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    MMO's, streaming and having a laugh with other gamers, Music, Arsenal, Phoenix Suns and New England Patriots
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    North London
  1. Tbh i find the current state of the Cooldowns to be ok What i feel the main problem is Champion is men't to be slow but with that comes force which doesnt come. I feel at all when a little hamster does 11million dmg to me in 5 hits and i just doing meh its disheartening you feel ineffective and almost usless. Every 1 on 1 you lose either through shire kite ability or dmg its just a shame
  2. Ok so main bugs/anomalies Severity level 1-10 1-game destroying 10- minor Trying to jump of rocks rocket me across the map:- 10 Many times oh hills while chopping trees as a champion sliding down the hill:- 7 While crafting items and completing them and taking them they wouild not come into my inventory there for losing them:-1 While fighting and using the champions Leap i would be shot out of the universe outside the sky box and free fall while still taking damage:-1 getting stuck on a none moving boar caused me to be slingshot backwards
  3. Bleeed death craft death bleed zerg death BOOOM... Welcome to Crowfall
  4. So what were saying is now i get to smash rocks, trees and people "including guinea pigs" oh yes please please please
  5. once it launches it will be around the 1 mill mark but lets see after the MMO community has had 1 month of this game what happens
  6. is this from the original Kickstarter Pitch?
  7. Maybe I'm wrong but one of the things that sold me on this game was the combat would have healers but its seems like a complete 180 on this or am i wrong? I know that they said OFC healing would exist but i always assumed that healers would not be a thing but they clearly are?
  8. Hey Hey EU play tonight GMT 8pm lets be having ya
  9. No not recived E-mail yet but Marth we should group Noobs unite
  10. #10694 so I must be looking at end of next week 2
  11. Pann if you where a Archetype what one would you be most like and why??
  12. another day another non invite sad Bremmen T......T , but there is still hope
  13. Ditto on the feels aint got in either and i bk in KS time
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