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    Bremmen got a reaction from headlight in For The Mercenaries In Us All   
    see now ur making money i think ur a merc at heart Headlight
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    Bremmen reacted to headlight in For The Mercenaries In Us All   
    I wonder how that would work for the end of campaigns? Someone who's losing could pay you to camp the drop off point (can't remember the name atm) at the end of a campaign to be sore losers.
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    Bremmen reacted to stiler in Don't Hold Back The Races Natural Abilities (Ie Centaur's Speed, Fae's Flying, Etc).   
    In a lot of games, especially when it comes to mmo's, a lot of times the games that feature drastically different "races" (or species) of characters have their natural abilties held back to keep them more in-tune vs the other character races.
    What I mean is for example, the Centaur, in most mmo's a race like this would not actually be able to move "that" much faster then the other races, even though naturally you'd expect a centaur to move as fast as a horse could, which most people cdo not, but for balance reasons they tone this down and don't allow centaurs to move that fast. You end up with a centaur that moves more like a "human" and less like a horse in terms of their speed.
    Horses can reach up to 50mph+ at top speed, even the fastest human, Usain Bolt, only gets up to the mid 20's or so in sprints. That's around a  100% difference in speed  if you take the top tier ones in each side.
    I know Shadowbane was one of the few that allowed Centaurs to have a faster movespeed, but IIRC it was only around 25% or so so more, not a huge leap.
    Would you prefer to see races not artificially held back but rather give them the freedom to have a more natural advantage that their race would logically have (Within the fantasy realm).
    For example, a race with giant wings that can actually fly (And not simply hover or have a very low flight ceiling). Where you could actually go up into the sky with them, have complete freedom of axis int heir movement (IE being able to turn on your side, do loop de loops, whatever you'd expect say a Falcon or other big bird of prey to be able to do).
    Then you have races that are "giants" or quite larger then others, allow them to actually use their strength, use larger weapons and equipment that other races simply around strong enough to use (IE the minotaur).
    Where the races are not held back in the name of trying ot make them all naturally "Balanced" vs other races but instead you allow them to be more unique and have clear advantages in certain areas vs other races.
    Then provide tools and  actual skills within the game to counter these things.
    For example, have a skill or two that allows people to use a "net" or "magic" that could drop a flying race out of the sky, allow a skill to trip up a centaur and send it crashing to the ground and other things to counter these advantages but not at the cost of making the actual races "gimped/held back" for the sake of balance.
    Which would you prefer?
    Personally I think I'd like to see the races be more unique and not held back to keep them in line with other races, just provide the players with means to counter them through skills/equipment.
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    Bremmen reacted to EDM in Stats?   
    No problem man.
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    Bremmen reacted to ellie in One Month Left In The Campaign & You Realize You're Teamed Up With Dum Dums   
    Oh I would stay to the bitter cold end, especially if the dum dums I was with the the same group as I teamed up with the first time.   My own damn fault, can't  complain ( oh sure I could, but would it do any good? )  Would probably go back too,  I am a glutton for punishment but , hopefully I have learned a few things like maybe not to team up again with the same dum dums?   (  And I am talking about alliances not guildies ).  The guildies and I would be having a long talk.  But there are lots of lessons in losing.   As long as you learn from them.
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    Bremmen reacted to Mytherceria in One Month Left In The Campaign & You Realize You're Teamed Up With Dum Dums   
    I guess I wouldn't be playing on the Dregs if I wasn't okay with losing, and didn't think of it as a "waste" if my team didn't win. There is really no reason for me to take anything back to my EK anyway, so I wouldn't embargo anything. Maybe the reason this team of Dum Dums is losing is because they have all their resources in embargo and not enough in the actual campaign.
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    Bremmen reacted to oberon in Artstyle: Boob Plates, Your Thoughts On The Matter   
    I think we have 5 million more fish to fry before we get to the boob plate.
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    Bremmen reacted to Groovin in Artstyle: Boob Plates, Your Thoughts On The Matter   
    So my fantasy character in a fantasy world shouldn't be able to wear accentuating armour because it's unrealistic and "heinous"?
