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  1. I hope people realise that heals are not going to be a factor while fighting unless ART change the original USP and allow for combat healing so if ur pick druids for heals please think again
  2. 1. Forgemaster, love stoneborn idea 2. Assasin, hey lets kill but silently 3. Frostweaver, because i love playing with snow and ice
  3. From the Vid it looked like the fessor only had fire on her and when attacking
  4. it would also bring the ANTI spy skills into play
  5. think the idea is sound I disagree with the low cool down high risk high reward make if u get caught long ass CD and make um run or die but its a sweet as idea
  6. that because were farming them and selling them to the lowbes man
  7. Love the fire or torch's you have in your gray box it gives depth to the image also shows the shadows aint doing to bad atm either so cool beans
  8. I like the way the OP started but can I just say FAQ's good look at CF's, USP and realise that what u want is not what they are offering and is not likely to change you harping on about something which they are actively dissuading people from doing "the Mass Farming of Mobs", which in fact we will do some kinda of mass farming whether it be People nodes tress or herbs or meat they are actively saying we want you to farm to make a completely player driven economy. But they 100% do not want it to be u alone in a hidden corner farming, Even though most people will find a nice spot to farm safely. This is a PvP game for PvP people, and thus those who can not get out of the PvE farm model of gaming will get bashed into oblivion "in game" because I will camp u and smile while u cry I got ganked while PvE farming GG.
  9. Bought it today so UK player looking for people to chill with would be cool if could meet up with some CF monsters
  10. as per usual I never said there was not similarities all im saying is it still has no relevance to flying can I be clear im not Bashing SB just talking about CF like it is SB or how the classes played out is not relevant to flying in CF as we do not know enough about it
  11. Name the place and time we shall take revenge for Bessy and Tad to war .....
  12. @Maxima its not a failure to see relevance in SB its your clear overbearing-ness and dependence on SB, CF will not be the same as SB this is hopefully gonna be a good game, and I have no problem bringing up relevant stuff from ur SB history how can I begrudge u. At the same time speaking about class specifics has literally little to no baring on how CF will play or how it will be affected by flying, yes its a experience u have gained and there fore formulated an opinion on something but until testing is done in CF you cant really know what ART wants from flying if they want it at all.
  13. it feels like people are hindered in there opinion on whether flying should be or not by previous experience the only way we will know is once they apply it to a alpha's/beta's. from a wow perspective it ended PvP Aion made PvP more interesting never played SB so cant comment but i feel like throwing about how you should have been better/worse in ur SB role doesnt much effect the conversation trying to be created here. Look at the concepts in CF see whats aspects could be negative/positive in a debate about flying. We are all hoping for something slightly different of what we have played b4 and are just stupidly excited for a Roaring PvP smash. Thenebrosity is 100% right on this and thats what will make this game exciting. Flying might make it just a that little bit more exciting, IMO im undecided I really would like to test it then make a fully informed decision based on the know effect it would take in CF
  14. ok so i read this wrong im not talking about a cheat or a hack of a person selling i though we was talking about litrally Duping saps for funrzies in game and making money of the sillies
  15. interesting concept it would bring some interesting builds to the game for different classes
  16. Garukor great idea man and a way to keep up spirits in forums with some funzies
  17. IMO having a unique guild crest should be open to all guilds to say a 10 man guilds should not have them is slightly elitist of u. So what im in a 10 man guild doesn't mean im less important then the massive guilds, and not only that that fact that your big doesn't mean you should have a unique crest over my guilds want for one. I ran a small guild from swtor through WS we had roughly 30-55 "at peak" which I would consider small but that doesn't make us less dedicated or less relevant then your, BIG guild. so I agree with your OP of the price but not with you clearly elitist views on guild prowess or "big willy" syndrome you clearly have
  18. I hope they do think about the mass = knockback distance if im down a whole how hard is it to climb out if im heavy or a Centaur. Thinking about it it would be interesting to see if they add into the fact that a Guy in plate is not going to run as fast as a guy in cloth and so in yes it would be a inconveniences in fights but more to the point it would mean you would have to really think about what ur doing what your fighting, Planning a Fight is as interesting as the fight itself in a 1 vs 1 its obviously because its a strait up 1 vs 1 but if you look at it from a prespective of a RTS where you had to think about what type of fighters go where flanking. These kinda of combat issues so it would be cool and show the real teams from the rabbles
  19. i kinda plan to lie and cheat people too if possible in a game where its a complete play built economy to not be able to dupe would be a travesty you need to be able to say hey guys listen this guy sold me X but said it was Y. its down to players to understand what they are buying and so on not the game itself
  20. well I know in SWG we set up areans and fought but we did this all ourselves set up fights. I even do it now in ark
  21. Agree with 0 world chat but no guild and I hate world spam but I think you would need a Gchat for coordination but yeah Voip would 100% make the mind link invalid as a move
  22. And to the people who have said yes to pay something to respect when you die. Cash Cows are always the reason people cry PTW because the Cows mooo and boo hoo when they die and say hey let me just pay to fix what I messed up plz coz I like my character. It should just not be allowed
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