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  1. So to answer the issue if anyone else ever also has this issue: I emailed support@artcraftent.com and explained my situation to them: Their reply was the following:
  2. Well I lost the password to the email like 5 years ago, and but I made my facebook account with it. I connected my facebook account with my kickstarter instead of makign a new account completely forgetting about the email part. So that's how I no longer have access.
  3. So a month or two ago I pledged as an early bird and just recently read the whole "emailing your kickstarter account the confirmation code". My problem is, I no longer have access to my kickstarter email so i just recently changed it. Can I get that email sent to my new kickstarter one. There's no ticket system here so the forums are what I'm depending on. Please help, spent money on this and want it to be well spent.
  4. So mount wise our we basically deer riding horses? Or better yet they make a deer mount. Kind of a question for the community and your opinions as well as for staff, like how is that gonna work.
  5. Can't wait to be a damn stag. Hope they're as powerful as they seem.
  6. So glad we get a bonus, kind of disappointed they can only be used in EK though. Hope us early birds get more and more benefits as we progress.
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