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  1. Hey people no long speeel I just am looking for people to PvP with and have a laugh I use discord and hope to get roughly 10+ players to start messing with some weaklings in combat if your interested in a totally chilled mayhem come give me a shout only requiremnt is wanting to play as a unit and working together.

    See you in game.

  2. Tbh i find the current state of the Cooldowns to be ok What i feel the main problem is Champion is men't to be slow but with that comes force which doesnt come. I feel at all when a little hamster does 11million dmg to me in 5 hits and i just doing meh its disheartening you feel ineffective and almost usless. Every 1 on 1 you lose either through shire kite ability or dmg its just a shame

  3. Ok so main bugs/anomalies


    Severity level 1-10

                          1-game destroying

                          10- minor


    • Trying to jump of rocks rocket me across the map:- 10 
    • Many times oh hills while chopping trees as a champion sliding down the hill:- 7
    • While crafting items and completing them and taking them they wouild not come into my inventory there for losing them:-1
    • While fighting and using the champions Leap i would be shot out of the universe outside the sky box and free fall while still taking damage:-1
    • getting stuck on a none moving boar caused me to be slingshot backwards i would say easily over 700+ ft:-1
    • Parties disbanding and still having people in your party like each party member was having a party without being in that party:-5

    I can provide stream vid's as proof of all of these bugs if required

  4. Yeah hear u I was just offering it to people I'm not trying to make a guild or gather a community I'm just offering it to people in the test if I'm honest it's just someone trying to be nice. And it's just been construed in a very interesting way

  5. I'm sorry I think there has been some thing interesting happening here it's gone from a post about a single VoiP to a plug fest for TD I'm assuming that means The dregs. Which must be great and powerful as you seem to have 0 respect towards the OP but yeah GG on ur plugs guys hope u gain 11 people or so but just derailing the thread with post that don't actually have any relevance to my OP

  6. like i said guys i agree with his agenda get CF peps together its great idea just needs to be done in a better way.


    @Zachdidit actually have and often open my server up to people when im playing games did it for SWTOR, GW2, Wildstar, Albion online etc....

    but again im not trying to split anything up im giving my server which i own to people who just want to come and chat so i can get to know some CF players as im always on the server coz ive had it for over 5 years now

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