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  1. @Freeze I think its about the engagement of the streamer that keeps people watching as much as the game itself if the gamer likes/believes the game has promise and or is good it makes it more fun to watch but its how the streamer him/herself makes u attached to the game with there enthusiasm and vigour it can keep people watching and entertained for hours days monthns
  2. Love this idea and The idea of Multiple players boosting a cast is literally Cake and Bacon, WIN WIN WIN I would love for them to do this as it would mean the type of set ups would make for a nightmare if your sieged by an army of mages
  3. When I said Sponsor I didn't mean pay but actual like they are official Crowfall streamers e.g. more in the know given updates and just help promote in general not pay most good streamers love streaming games and getting there hands on some early game love is like cake and bacon its just WIN WIN WIN
  4. Too be fair I think you would be surprised how people much people will want to see. The growth of a game from simple 2 legged man to 4 legged centaur attacks of doom are a amazing show case of where things have come from and actually can help build fan bases. If people are able to talk fluently about what the games trying to do what's the goals of the game and is able to speak honestly about what's good and bad ATM is a great way to show what really is going on and allows for close contact with Dev's and other things which is soo much fun
  5. Thanks for the very quick response when your looking just throw me a line im interested
  6. The said there will be no NPC's where u can buy or sell too/from but they have not said there will be no NPC's at all so maybe
  7. hi this is just a general Question but would you guys be looking into streamers to show off your game. and if you are looking sponsor or promote streamers what kinda of people you looking for? Or are you just gonna be like hey its open if you got twitch play it show it all promotion is good promotion?
  8. Hate to be the butt, but dwarfs in the wow lore are shamans there is a whole tribe of um wild hammer clan are all shaman
  9. The problem most people have is the emphasis on the BUY and not on the WHY. I really never understand the hate on cosmetic pay stuff it doesn't change the game and in fact only enhances that persons love/attachment to there in game avatars which only helps drive immersion and that's never a bad thing IMO. If it was around buying things like extra stats and P2W stuff hell no, but when its nothing but making me look sound and having something a little different from standard I'm for it.
  10. My belief is this. If its dictated by the lore fine but I would like to see some verity only because u might love a archetype but hate the race. I'm not saying make it open to all but at least hope they will be looking into the idea of multiple races for some roles
  11. Thinking about it a special taunt/battle cry, even death animations would be awesome as it would add something more of personal touch of a players persona to there avatar and even a way for artcraft to earn some extra cash for special animations. I see this almost like skins in lol
  12. @Deioth though i dont agree with you interly i have to say you post is great well written and brings a lot of though into your belife and importance of the EK
  13. Not really they have come out and said its still in early development and remember you not pledging to a completed game your pledging to the idea the concept and the belief of the people in charge of development. I can honenstly say i have never ever put my own money in a game b4 but the leads and the game Idea itself was enough for me to put $100 in and i can honestly say, Yes i would be disgruntled if the game was crap because i put money in. But on the other had i will not be because 1. i Love the concept 2. i would love a mmo of this type because im so tired of the worthless mmo's around now and this feels like mmo's of old but a massive throw to the future in the world and the conept of keeping things fresh. if they are able to get there core game idea right it will be amazing
  14. i really love this idea my only concer was raised earlier once in game your guild would become a HOT target and i think you would need a little more then a few people defending u and actually have a real army behind u but i love ur idea and Directors is a amzing RL function in the build of your guild but you should look at arms of your guild aswell with functions under you directors with closer contact to the main forces and merchants/builders as it would be a massive undertaking. but again love the idea
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