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  1. It has already been stated b4 that the choice u make are Irreversible when it comes to levelling attribute points and I really hope it stays that way you must be careful not to gimp yourself and if you try something and it doesn't work out tough, live with it that was one of the main premises of CF in KS you are what you are if ur nu happy because you can barely lift a tissue let alone a sword should have though about that I guess better luck in your next character.
  2. can I just say this kinda feels like the only game relevant convo going on, on these forums its kinda funny I was all aboard the hype train when I backed kicked starter but these forums are just the same arguments going round in circles im soo happy to see a constructive argument between people final thanks to Mufter & Lephys. I actually agree with both of you though I hate insta-gibbing I think it should be in but at the same time I do not see insta-gibbing as 1shot kill its more like high risk high reward in the ways that IF player A gets his moves off just right then hes gonna Insta-gibb player B but not a hey pressed 1 u die. The risk comes from when u have to get the combo off b4 the has a chance to react properly if he trys to fight u with dmg instead of defending first, you got him. If player B reacts my doing a e.g. blind he gets you. I guess im for insta-gibbing I just see it slightly differently if im half health 1 shot me but if im full health no chance son sorry. just my 2 pence on the matter. thanks again for the constructive debate here keep it up guys
  3. i just want who ever gets in first to Stream the poorly made socks outa it
  4. did nothing helped the problem has to be with the Province part of the upgrade application as we don't use Provinces in the UK
  5. I tried to upgrade my account from bronze to amber roughly $140 so long story short I have been unable to I tried Visa plus Visa Debit and paypal all have been rejected. any help? b4 posting here is a few answer b4 u troll me. I have enough money I have tried Visa, Visa Debit, Paypal All my account info is correct I can not get why it is not going through plz help CF community my rage is in your hands Xd
  6. Havent ACE said clearly like 1000 times there wont be healer classes/Architypes they said they would look into some kinda of healing perhaps self or buffs but not actual healing?? I might be wrong but pretty sure im not
  7. Traps = faps IMO its a fantastic idea as long and I can Stream it and lol till I pee I will role this Discipline
  8. Can I ask What is this plus VAT crap for upgrading I want to upgrade to amber which is $175 extra but then its over $200 because if VAT or tax WTF??!?!?!
  9. ok so after reading this WHOLE thread can I just say 2 things 1. Kintor I love your enthusiasm for VR and how it COULD and might! change gaming as we know it which is fantastic but you have not and can not give any tangible evidence of this AT ALL. Jihan actually in the first 4-5 pages of this thread addresses you properly and you avoid any question he asks you and hilariously he doesn't even say that VR is bad even though you state he does Numerous times. 2. This is Directly at KINTOR just stop the player. Admit that you have no base foundation of how VR will improve mmorpgs you want it too and guess what that's fantastic but there is 0 and I mean 0 evidence to say that it will IMO I hope it does but I just don't know so get off your high horse man and just say I hope and stop saying will because guess what no1 knows if it actually will have some humility and admit that its a wish not a fact that VRmmorpgs will be a thing I. I was really hoping from the OP that a real discussion was going on but wow its just clap trap spouting of utter conjecture and finger pointing and hilariously most from you KINTOR Oh PS. Jihan high five to you sure and atleast a +2 for the constructive way u posted just a shame that people cant read without climbing in there respective safe zones lashing out with dribble
  10. Mist Walker - High Evasion glass cannon who uses the mist itself to fight. Using either fist weapons or daggers this close combat assassin uses the power of mist to confuse its enemies and attack without being seen. Using moves like Shadow Deceiver to fool there enemies to thinking your in a different location and Cripple to lock down those pesky mages. Whilst in the mist the Mist Walker has a 10% move speed buff, but once the stalker comes out Pros High Dmg Great Siege tactics due to mist High Evasion Great Distraction Techniques Cons Only wears light armour cant use anything more then daggers or fist weps Glass cannon so don't get smashed Xd Really relies on mist to be most effective
  11. Anyone remember "The Dark Crystal" movie that bird race would be fantastic in a setting like this
  12. IMO I think you should be able to name your weps full stop they way I see it is this I have a Sword its cool I love it but its call button basher am I still happy with the sword ofc its got a hilarious name and as with all crafted items its got the made by "XYZ" on the scroll over. I think names weapons would be fantastic and I wouldn't even do it for the rarest think of it from a trade point of view I might just want a RP weapon with a cool name its almost a toggle while your making Sword +2 and matey over there says hey man you got a sword you say yep he gives u his 15 turnips and a pig. You then say want me to name it? he goes actually yeah man name it Flyng Pigspit so you do U get a rep for being a awesome making plus he gets his Flying Pigspit no harm no foul and all you did was click a Toggle icon above the wep. Just my 2 pence on the matter
  13. The OP has it spot on great idea, but wont make it in game. I like the idea also of seeing your Alts in ur EK that's sounds cool and with there characteristics you could have then do some kinda of NPC interaction or even that's how you select your characters in your EK "once you made them ofc"
  14. Hey people of the CF community i have a question im a bronze pledge and im in alpha 3 so great but i was under the assumption i would be in from alpha 3 through beta but when i linked the account to my KS im in beta group 6 does this mean im gonna be going in @ 2 different times or is it just the group i will be rolling on a server with?
  15. honest answer click on the wrong part of the link mate simple as but the poop throwing caught my eye
  16. I think there will defo have a high lvl of strategies going on in the big united guilds who like in guild wars chose to like pre game and smash the faces of everyone Titan Guild i think they called them selves annoying as hell and that kind of organisation hopefully will spawn other guilds to group and make so links and you will see a lot of immergant gamplay "Grand Strategy" from that. As for the RTS i think that wil depend on teams of people grouping and agreeing to follow a single or a command group making decisions for the whole. This is where This game will win or lose IMO i really hope because its seeming to me we must FIGHT together big guild small guild a lot of the champagnes rely us making some kind of link and fighting to win for our chosen side so the actual pvp people might have to realise that and im sorry to say it but. None of us are Naruto in this game were more like a whole bunch of Ten-Ten's which aint fantastic but together we make one SUPER NARUTO so i really hope to see alot of immergant gameplay from people who are will to fight together link and make some history for me to remember as a gamer for years to come. Resourse seems to also be king so X4 will 100% important to us all if we plan to have any resources come bk to our EK to build and upgrade and so on and like in most game he whom holds the food lives.
  17. im kinda confused to whats going on here because none of it on the last page seems to be linked to the original post at all so im kinda hoping the devs step in a shut this thread down as it has clearly descended into name calling i havent even bothered to read what might have been interesting because of the silly behaviour which has broken out in page 17 GJ people
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