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  1. Also from Blair's response to the last Dev Diary: "1) Being on any NPC's hate list will keep you in combat. When it dies or leashes you are removed thus dropping ooc. If you are on a players hate list and damage them within 10 seconds you are in combat. Using any combat power (tray / left clicks) will briefly put you into combat for the animation length plus a few seconds. If you are on no hate lists, you drop out."
  2. From Blair's response to the last Dev Diary: "(hitting an out of combat player just forces them into combat (no more dizzy/dizzy down)"
  3. I'm reasonably sure it has, but there's no harm in double-reporting bugs. Keep this in mind when the 5.110 patch drops and we have a ton of new bugs to hunt.
  4. In the temple, there's a vendor up the stairs from the food vendor and across from the ore vendor. He has a gold bag icon over his head. You may need to drag the shop window slightly to the right to see the item. Sometimes the left-most row is cut off by the menu icons.
  5. As far as I know, the intention has always been to ship these when the game launches.
  6. All of your vessels receive the benefits of any skills you've already trained on your account. They don't have to be actively training to get them.
  7. Your personal vault can be accessed at any time with the B key, as long as you're not in a campaign world. This vault holds 200 items. Runes are equipped on the rune tab of your inventory. In the top right of your inventory screen, there are three tabs (helmet, hex, lightning). Click the hex tab to see your available rune slots. If these are locked, you need to unlock them in your Talents screen by leveling up your vessel. Once they're unlocked and you've obtained a rune you want to use, simply drag it into the correct slot. Next, open your spellbook to assign any active or passive powers that have been granted by your new runes. Easy peasy!
  8. Rank x3 = approximate level. If you're level 8, a good match would be rank 3 (level 9) or rank 4 (level 12). Just keep an eye on your xp earned per kill. If it's less than 50, the enemies are too weak and you need to find something stronger.
  9. It's just a performance issue that will hopefully be cleaned up as they move toward polishing and launch. As far as I know, everyone experiences it to some degree.
  10. I got dev confirmation a while back that the bug is for sure in their system.
  11. Hey there, Welcome to the game. Here's a few helpful links to get you started: Crowfall new player guide: https://crowfall.com/en-US/how-to-play Leveling tips using artifact binds: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/getting-battle-ready CrusaderW's Crowfall Youtube Channel (Overviews for many game systems): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaaikZmH7W55oYEHO7qwI8g Enjoy, see you in-game.
  12. Have a look at the existing press kit (download link on the right side) that contains a lot of material including wallpaper, icons, concept art, and screenshots. This kit is a bit old now (labeled as Summer 2017) but I'd be surprised if they weren't working on an updated version as part of the marketing push toward launch.
  13. It's part of the weather system (along with rain and snow) that becomes more apparent as the seasons pass. It's more noticeable now because the campaign just moved to winter a few days ago. I believe they mentioned that 5.110 will have new seasonal environment graphics, so it's reasonable to think that weather might be updated, too.
  14. Check for a Satyr camp with tables at X23 (NE) in the Temple zone. I'm assuming all factions have an identical setup, could be wrong.
  15. The Eternal Kingdoms aren't used very often in the current environment. If you're looking for player-run vendors, check the Temple market area or the Free City through one of the rune gates.
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