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  1. Why must a Customer at yer Tavern take a seat at the back you ask for my coin and then offer little in return. We Stoneborn have clearly been brought up with a higher respect for our patrons but if I must remove myself to the back i expect a BIGGER drink
  2. Men, peh always squabbling over nought the Stoneborn would not mutter like hags over such feeball things we would speak of real issues and the price of your Ale's barkeep and i would like to drink it in peace
  3. Forgemaster and Dualist for me, think i have a affinity to small creatures but i like the idea of both classes leaning more towards Forgemaster due to the fact i love dwarfs
  4. again this is all based on balancing and like i have said AGAIN it wont get put in because of the Balancentric nature of the way people want to game. I happen to have a different opinion from you guys i dont care for balance i would like to see a bit more in-balance because it would create some interesting dynamics in game but like i have stated i understand the concerns if people stil take issue with me position on this i would honestly say this. I fully understand your point and not only that i get where your coming from but like the ISP of this game they want a NEW unique game and this is one of the opportunities to see where it goes but by the mass issue with it, it will for sure not make it in because of how many people would be upset by it
  5. your first post backs up what I said. Did u not just say if you dont have balance? so how have i put these words in ur mouth you typed them bud and tbh i have no problem with you opinion ur entitled to it, like I am to my own I think your taking it kinda personal when you should be looking objectivity like i have said 3 times now. Though i would love this idea to make it into the game it wont because people are still very "balancecentric" and wont handle the idea very well its kinda like programmed into us with the mmo's that are about Balance is key Balance brings harmony. My problem is balance is boring balance is easy and means cookie cutter builds where everyone is the same this game has a serious opportunity to stand out and i hope it does. Which is why i backed it $100 which is more then i have ever paid for any game solely because i love the idea. but shout out to Skrofler if i offended u i'm sorry mate was not my intention just observation of ur comment.
  6. Your the person who's very Balancecentric and like i said in my last post it probley wont make it in but the truth is that CF has stated no hand holding. People will be able to make less then perfect builds and the fact that you want us to present a game where this has been done when u know there has been no game who "as far as i know" has is silly. I get that it would be unbalanced but, CF has said as much them selves in the few interviews i have listened to on Youtube that the game wont be balanced in a kinda of character builds. Thats not what they want, they want the game to be interesting and not where each class counters another they want us to create the immergant game play and see what happens. I like the idea of in-balance because it opens up so many opportunities for things to go right and wrong on the battlefield you think the Romans ever were concerned about how they were Broken in war and very hard to defeat no that's because war is not balanaced, and because there taking the ideas from RTS aswell as MMO's then i think they will kinda of run the unbalanced idea. Again i doubt that it will transcend to racials but i would love it to IMO
  7. +1 love the idea Bremmen's Pots of Awesome Glowingness No1 makes u glow like Bremglow. Now even though i made a joke in my reply i actually love this idea and it should work but i think it would go like:- Knight : "Hey man you meet that Alchemist Bremmen he may be nuts, but man he does make the best pots and elixers around defo go to him" Forgemaster : "thanks bro life saver" thats how i think you will get a brand not so much of a tool allowing you to make a track whom was good but it would be cool if they did
  8. ACE should hack the bots and send e-mails to there mums
  9. Sorry if thats how it comes across its not ment to be a shot @ the guy who made OP its just a shout to the idea i do apologise if it came across negative towards him that was not my though process at the time
  10. i think what the main problem is that people keep looking at this in a overly "Balancecentric" way. There is nothing that says Fae must be weaker because they can fly we know there basically frail "cant take many hits" that is not a weakness, that just the way they are same for Centaurs, there just faster but you know what they will be flanked easier because they cant turn as well as a human, this is just the way it is. Start thinking like this you realise that its not strengths and weakness its just there natural traits is how u play inside of that character and turn things to your advantage. I doubt this will make it in but omfg i will fire my custard everywhere if they do because it will mean the end of hand holding from the very start of character creation. And i think it will cause ALOT of rerolling and complaining which is why it would be great for people like me and a few others it wont make it in because they have to think about marketing and losing players because, The QQ when people start dying to an arsenal of Fae from above the QQ would be insane. but it would be the biggest thing in a mmo's ever imo because it just means that the game is hard from the start and understanding that will be key to surviving
  11. see now ur making money i think ur a merc at heart Headlight
  12. +1 i absoulty agree make them have there inherit traits but forget about counters just give the racials out if your just a human guess what hey ur just a human deal with it
  13. Indeed thinking about it i guess it would be more of a offer of services while trying to aquire or make a bandit territory where no one can enter while us mercs do the work heheheh
  14. so heres a Scenario i run a guild and allow members to being in there friends i have 11 guildes, only 5 whom are mates because hey were a small guild but you "guy1" brings 10 guys and trys to over throw me all because Hey our guild bank is pretty good and means you get a whole bunch of resources. now my 5 plus me is 6 but you convice 2 other the new gus ur right so everything me and my 5 mates built goes to custard because u dont like for some reason the guild you joined even though u were recruited via a application or a chat in-game is it right because you join My guild there for accepting the rules of my guild that you then try and take over instead of just custarding off and making your own? Over throwing a guild while the GM is active is utter Poop if you overthrow due to inactivity fine because having a GM who dont play any more sucks if he/she has all the rights to the guild that is the only reason you can take/ overthrow a GM. So finishing statement dont be a moaney little baby you dont like your GM either try work it out with him/her of get the custard out of the guild and make ur own a grow a pair and take him/her on in game.
