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  1. Duelist - Using saltpeter rounds in stealth causes you to enter a quasi-combat state when leaving stealth via the tray change key. The character has his weapons out, but the "In combat" buff or UI frame is not present. The character never times out to the normal out-of-combat for harvesting in this state. One of the recent patches completely removed the entity highlight for harvesting nodes, npc bodies for looting, banks, etc. Using a harvesting flask while a buff from the same type of flask is still active (skinning in this case) does not refresh the timer. The potion is wasted. Duelist - Flintlock shot shows a white "2" flytext for the combo points generated by the power. The sound effect usually played when a tool breaks is missing.
  2. During crafting experimentation, the item stat pane on the left side could use a size increase. It's not big enough to display all the relevant stats without scrolling down every single time.
  3. Please review the timing on harvesting weak points. It would greatly improve the flow of the activity if weak points would break on the animation of the tool striking the node instead of at the beginning, on the left click. This would give you a short time after each click to move into position for the next weak point (while the animation is playing). If the weak point chance were 100%, you'd only be able to hit 50% of them while holding down left click. The only way to hit all of them would be to introduce a pause between each left click. The first implementation of the weak point system worked this way and felt and functioned much better. Subsequent updates broke it and it hasn't been corrected yet.
  4. Champion Leap can leave a permanent dust cloud effect at your feet. The game is still able to enter a state where mouse clicks cannot interact with the UI, like inventory icons or the leftside menu. The current AI seems to want to be 0m from the player at all times; they crowd you as much as possible, even if it means running around and behind the player who is facing them. Ranged npc's like clerics, confessors, and rangers display the same behavior, always closing that distance in between attacks even though they don't need to. Knight shield bash - the "100% critical chance if used within 5 secs of the last one" part of the power doesn't seem to be working. Caravan pack animals never respawned after the last GR reset (around 2 days ago).
  5. Wells are spread out in the world randomly; you'll have to explore to find them. It's not very effective to farm them, though. Most people will buy water flasks from the food vendor in the temple.
  6. When you consume the last item in a consumable slot, I'd like to see it gray out instead of removed. Then, when I get more, the same items is still there for use without having to set it again, e.g. eating the last apple, then harvesting more. There are a handful of passives that we don't necessarily want active at all times. In the past, we'd simply remove the passive or set it to a different tray. With that functionality removed, it'd be great to be able to disable our "active passives", especially on a tray-by-tray basis.
  7. Getting knocked down while in stealth cause a lot of weird problems. It doesn't always break stealth and you can't retaliate it, so a lot of the time npc's lose aggro and just regen all their health. Half the time, you can also get stuck in a weird state where you're locked in the stealth tray, but aren't invisible anymore and can't toggle out with the stealth tray key. Only the melee tray key works. A recent patch disabled retaliate in stealth, even though it says,"You should now be able to equip the Retaliate ability to your Stealth tray." (on a Duelist). Dioramas still remove the grass around them in a perfect circle, looks unnatural. One of the loading screen tips says the skill tree hotkey is L, but that brings up Talents. The skill tree does not seem to have a hotkey at all. Shadows behave strangely while inside a canyon, blinking in and out. (On shadows 4) The new weak points still appear in locations that cannot be hit - in this case, the one that appears on the paws of wolf, hellcat corpses. Caravan pack pigs do not seem to be spawning after the most recent God's Reach reset. (4/3/20 7pm-ish)
  8. The ring of ambient of light around a character at night kind of ruins the darkness effect we've been waiting a while for. I'd like to see a toggle, or require a light source to see, like a torch or and advanced rune tool. I'd like to see future map gens connect roads to all the poi's now that we have speed boosts built into them, at least for the more significant places where it would make sense.
  9. When a vessel hits level 30, the xp gauge at the bottom is removed. However, an opaque rectangle is left behind in its place. Raw milk drops from aurochs are very rare.
  10. There is no NDA for Crowfall. Stream away.
  11. Green harvesting doobers are having the same issue people are reporting with golden apples. Future doober drops appear green but are common quality. I believe it's related to another issue I've reported, where the particle effect is being drawn multiple times for objects, which increases over time. They appear to have both white and green glow/effects. Duelist - Slayer is able to gain "feeling lucky" stacks from harvesting. Weakpoints on ash trees are appearing very high up. Molehunter Flare fire effects sometimes persist in the world after the power has ended. The "Feeding Crows..." stage of loading the game takes a considerably longer time than in previous versions. There's a spot on top of the Auroch spawner that teleports your character when you walk into it, repeatable. Skinning reads as "harvestAnimal" damage in the log.
  12. NPC powers that have unlimited range, 100% accuracy, and ignores obstacles, like Aracoix swoop and the Urgu myrmidon leap stun, really need to be looked at. They've been a problem for a long time, but it's glaringly obvious how silly they are with the current AI issues. While you're at it, take a look at the npc champion hurlbat spam, too. That thing needs a cooldown. I'd like to see the character's hands emptied a short time after last using their tool on a resource node. Glowing blue tools can be a liability when running around at night in a pvp zone, and automatically "sheathing" your tool would be a better option than frequently having to unequip it. I'm not a fan of the change to Druid coalesce life orbs, specifically, needing to double click to place an orb. We already have the ability to precision drop them by briefly holding down the left click, so a second method is redundant. I'd like it to be changed back to how it was; one click, one orb, placed at the reticle. Druid Earthkeeper - The commune with nature passive is a real bummer in those occasions when you actually *want* essence, like soloing wartribe mobs for levels, etc. Please revisit the mechanic, tweak the numbers, or give us some measure of control of when the effect takes place.
  13. Duelist - The pip UI frequently sticks to show 2 pips overlaid on top of your actual pips. Blink and Tunnel occasionally have a long delay on the teleport. Duelist Tunnel sometimes shows a "path not found" error even when used on valid terrain. War tribe camps marked on the map do not show the correct level range. Zelig - Solitary Expanse Fort is missing a wall section. Character models and banks frequently take a long time to load in when first entering the game. Druid - Will o' wisps is still broken. It does not collide with terrain or objects, like trees, making it impossible to heal yourself or targets without a direct hit. Druid - tray swap audio cues are either missing or so subtle they go unnoticed. Druid - character skin effects like essence burn and barkskin frequently stay on the character after the effect has ended.
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