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  1. Hey hey people i will be opening my mumble server for people its only a 50 slot but people are welcome i will open it up once i get my invite "Alpha 2 invites" which is in 1.1 its a Mumble server all are welcome
  2. its a very important part of the game to be able to make sure there matching/lobby system works think of arena style pvp u need to be able to party up and lobby its very important part of the game to test
  3. http://www.twitch.tv/bremmen once they give out amber invites
  4. I have not received my e-mail even though I thought I was at the right lvl backer for this alpha session
  5. thanks guys will not be redeeming it I WANT IT @Vow yeah i realised i miss posted after i had done it and didnt want to make another thread of the same thing
  6. When I go into my account and look at my package my CE says redeem then if i click that it says do u want to redeem it for credit in store does this mean I'm losing my CE or like pre-ordering it??
  7. I do not care at all just wanted to say underwater fighting or not i just dont care
  8. pick a point find your voice and jump strait in and if you get a negative reply so what man Keyboard Warriors Lurk everywhere and guess what if you don't post you wont have your opinion heard whether it be right or wrong. so find a topic read and enjoy and type and lets conversate
  9. Death is apart of gaming life just blame lag make a Emoji and move on Xp
  10. well lets just fingers crossed this mudda
  11. Will we be able to party up does anyone know this? If we are able to party up Hey Hey people I'm Bremmen EU gamer I will be streaming CF as much possible and would love to have people to team up with, is anyone interested??
  12. I'm looking for a guild that will want to win but wont moan and throw the blame coin at people when they lose. If my guild communicate properly without the old school WoW backstabbie mentality is a win for me so I don't really care be it elitest soft core semi pro, I just want a good guild with people who behave correctly and want to have fun and KILL ALL SQUIBS
  13. By far my fav thread just for effort and sheer enjoyment on my part thanks so much Skarthy for putting it together nvm the moaners your thread brings hope to mankind that people still exsist and not just moaners but elaborate interesting people who get notice for great/intreeging things keep it up bud and thanks you.
  14. cool @ bradicus magnus thanks for the response man very informative think I might be firing a application your way after I finish the shopping
  15. firstly thanks for the amazingly fast response. I'm a Amber patron so I'm in alpha 2 and am looking for a guild with a decent amount of EU players but not sure exactly what ur accepting as its pre alpha are u looking for pre alpha access and alpha 1 or alpha 1 and 2?
  16. I am interested in joining i have a question though do u plan to have different sides of the guild e.g. US - EU - OC or are you hoping to have a linked sessions between the different regions
  17. Hey guys i have 2 questions they are the standard ones What type of guild r u casual/Semi/HC and how big is ur guild atm I don't mind small guilds in fact I prefer them I just cant tell from your site
  18. can i just ask because one i love the guild name but how is ur EU side looking being a EU player/backer really looking for a guild with atleast a decent base on both sides of the pond
  19. Amber gets 6 years VIP so above must be insane
  20. I think having rarer Disciplines yeah great but i think the moves would have to be looked at very carefully as you need it not to be hey look EYE LASER SUCK ON MY TOES mwuhahahahahaha
  21. i would double check lore because it might not work for druids i dont even pretend to know but ART have stated many times if law dictates there pretty unwilling to budge e.g. Forgemaster can and will only be male
  22. all i can say is BRING ON ALPHA 2 #YAYALPHA2
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