    While I agree that standard plate (as opposed to boob plate) is more practical, I'm not against having boob plate because, in a fantasy world, I think it's pretty cool to have a warrior type girl that can kick ass and look appealing at the same time.
    What I am against, however, is abandoning a stylistic choice (if they are/were going in a boob plate direction) in favour of trying to appease a vocal group of people who are too concerned with realism in, again, a fantasy video game. It's essentially censorship, and for what purpose?
    Now, I don't know about you, but I never once thought anything I saw in a video game was a realistic depiction of anything. Mainly because I am a level headed adult who know the difference between fantasy and reality. I think that segues well on to the note that reality should take a back seat when designing anything based in a fantasy world. Because video games, especially fantasy video games, aren't realistic, shouldn't have to be realistic and shouldn't have to conform to real world agendas being pushed by people who are, quite frankly, out of touch with even the real world.
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    Bremmen reacted to Lordprinceps in Artstyle: Boob Plates, Your Thoughts On The Matter   
    Considering how this is a fantasy game, I really couldn't care one way or the other. Personally, I'm partial to slightly dimorphized armor (not so much a metal bra, but a breast plate that protrudes slightly more than normal, for example) as a means for gender recognition.  The argument "it's more realistic" however, is a cheap cop out that just belays how someone lets their real life morality seep in and taint the game.
    It's a fantasy game, and an RPG at that! The cornerstone of being a good player in an RPG, is to inundate yourself in a setting or persona that doesn't accurately reflect real life or your self. Insisting that a fantasy game shouldn't have high heels, boob plate, male armor with only a loin cloth, whatever, only shows that you lack the ability to engage in the most fundamental part of fantasy, and RPG's in general: make believe.
    Not every fantasy setting is going to be the west in the 21st century with elves and magic, nor should it be.
    TL;DR: I'm fine with it so long as they don't go overboard and make it a fantasy volleyball game; just have fun with the setting and art style and don't get angry over every perceived slight and offense.
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    Bremmen reacted to Nakawe in The Ek Question -_-   
    I supported kick starter because this game is trying to break the mold.  If your supporting kick starter for any game and your goal is personal playstyle, then you may always be disappointed, take a chance, or  I would say don't support it and move to release.
    Whatever they say right now may change because of finances or man power to do the project.  I want the game to release with SOLID mechanics of what they can do.  They can alter EK's anytime to add content to them.  If there is a need or desire to do it at a later time.
    My advice is to either support the game because you like the principle direction and Ideas.  If you do not, then don't.  There are far more important things to consider other then the internal working structure of EK's.  I am totally content with EK's being my own personal world at this point.  It gives them a reason to keep adding content.
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    Bremmen got a reaction from bahamutkaiser in Group Channeled Spells   
    This Idea transcends so many levels Archers Doing a mass Volley Druids summoning a Ent, then go look at the defensive side Shield Walls e.g. Anti Siege weapon barrier.  then father then that Mass supports buffing a Centaur making him extra hard or dmg buffed.
    There is so many ways this could effect the game and if they want us to go to war for real and push the boundries of this game it would help squadron building it would bring a real piece of RTS to this mmo I think if they don't atleast try they will defo miss a trick IMO.
    P.S. I really love this idea and  it has so many lvls to it
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    Bremmen reacted to WickedGood in Group Channeled Spells   
    One of the coolest ideas that was never implemented in Shadowbane (but was in the Fury lore) was group channeled spells.  The idea  that multiple people could combine forces to cast a spectacular spell.  I can just imagine 6 frost weavers channeling a blizzard spell which slows and damages ALL caught in it's icy grip.  
    These spells couldn't be maintained for very long but would be strong enough to turn the tide of battle.  Casting these spells would not be without risk.  Being interrupted while casting one of these spells could have very bad consequences. This would also give assassins a very important target to focus on during battle.
    Other spell ideas:  Thicket of Thorns(Druids),  Meteorite (Wizards), Ice Wall (Frost Weaver), Fissure(Forge Masters), Earth Quake(Forge Masters).
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    Bremmen reacted to Kyutaru in If We're Going To Have Siege Warfare, Why Not Siege Mages?   
