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  1. I think having rarer Disciplines yeah great but i think the moves would have to be looked at very carefully as you need it not to be hey look EYE LASER SUCK ON MY TOES mwuhahahahahaha
  2. i would double check lore because it might not work for druids i dont even pretend to know but ART have stated many times if law dictates there pretty unwilling to budge e.g. Forgemaster can and will only be male
  3. all i can say is BRING ON ALPHA 2 #YAYALPHA2
  4. IMO the most interesting threads in the begining was the RP ones and the ones that were based around peoples Ideas for Archetypes Promotion classes but atm a lot of the topics are full of squabbling with people arguing based on opinion not fact because they just don't have enough info so for me early threads are better but there are a few nice ones atm
  5. I though we was all family considering we back should we not all be classed as family now
  6. pine trees don't have leaves by definition they have pines sorry bro
  7. @Vikingnail probable worth shooting this into a Question into Suggestions if enough people agree or at least we could get some Dev interaction and find out if they like the idea or if there willing to try it just a idea
  8. So I take it you Except payment in shoelaces or maybe broken light bulbs that way i could cover the cost to diamond NP
  9. In the words of one of my favourite games Baulders Gate. DEATH TO YOU ALL!! "well at least in Alpha 2"
  10. Gray leaves shaking there leaf booty for some colour do i smell a stretch goal ​
  11. Happy Happy Joy Joy I can only say I'm really imprested with the combat its not amazing because the animations are quite clean but its soo nice to see a start and it looks fun
  12. Frostweaver lore kinda feels Necroish What I would really like is to have if anyone remembers it from GW1 Ritualist still my second most fun class to play in any game other then my Gravity/Storm Main from CoH
  13. its moving forward looks like pre alpha and it means your pushing in the right direction thanks you ART for the effort keep It up
  14. Steven Yannic seems to like every post ever made everywhwre i go he likes everything is he a bot or just loves to like posts?
  15. I'm not talking about 0 healing but I'm pretty sure they said they did not want combat healing I know specifically pointed mainly @ firehose healing and may be its kinda my dream to be rid of combat healing but I'm quite sure they said they didn't want combat healing but again I might have misunderstood. I defo would not say it's like finding out the world ain't flat more like photosynthesis another way of eating
  16. 100% agree was a fun fight in the beginning
  17. Could he have asked more questions about stealth
  18. Such a shame that we have gone from no combat healing strait to hey HoTs and shields are OK think it's time to set up a HoTs guild and sell our souls as poop sock healers
  19. I would like to see a advanced class of a duel wielding swords with storm control but instead of using the swords for stabbing you use them for close combat casting "ofc you strike with them" but the main goal is to touch your opponents casting spells. Another dream is what I'm dubbing "Frost Scion" now this is a full on caster but she sings her spells out which makes her a very different type of caster from the norm singing her spells into the world forming from her words taking shape making her free from weapons but slightly more stationary.
  20. It's actually in pre alpha mate and they have stated many times there not looking for combat healin
  21. I will enjoy hunting all u meh-wolves and destroying you all down
  22. Have they come out and said we get a surname as well haven't noticed anything about that? It would actually change my character name quite a bit
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