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  1. Granite - Halite Travertine - Sulphur Limestone - Dolomite Marble - Cinnibarr Slate - Nitre Edit: If you weren't already aware, minerals only drop from stone motherlodes when your party has the relevant skills. The list above is what type of stone drops the specific minerals.
  2. That's the correct way to redeem the code. Did it say the code was invalid? It may have just added an entitlement for a future beta group that hasn't launched yet. You can check the Rewards section of your Account Profile to see what group you're in. If the code isn't valid at all, try contacting the person you got the code from, or ask for help at support@crowfall.com
  3. You'll earn the items on your account as long as you own the game before the 24th, but many of those entitlements haven't even been created or implemented in the game yet. Some of them have already been added (like the mount), but some may not be ready until the game launches, as MacD said.
  4. The current Dregs campaign has 15 imports tokens, meaning you can only bring a total of 15 items including everything you're wearing. Count up what you're wearing first, then you can add a few things like gold, food, or bandages to total 15 items.
  5. Probably, but just to be safe, you should e-mail support@crowfall.com to make sure the game packages can be gifted in that way.
  6. Since Talents are now structured like a web instead of a tree, is learning still restricted "from left to right"? Can we circle around to nodes, as indicated below?:
  7. You'll need one of the crafted harvesting discs, like Foreman or Connoisseur, in order to activate your harvesting pips. You're specifically looking for one that has "Harvesting Power Passive: Gain Harvest Power Pips while Harvesting" on it.
  8. Earthkeepers and Archdruids are also able to use a healing power on their left-click in the Life tray. You'll need to equip a mystical staff in order to use this. The rest of your healing powers will come with finishing your talent tree or from equipping healer-specific discipline runes.
  9. Hey Hitmontipx, The new player experience is still being built, which is why you run out of quests at lvl. 18-ish. For the time being, you can finish leveling by fighting npc's and sacrificing items to the gods. Experience points are not split between group members, so it helps a lot to form up before hunting. The number one tip most folks will give for new players is to find a guild to play with. Crowfall is designed with groups and guilds in mind, so you'll have a much better time in the game when you make some friends. Most guild functions are only found on the Crowfall websit
  10. They're listed on your Slayer capstone passive. Press K and find it in your list of "active passives". Or, check out Malekai: https://malekai.org/powers/duelist-passive-slayer
  11. You can email support@crowfall.com, they can help you get it sorted.
  12. Nethari Confessor Female - the hanging cloth bits on her pants deform straight into the air while mining in leather armor.
  13. Something in the first satyr camp in God's Reach Earth temple zone causes a significant frame drop (-50%). I suspect it's the lighting affects from all indoor bonfires in the yurts.
  14. Nethari female - when mounted (stationary), her eyes point up to her eyelids.
  15. Is the vertical camera change intentional? I can see how it might make player actions feel more dynamic, but the more extreme player movements, like knight or champion ultimates, actually make me a little queasy. I'll hold off anymore feedback on it until we learn if it's a bug or not. lol (Update 2) In-game options menu - clicking the change keys menu clears the menu screen, and all other option tabs are blank afterward.
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