damage while standing in them all stopped working. Whatever the cause, the fires were fixed after the next server reset. Edit: It's happened on East server atm. No resting, no cooking, no damage. It's a cosmetic fire atm.
  9. Make it pay to play

    How is babby formed?
  10. The target dummy damage? East server. Edit: Damage numbers seem to be consistent with a decimal point in the wrong place, 9 damage should be 900, yada yada.
  11. Beachhead has a window stating our starting area can now be challenged. Cheers for adding the practice dummies, but it would be great if they reflected actual damage numbers instead of the 1-9 damage I'm seeing. Fort campfire range (orange circle) draws on the roof of the building. Some toast messages are redundant - got a message for "taking an unclaimed fort in Brookhurst" and second immediately after for "taking the fort at Brookhurst". Had the teleport at the beachhead gate fail a few times when activated as far back as possible. It teleports you inside the gate, and the F to interact prompt no longer functions or doesn't pop up at all: https://youtu.be/aesGWn8NXbg (teleport failures at :03 and :39)
  12. On action harvesting: I think it would be beneficial if a specific tool type was completely unable to interact with nodes of other types (and not even show a prompt). This will help in situations where a stone is too close to a tree is too close to a boar, and you have to pixel hunt to harvest the right one. Are there any plans for Ultimates or Retaliates specifically for the Survival tray? This may not have been obvious from comments during the stream, but I believe the motherlode design needs to be revisited to go along with your new system. Players shouldn't have to fuss about percentages and combined tool stats. Two players should be able to have some effect on these things, and that effect should scale up as you add more people, better tools, and higher skill. Your contribution from skills should always make some difference, regardless of how much damage you did to the node. If I'm in a team of three people, I feel it should always be preferable to mine a motherlode together instead of spending time on the smaller nodes. I've no idea if you log stats for this sort of thing, but if you were able to pull data on how many motherlodes have been mined in Tyranny, I'd guess it's extremely, extremely low. On power trays in general: Would it make more sense to give everyone four trays to use as they see fit (or not), regardless of whether not they have access to stealth or ranged? Trays are basically just loadouts for use in different situations. I see no reason why a Templar shouldn't enjoy this flexibility to equip different powers or passives on-the-fly just because she uses a single weapon. It seems that the Stealth tray is a combat tray in the new system. Does that mean you no longer dizzy down when damaged in stealth? If so, will we see a different form of "punishment" to replace it? On the topic of powers automatically changing based on what weapon is equipped: How will this work for Duelist with a Master of Pistols rune equipped, which grants a ranged LMB? (Asked several times during the stream, but wasn't answered to my knowledge) Will we still be able to choose in the new system? Is it a simple matter of swapping your "main hand" and "off hand" weapons? Will it grant access to a Ranged tray, instead? (<-- my vote is on this one!) Any plans to extend this system to tanky RMB's, as well? Will a Knight who equips a two handed sword via runes gain access to parry instead of block?
  13. Defending a siege with two banetrees planted. The first tree had no destroy state when it was killed. The tree appeared to still be there, fully grown, though the health bar and damage aura went away, and the scoreboard reflected the destruction.
  14. I'm seeing an unusual "phasing" effect on the banetree saplings. It could just be a LoD issue, but I'm throwing it on here just in case it's connected to our breaking sieges:
  15. The changes to movement have greatly increased the frequency that we get stuck (on rocks, trees, people, etc.) as well as floating/flying/stuck issues related to teleports. Many player abilities are sticking around long after being cast. Druid orbs, Gaea's Wail bears, water spirits, ghost army all stayed in the world many hours after being cast and persisted through logoff. Duelist - Flintlock Shot power is not having its range increased correctly by Master of Pistols rune. It should increase from 15 meters to 25 meters. All the other Duelist ranged powers are being extended correctly.