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  1. bringing bk this thread there is a Forum member who has made a website for guild tracking http://www.crowfallguilds.com/guilds/ calyn is the guy
  2. PvX is players vs everything meaning they want PvP PvE Crafting and so on and so on
  3. ok so here we go this is what i want for my PvE in CF Bremmen: Hey XX123hillmanXXX XX123hillmanXXX: Hey man Wanna go destroy that guilds base? Bremmen: Hell yeah but whats in it for me? XX123hillmanXXX: Hey man ill be there and Cluckit ill give u some resources! these butts have been ganking me for weeks Bremmen: Well Quest accepted Xd the end
  4. I like Hard CC, but at the same time I think it needed some serious diminishing returns so you can get locked to death. I love the idea of Voxal CCing with the use of the world that would be fantastic. @ the same time without some Hard CC you make support classes lesser IMO. They need to be able to lock someone down completely for a bit at least its gonna be great seeing Immergant game-play with groups of people coming together to combo moves CC's and all the other sexy speculation of what could happen. Really the problem is we don't know how the game will play out so we cant answer the Hard CC question is answerable yet I think it should defo be in for alpha and even beta because they need to test if its viable or not. IMO I want to see it get in if not I want to see it tested as a minimum
  5. he didnt say you wont see sheidls he said you wont be able to swap for a shield in combat to avoid the big fireball he said clearly knights have a shield
  6. i kinda want to know when we get our badges
  7. no problem with the eastern characters but i think looking @ animals to go with it might not work as it will look odd where as having a Eastern style playable class is fine we might even have Minotaurs so characters yes but may be not monsters
  8. yes sing my little friend while I while i fashon your Harp
  9. Well i guess the issue is that CF guys have said that they dont want people to have cookie cutter builds and that you will be able to make mistakes you get what you get kinda thing so i think early there will be a lot of restarting. because there may be a lot of gump moves which aint good but hey thats what they want so be ready to re-roll
  10. I have little doubt he will show up. But if i will be making his armour i doubt it, I don't plan to wait all all summer for the horseman so let us start on your harp little one
  11. "Bremmen sits and chants and the Earthen armour falls from his body he sweating hard breathing heavy and slight swaying" Little one it takes it toll on me to use my Earthen Armour I will need to sit and eat and drink. "Walking slow back to his for he drinks a full skin of water and devours the rest of the bread beckoning over little one" This wheel of cheese is yours little one you earned a feast this day I shall start back to work in a moment on your harp as I feel the hero of this day is you and its the only fitting reward for such gallant action. "OoC" @Chancellor ur almost a full day behind man
  12. "Bremmen Charges all his power through the warmace and as blood starts to pour from the hand griping the Mace he throws it at the man who's leading the group" "Its smashs him in the chest his armour statters NOW Little One The heart KILL HIM!!!" "Bremmen walks in picks up his Warmace and Screams NOW WHAT who wants to be NEXT I SHALL SMASH YOU ALL" OoC i hope you dont mind me calling you little one
  13. "MY HAMMER they want my hammer i know what i will do" Little one i need a distraction.....Bremmen Shouts "I will give them my hammer alright, Ok sir here i come my hammer is lowered I'm handing it over" "with a liitle wink to the Beard, Bremmen hopes little one can prove his might"
  14. " two go down shocked by the power of Beards arrows" Bremmen Walks forwards "LITTLE ONE STEP BACK you wont need to be close to me for this" "heaving himself forward with each thump of his legs the ground shakes. Pulling his Warmace up over his head and slaming the head into the ground power surges from the hilt through the hammer wooosh, a flash of orange light the QUAKE. The ground ahead starts to shake and displaces the men" Come no further MEN myself and little one have no want to fight you! but if you step even a half inch forward i promise you this, Your death will not be remembered and NO ONE shall find you bodies. I shall make sure that even you great-gran children will never have a place, to rest flowers for memoral of your sad lives what say you!!! "Slaming his hammer in to the ground again another Quake, Bremmen Roars at the men, spit is flying from his mouth this power clearly cast a very strange glow on his normal happy existence"
  15. "As the wondering group of would be raiders approach Bremmen is talking louder and louder little one hides as he is consumed by the earth its surrounding him binding him but Bremmens screams are not fear its turning into a mad howl" Bring forth these raiders I shall not run, come "little one" the time approaches where you will either prove urself in battle or flee i have invoked the earth itself and I will stand and fight if it what these men want I have no fear of them neither should you for I my small friend am a Earth Shaker and when i move so does the ground itself let them come and i shall show them what STONEBORN are made of and they shall cower and scream and then they shall be no more. "Bremmens hands lay appon his might warmace stepping to the edge of his camp he waits sitting on a rock as patient as a owl hunting at night but in his eyes.. his mad eyes bremmen has become an animal a Hyena ready to tare out someones heart for on this day he shall not be moved"
  16. yeah i know but like i said i doubt the Forum mods will do it if someone was willing to put the time in and update it as it is not the mods jobs to make threads and update them but to mod them. So in essence of what im trying to say is great idea but a massive undertaking which would have to be done by the someone in with the intent of helping the whole community and by doing so provide an amazing survice to people it would be great but like i said it will not be dont my the game Devs 100% and defo not by a Forum Mod either as they have other things as a prio im not shooting the OP down i like the idea but i guess im saying it might be a DIY job.
  17. tbh its a good idea the guild section is a mess with weird titles and special pull words. also the list could categorise like Race only, Crafters, Merchants, RP, Hardcore, Balance, Order, Chaos .so there is a need for a thread but i doubt that the Mods will make it! If someone wants to take the time to make it im sure they would happily pin it for u
  18. in the interview he said it he didnt want it to be massive so 40 moves would be a lot and even then he wasnt sure if you should be able to use them all freely i think its still open ended atm there not sure which is gonna be better thats what alpha testing is for
  19. OoC would it be OK for me to use the promotion class I made up as we have no info of them I would kinda like a answer from a RP mod b4 I continue? Because I don't want to break rules
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