    I'd actually take a different approach.  I'd rally the guild to use the Aragorn Assault.  Namely, we gather all our troops, march on the enemy's homeland, park our asses inches from their front door, then meet them in glorious combat while our small band of heroes led by a wizard sneaks into their home and catastrophically custards poorly made socks up.
    Once my army is slaughtered and we are all hitting the respawn button so that the enemy can proceed with looting our starter armor, I will log on to the enemy's mumble server with the info my spy gave me and listen to their expletives rain as they return to their castle and find it a smoking crater.
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    Bremmen got a reaction from Krethys in Are You Guys Recruiting Streamers?   
    hi this is just a general Question but would you guys be looking into streamers to show off your game. and if you are looking sponsor or promote streamers what kinda of people you looking for?
    Or are you just gonna be like hey its open if you got twitch play it show it all promotion is good promotion?
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    Bremmen reacted to Cheewy in 02/26/15 - Announcing Stretch Goals!   
    I know which mount I'll be choosing. 

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    Bremmen reacted to Anotherneko in How Do You Feel About All Archetypes Locked To A Single Race?   
    I get what you're saying, I'm one of those folks that enjoys playing as their character too, but you guys are talking in black and white when we're not exclusively locked in terms of stats. Supposedly we'll get some marbles to throw on the abacus here and there, customize our characters a bit. While a Centaur Assassin is a little bit of a stretch I don't see why you couldn't re-arrange skills to create something like a Guenna pig assassin, or modify said centaur to better fit the role of a ranger/stalker. Sure they won't be as excellent as the pure classes, we won't have druid assassins coming out the woodwork (see what I did there?), but if this game really is actually putting overall numbers on the back burner to let skill-at-play shine then this out of the box diversity lends to the element of surprise.
    Imagine you and your two best pals are out foraging and come across a stalker, a knight, and a forgemaster. Naturally you'd want to take down the forgemaster first because he's "support" but once you've charged into battle you find out too late that the forgemaster has skilled so he's tanked to high-heaven, the stalker's ranged skills are lacking but he just did a critical garrotte on your main DPS, and the Knight, while somewhat squishy, actually has a few points in INT so his stuns and slows have pretty much shut you guys down now that your heavy-hitter is a gurgling mass on the ground.
    It's tactics like that that are going to make this game interesting, not character homogenization at the base-stat level.
    So go ahead and make your unique characters, throw some strength onto your fae amazonian and step proudly from the shadows into the light, and until we've actually seen the skill sets for the Elken how do you know they won't have natural powers? Throw some INT on that guy and go wild (again with the druid puns!). Knight, Stalker, Druid... they're pretty much titles and a smattering of skills at this point, both of which can be molded into something more, different, unique with a little planning and preparation.
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    Bremmen reacted to Deioth in Campaign Purpose Without Campaign Permanence   
    The more I think about and read up on everyone's concerns about EKs just being a fancy fluff lobby and campaigns risking being unfulfilling because of their temporary nature the more I start to realize that they've already revealed everything they need to.  True, we want to hear more about their features and applications, but in truth, we have everything we need already to ensure that alliances, rivalries, meaning, and purpose all persist beyond an ended campaign.  Much of this may wind up being educated speculation, but I hope it's enough to not only help refine ACE's vision but enough to help players to understand just what kind of potential we have here.  Suffice it to say, we don't need a perma campaign or for EK's to be a focal point of contention and siege.
    First of all, let's cover the EK itself.  Keep in mind that you must conciously make yours public, so any argument of hundreds of thousands of EKs just out there is rather over dramatic.  You must then make a conscious decision for it ti be personal, for your group, for your guild, or for your alliance/faction/whatever.  You can also own land in multiple EKs.  This allows for all sorts of criss crossing across faction and whatever else.
    From here, we have gods and lore to pull from  All the gods have their own wants, needs, and desires.  They all have different goals.  They all have different means.  They all have different perspectives and philosophies.  While not much info has come out of this yet, it would be foolish on ACE's part not to take massive advantage of the game's lore as a staging point for player involvement.  Not in the campaigns themselves, but player involvement in the overarching game world.