  15. well to ask is to know, if you never ask you never know but thanks Eediom
  16. I posted here because my last 2 questions where answer by the dev team only reason why its here so its a hit and hope kinda thing man
  17. Hi guys I have a what sounds like a simple question but probley doesn't have a simple answer. Stats so your starting with 4 base stats:- Str Dex Int Spirit I guess my question is 2 fold.1) whats are these base stats representing for my character im a MMO/rpg player so I understand @a base level them but its harder when looking @your Archetypes what they stand for could you break it down a bit? and are you thinking about other base stats e.g. Evasion Block Parry Crit Strike SP Somekinda anti CC stat e.g. Tenacity in League I know this is a question still in Development in the game but you have names these 4 base stats if you would elaborate I would be very happy thanks for your time.
  18. IMO im a sucker for punishment if like in the OP was on my second loss because I felt like my Dum Dums were the reason I was losing then I would have to talk to said dum dums and say after this were done im offski. Finding a new group of Dum Dums, who hopefully know what there doing and if im honest . On a personal note unless u need ur EK to be the best baddest EK in the universe or u r overly obsessed with loot which guess what will break eventually anyways I would just hope I could go into and any campaign with a bunch of buds and have fun wailing on people killing destroying and taking control of my own little corner
  19. I would have a HB at the feet of the player like edging of its hitbox that way u appease the health watchers but one major key to this is that there is no healer classes they have said as much as no combat healers. And even though a character that's animated and simulates his health would be amazing its impractical and difficult almost needlessly so. It would be amazing but its just far to much effort for almost no reward IMO.
  20. The idea itself is cool but could leave it open to some serious abuse the whole build a stargate @each end and travel is awesome. And if the was some kinda hint visually that it was going on, it might just work say a massive beam of light shooting to the sky because it would become a PoI and thus high risk for a high reward. But I don't think port travel should be a standard I think it should cost a poorly made socks ton of mats to do so there is a pay off kinda double edged blade and as long as the portals can be destroyed it might work
  21. This is a nice idea but for me it far to organised and controlled if we held it to a code like that its almost like being a knight with orders I prefer the whole cloak & dagger side of things "you approach a shadowy figure in a bar hand him a bag of gold say get it done and walk away kinda thing" like the gold farmers of old who want to meet u in a public place in game
  22. I guess this question is a weird one but I myself see myself as a bit of a merc in games like SWG and I get the feeling this game has a lot of the same world ideals. So my question is this. Will u guys provide a notice board or something like it to apply my mercenaries skills and be paid to do jobs e.g. kill "person x" or spy for a side and supply the information and all other types of merc funzies?
  23. This Idea transcends so many levels Archers Doing a mass Volley Druids summoning a Ent, then go look at the defensive side Shield Walls e.g. Anti Siege weapon barrier. then father then that Mass supports buffing a Centaur making him extra hard or dmg buffed. There is so many ways this could effect the game and if they want us to go to war for real and push the boundries of this game it would help squadron building it would bring a real piece of RTS to this mmo I think if they don't atleast try they will defo miss a trick IMO. P.S. I really love this idea and it has so many lvls to it
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