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  1. So Confessors can no longer be human per the chart? Seems strange that humans lost Confessor!
  2. I ended up getting a second amber on layaway and it held the price, it seems to have been 275 also but I have paid it off. If we were overcharged due to this bug will we be seeing some sort of refund or account credit? What about those still paying off their layaway?Thanks!
  3. I agree with canth. Still I don't think we need to have the world wrap but mystical gates, jungle paths, or something to lessen the annoyance of having to run all the way to the other side. If there isnt its just a lot of wasted time running around just because they can't make the world spherical. Ideally the world should be good at what its for and I for one find running long distances just to get from A to B without exploration to be highly boring.
  4. My opinion is that this is a useful tool - but the implementation of actually storing a Kill Count etc. is not valuable - but being able to see how you died and who killed you is necessary... it can actually allow for a lot of information and it's stuff which was easy to obtain in older games but is not so easy to obtain in today's larger MMO communities. To that same point I feel that you should be able to Mark people - you may not personally remember that six weeks ago that BuckTooth ganked you while you were dealing with something... KOS lists I feel are something which are necessary especially if you are going to have a community police itself. You need to know who your Guild views as an enemy, who you as an enemy, etc. In old games like Meridian 59, Ultima Online, etc. you had the 'turning red' mechanic - take that away and allow the players to determine how your actions are judged and force accountability. KOS Lists should not only be for enemies but perhaps having a personal White List, Black List, Gray List for both your personal remembering as well as something your Superiors (Guild etc.) have blacklisted. This in my opinion is a pretty important aspect I hope CrowFall implements cleanly in addition to the Guild Heraldry so you can easily identify an enemy guild similar to Shadowbane.
  5. I feel this is a PvP game and as such part of the challenge should be to pick those targets out and strike at them - without a 'fire hose' healing mechanic as they put it you simply can't allow group targeting or called targeting as it allows focus firing to happen to effectively while having no real counter for it which doesn't make for a very effective battle system just a bunch of rail-gun corpses due to focus firing. You need the chaos of miscommunication that happens with human beings not the perfect coordination of a guidance system.
  6. Meh.... I don't think it's really feasible as written by the original poster. Something that was particularly powerful that could be used once per day I think would be fine though and maybe could even been built into being cool. Players would want to hold onto it and it would be something leaders could manage/plan for and against since each classes would likely be different. Unfortunately no one can plan/strategize against someone using their 'epic' one time use power - it would just be to rare also to be worth the developers designing the power itself. Worse you'd have people who accidently used their one-time use power on accident as new players and start whining to the DEV's etc. to get it back. Just not worth it - it would detract not add. Playing devil's advocate however I'd support a daily epic power or something for a max level character which can be used once every 24 hours. if people are going to log on and run their alts in the middle of combat - that is a strategy and the flow of battle is disturbed while they run their alts to the combat since they aren't there with their main. A daily power would be more like a 'signature' power - something that would look cool - have a strong effect - be true to the class - but would certainly not be powerful enough to be worth missing the player for a period of time while a different character was logged on to gain access to the 'daily', maybe make it double a normal power or something. It would sometimes be almost more satisfying to make someone lose a 'daily' power before a major fight... or trick enemies into wasting such resources before an engagement allowing them to win the battle at risk of losing the later battle which would decide the war.
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