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  1. The chat channels currently used in Crowfall are powered by Vivox, a major chat and voice communications provider in the industry. If Artcraft elects not to use in-game voice, it's probably a design/user experience/business decision, rather than a technical one. In the Elder Scrolls Online, for example, Vivox powers the chat system for all platforms, but has only implemented in-game voice for the console versions.
  2. @Pann (I couldn't find DebySue on here) Are the Crow Appreciation reward skins going to be unique to this program? Will there be a way for future players to earn identical items, or are they exclusives that can only be earned for this limited time?
  3. If you haven't been following too closely, the beta is set to launch here pretty soon. They can opt-in by making a free account on the Crowfall site.
  4. Starter vessels take about 2 hours to level to 30. You can join the pvp campaigns early at lvl. 20, but you'll want to a group to support you in that case. If you have friends in the game already, they can powerlevel you all the way up in about 60 seconds via sacrifice xp.
  5. Send an email to support@crowfall.com. They'll be able to help you with your issue.
  6. Send an email to support@crowfall.com. They'll help you figure out what's up with your account.
  7. They could print the person's name in red text across the screen, maybe add a red laser beam, and something like a cannon boom sound effect... oh wait.
  8. Yeah, definitely. Performance is really important for this thing to be a success, and the closest thing we've ever seen to any kind of scale was the old tech demo they showed several years go. Hopefully we get some of that critical mass in the coming months to really push the game into mmo territory.
  9. I believe the zone caps are 150 currently, which I'm pretty sure we've never hit. We hit the old cap of 100 a year or two back, but general client performance (both fps and net) was poorer then and it wasn't such a great time. I think the current version could handle it much better, but we don't have the active population yet to test it. I'd guess the current siege battles are between 30 and 50 players at peak (NA), more on the weekends. Any players that are more active than me currently, feel free to correct those numbers.
  10. Due to the removal of the survival tray, stealth classes may need to wait up to 10 seconds before they can re-enter stealth. We'll have to wait out the combat timer instead of being able to leave combat at-will.
  11. Fae is the most popular Assassin race due to the extra stealth movement speed.
  12. All you need for gravedigging is a shovel, created with Runemaking. As for the location, graves are found only in the Infected or campaign worlds. You'll have to explore a bit to find the type you want.
  13. There are no Fae-specific graves. You'll want to check the Necromancy recipe for making Fae vessels. I believe they're made from all elf parts. The recipe can be seen when using a Necromancy crafting table in the temple.
  14. That's right. It's a convenience feature just to make sure you don't have to log in every day just to train. Any points earned over the 24hr/30day maximum would be lost.
  15. That's correct. All accounts, whether "premium" or "freemium" will be able to train two out of three passive skill trees (combat, crafting, or exploration). Just as a recap, here's the most recent information we have about VIP benefits: Priority access to all game servers VIP frame/badge on the forums Discounted prices on store purchases Additional vessel slots (9 vs. 6) 30-day passive skill "timebank" instead of 24 hours. Some of this information is quite old, but it hasn't yet been rescinded by any more current announcements (VIP benefits aren't even listed in the faq currently). As far as we're aware, they haven't yet settled on any of these details, and have implied that there are further benefits that haven't been announced yet. I expect all of this information will be finalized soon as ACE pushes toward Beta and on to launch.
  16. It was announced some time ago that passive skill training would not be modified at all by a VIP subscription. The developers removed it to avoid even the perception that it was a pay-to-win mechanic. We don't have all the details yet on what VIP will ultimately provide, but I doubt additional passive training will make a return.
  17. Hi Oridi, Crowfall's War of the Gods update (v5.110) will be launching very soon and will be the game's largest update so far. We should see it on the Test environment in February, and pushed on to Live when enough bugs have been squashed. This update will come with a full game wipe, so it's a good time for new and returning players alike to try the game. Once 5.110 has reached a sufficient level of polish, they'll be sending out invites to the 300k+ players that signed up while making a free Crowfall account, marking the beginning of official Beta. The game has likely changed much since you last saw it. If you're wondering about the current state of the game, check out some videos here on the forums or come say hi to one of the streamers over on Twitch. There's usually a veteran or two (or even a developer) hanging out in the chat to answer questions. Many of us have been around since the beginning like yourself, so we can probably clue you in on any specific features you're interested in.
  18. The "SPK" value in the upper left is part of a diagnostic tool created to address the hitching issue. We asked a producer about it during a filming session last year. That doesn't preclude the possibility that it's an "unfix-able problem", but I can definitely say they're aware of the issue and are actively working on correcting it.
  19. Your GMS tool looks very interesting. Well done, it looks like a lot of work went into it.
  20. Can you give some examples of what you mean by this? Crowfall doesn't have WoW-esque engineering trinkets, if that's what you're thinking. The closest thing would be the discipline runes, which are able to grant your character utility that it didn't have before. Stealth, anti-stealth, CC-immunity, buffs, new equipment slots and physics-effects are all things that can be added to your character by equipping the appropriate runes. You can find a list of discipline runes here if you're interested in how those work. A lot of it probably won't make a lot of sense as someone who hasn't played the game, but it should give you an idea of the many ways you can customize your build.
  21. JTodd recently confirmed on Twitter that there would be an active catch-up mechanic. He didn't offer any details, but it sounds separate from the previously announced plans of trade-able skill tomes.
  22. The Crowfall developers just did a Q&A live stream earlier this month that touches on a lot of these topics, like the role crowd-funding has played in development and the state of the company leading up to beta, launch, and beyond. Have a peek if you're interested in these upcoming updates: https://youtu.be/uH9v7JPliwg?t=243
  23. The last wipe will be when the game launches. We currently do not have a date for this.
  24. Also from Blair's response to the last Dev Diary: "1) Being on any NPC's hate list will keep you in combat. When it dies or leashes you are removed thus dropping ooc. If you are on a players hate list and damage them within 10 seconds you are in combat. Using any combat power (tray / left clicks) will briefly put you into combat for the animation length plus a few seconds. If you are on no hate lists, you drop out."
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