    Next, let's cover the variying bands and their rule sets.  These are all subject to change.  Nothing is set in stone and they've said as such is a key feature.  Not every Dreg will need to inherently be FFA no import.  Not every God's Reach need be a faction v faction v faction.  And we have tons to draw from to make each band not only unique but each one worth playing in for every kind of player.  We currently only have these basic rule sets as ideas to get across the fact that the closer to the hunger you get the more inherently difficult the campaign is meant to be prior to any PVP involvement and we could see some of the most difficult yet most lucrative campaigns being 3-way faction v faction or 12-way god v god sunk deep into the Dregs (unless ACE is that entrenched in the current Dying Worlds configuration).
    We can use all of this and still keep campaigns as the centerpiece and have plenty of incentive to play them again and again.  It's rather simple how and it'll all allow for plenty of intrigue, alliance, betrayal, enemy making, epeen stroking, friend making, faction building, faction crushing, play to win fun we all expect and want.
    So, let's start by going into more detail of what we could see with EKs...
    Eternal Kingdoms: More Than Mere Fluff
    Eternal Kingdoms are going to become seats of power.  They will be the central hub from which the rest of the game is actually played and they can absolutely be an integral part of making campaigns worth playing and making their rewards worth earning.  At the most basic level, your reward in your EK is the ability to expand it, attract more people to it, and strengthen it for the benefit of your characters as well as enhance your chances in campaigns you play.  You will need to create or join a well established EK because it will indeed be a staging ground.  Success in the campaigns can bring with it rewards for use in the EK that will result in making your characters inherently stronger and giving you the edge in campaigns you join, at least at the early game.  Special bonuses, special buffs, and being able to bring with you better equipment and items for import campaigns will make EKs integral to maximizing your success rate.
    A successful EK will mean you will garner more influence over players and guilds because they'll know you are successful in campaigns.  This will start the first layer of player politics and plant the seed for the intrigue we seek.  I will get into those details more deeply soon.  Given this fact that an expansive EK means successful campaigning, players will be able to give them more meaning on their own.  Players and guilds of like mind and like interests will congregate around the biggest EKs.  Many guilds may still hold their own guild only EK, but they will want to join one that's bigger, or they may be the ones who want to BE that big EK.
    But, the monarchs of each EK have a lot of control.  They may be able to control just who can enter their kingdom, let alone join it and place land.  If you aren't a welcome visitor, even if it's public, you may be barred from it.  If you were kicked from the guild for the EK, they may deny you entry ever again.  If you're part of the monarch's enemy list, you and your guild or EK's tenants won't be allowed in.  What if this EK has the prices and quantity you need of certain materials that no other EK can offer in the same way?  What do you do now?  Whole contingents of crafters will be creating trade conglomerates and marketplace EKs solely for the purpose of feeding the campaign war machine.  They will battle it out for the most prestige, the best gear, the best prices.  They may even be forced to pick sides.  If that EK has barred off to you and many others their surplus of an important material, well, then... now you have incentive to become competition.  You have reason to create allies that rally against that EK and their allies.
    Congratulations.  We now have the seed of player factions.  But, what else could there be to drive them?  It won't all just be economics!
    The Players Now Become the Story
    Simple.  Through the lore and through the gods, players will create innate factions.  EKs could choose to remain neutral against all the gods (which may make them enemies of some soley by that virtue) or they could choose to ally explicitly with one general faction and then a specific god.  Through this, the EK grows even more meaning, as your choice in alliance for your EK could mean inherent passive benefits and drawbacks to character, crafting, and campaign aspects.  The more to fight in the name of your faction, the stronger that faction gets, but the more allienated the others become.  The more you campaign in the name of your god, the more you are benefited by them.  This could generate envy in others who follow the same god, or perhaps this draws attention from that god's enemies.
    By drawing from the game's lore and inherent factions, gods, and their goals, the players become the driving force of the game's overall story.  They then, by virtue of the gains or losses felt by all those part of one faction or another, become driven to punish enemies, exact revenge for losses, and gain the upperhand in future campaigns.  They then, by virtue of their piety in their chosen god, could generate animosity from other allies who vye for the god's favor.  We now have the seeds sewn for lasting rivalries and treacherous backstabbings.  By attributing various rewards to your faction's success and your own piety to your chosen god of your EK, you will bring with it allies and enemies, loyalists and conspirators.
