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  1. I originally started following this game in 2015/2016, but I've only participated in at most one Alpha event per year. I can definitely say that a huge amount of progress has been made in Crowfall! The Closed Beta experience thus far has been lightyears ahead of the Alphas I had seen previously. Here are my thoughts on everything thus far... The "Good Stuff" I've played 4 classes up to level 30, and a number of other classes to 20 or so. Thus far I really like the leveling progression. It moves along pretty quickly and doesn't really feel like a grind. Usually a friend
  2. Proof that COTP has been around since the beginning of Crowfall! With Closed Beta now in full swing, we're starting to do some more active recruiting. Hit us up on the COTP website (www.cotp.info) or on Discord.
  3. I've been a member of COTP for the past several years, and I can honestly say that I've never gamed with a better bunch of people. I've enjoyed being with such a large gaming community that really does still feel like a smaller close-knit family. I can go from game to game and still hang out with the same friends, and so I never have to go through the process of "looking for a new guild" with every MMO that I play. Plus, COTP has been around for over a decade so there is a lot of history and stability that make the guild a comfortable place to be. If you're looking for a gaming community to e
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