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  1. Root effect still locks your character's attacks to the direction they were facing during the duration. If you turn to aim at another enemy, all the attacks will miss until the root wears off. Npc attacks still land on you even when the attackers miss or are out of range. Especially noticeable with cc's attached to leaps and charges. It's been suggested before, but I'd like to see the buy item confirmation and destroy item windows work with the "Y" hotkey. It would make for a nice QoL change. World bank export function could really use a "select all" button. Selecting individual items with the check box is a little too pixel perfect; it would feel a lot better if the dead zone around them was reduced/removed. The confirmation pop up for exporting items draws behind the world bank pane on the right. Guinecean pov/camera/reticle position is really in need of an adjustment. It was far better before 5.3's race/class split, and I'd either like to see it changed to something similar or the ability for players to adjust it themselves. Reference below - note the amount of wasted space between the character and the action bar after the 5.3 change (which persists to today):
  2. Here's a post that should have all the info you're looking for:
  3. Templar Censure has a physical range of 20m (matches the tooltip) but the damage and stun portion of the power only land within 15. Duelist Rapier prop is out of place when channeling runegates. Splitting stack does work in the bank now, but there doesn't seem to be anyway to re-stack them without pulling them from the bank first. Enabling auto-stack here (ctrl+rmb) should do the trick. Duelist Cheap Shots - damage flytext timing is all drawn at the end of the power instead of as each shot lands. Lifesteal still has oddities when at full life - flytext and combat log show it as damage, and your character plays animations as if hit. Enbarri champions listed as Urgu in the combat log. Duelist impale still busted.
  4. When fighting animals, most sacrifice loot drop items do not scale up with rank. A rank 1 has the same distribution of quality drops as a rank 8 (mostly whites, occasional greens).
  5. Temple performance has been poor (~25 fps) with increase in traffic. The inventory sometimes doesn't like it when you try to drop items in the first slot or two. The items will rubberband back to where you dragged them from. The grass color isn't consistent across all parcels which makes the seam very noticeable in places. Looting containers doesn't always dismount you. Some of the brighter ground effects, like devotion or mounting, have a strong flicker. Vault window position doesn't save like the other UI elements. Vault search pane text is white on white, makes it hard to see. Need a lot more vault categories, customizing them would be real nice.
  6. Duelist Inconceivable! power wasn't fixed. I had the cast fail five or six times in a row in this latest build. Fail, meaning the casting animation was played, but no effects took place and no pips were consumed.
  7. I'd like to see the inventory screen stay open or close based on how it was opened in the first place. If I opened it with a key press, it should stay until I close it again. If it opened because of looting or opening a container, it should close again when I move. Can we lose the slow effect on the spiders in the noob zone? It bogs you down whether you're a new player with your first taste of combat or veteran just passing through the area. The mount vendor in the temple could use a new icon to differentiate it from player vendors. I'd like to see autorun cancelled by pressing the W key, as it was before.
  8. Duelist Dynamite power is spawning 2 explosive barrels, neither in the right location.
  9. All sacrifice xp values scale based on your level and vessel quality. Depending on the quality of the item you're sacrificing, it may even be worth nothing and say "cannot be sacrificed".
  10. Pretty sneaky with the capstone passives, almost didn't notice. Good change.
  11. On 7/9 Snaptest: Frequently enter a state where many inputs all fail at once; all rmb's, double jump, ultimate and dismount, certain powers like Cleric Searing Light. Duelist Flintlock Shot and Impale are listed in the combat log as "draining combo points". Most vfx only play the first frame of the animation, then disappear. Some hostile mobs do not aggro the player and occasionally just run away. Most noticeable on Enbarri enemies. When looting multiple corpses, you must completely close the inventory for each one. Closing only the loot window does not allow another to be opened with F. Same with crafting tables. Movement inputs are locked out while using a crafting table. 5 seconds seems like a long channel just to open a sacrifice fire. Druid Focused Spark particle vfx tends to draw in from some place way to the northeast. Satyr Knight Chief and King R8 at Salista N22 only does 1 damage per attack. Knocked down enemies still turn to face the player.
  12. It seemed like an offset similar to how runegate beacons are frequently in the wrong place. It isn't happening with today's snap test, but the pic below indicates the area where I saw a cluster of them, on the way to the starting zone runegate. It looked like the temple fires all moved here, but I don't even think they're the same zone anymore?
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