    And for those crafter EKs?  Now, you will want to garner their favor, or ensure that it is your faction or your god that has the best of the best for the cheapest cost, and to then retain their loyalty by succeeding in your campaigns.  A man of money is only as loyal as his coinpurse allows him to be.
    It is also here in which an "Iron Throne" mechanic can be accomplished.  Every single god could be able to offer its own Iron Throne.  If you or your guild are a part of that EK, you'll benefit from it (and also suffer the consequences of covetous eyes along with it).  And should it be YOUR EK that erects your god's iron throne, you'd better be prepared to defend it.  This brings us back to the EK itself as far more than mere fluff because it would be the EK vs EK mechanic that faq section alluded to that could become integral to the iron throne system after they are first erected.
    However, it won't just be a fight in the Eternal Kingdoms...
    Campaigning for the Meta Campaign.
    Your particular alliance is strong, but it must become stronger.  It has enough numbers, it has enough crafters, but all of this means nothing if you cannot win campaigns.  But, it won't all just be a matter of winning campaigns.  You have the opportunity to harm your enemies.  You can influence internal politics of an opposing faction.  And you can vie for the materials and prestige you require to build your god's iron throne.
    The end game will revolve around the most difficult campaigns and I fully expect many of the most difficult will include import-heavy campaigns.  This is the only way a successful EK is going to truly matter and that's in making sure its people import with the best stuff.  It is these campaigns that will truly sway your faction or your piety to your god.  It is in these campaigns where you can face off against rivals vying for favor of one god or another.  It is in these campaigns that you can fight to win or fight simply to make another lose.  Imagine you know an opposing faction is internally at war over a god's iron throne.  If you can join the campaign they are in, you could ensure the side you like wins.  In fact, you may even be counting on it, as suddenly that enemy faction EK could become a defector, or perhaps you've both mutually agreed to fight for each other.  If you make sure they win their iron throne, they can make sure you win yours.  We now have would be enemies becoming allies.
    From all this, these endgame campaigns would be the ones that bring the greatest tangiable benefits.  These are campaigns that will require real planning.  These campaigns will have more than a mere import, they will have an active cost to participate in.  These will be the ones the big factions and the big alliances and the big guilds will become invariably involved in for these are the ones that will truly set apart the best of the best.  They can't get their iron thrones without these.  They can't get the best trophies.  They can't get the best gear.  They can't get the best markets.  They can't get the best bonuses and benefits.  They can't get the biggest bragging rights.  These endgame campaigns will be where the real competition will be.
    And amongst all this, you'll still have the many rivalries of guild vs guild, merchant cartel vs cartel, and more!
    This is your end game.  This is what players will constantly work with.  This is what will keep players going.  EKs can be useful and everyone remains motivated to enter the campaigns.  Some want their faction to be strongest.  Some will want an iron throne.  Some will want to subvert an iron throne.  Some will just be there to f*!@ with everyone they possibly can.  Some will be mercenaries.  Some will never pierce a single heart of fling a single fireball.  Some will just want to have fun.  Some will want to be the best and gloat over all the other scrubs.  So long as every player type compliments the rest and the incentives are there for intrigue, we have a solid MMO with a constant and engaging end game.
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    Bremmen got a reaction from Joziah09 in What Should The 3 Stretch Goal Be?   
    100% agree it would be cool
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    Bremmen reacted to bilun in Crowfall - End Game "trials Of The Gods" Idea   
    I'm down so long as all challenges are design such that they draw attention, are not conducted in instances, and are vulnerable to murderous intervention by spiteful PvPers.
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    Bremmen reacted to Jonzun in Crowfall - End Game "trials Of The Gods" Idea   
    I do like the idea of having some 'bigger picture'.  It is a MMORPG.
    The characters are "Immortal Champions of the Gods"
    They go forth and fight other "Champions of the Gods" for resources to bring back to EK.
    The Hunger always wins and eventually destroys the world.
    Wash, rinse, repeat...
    What is the purpose of going out and fighting each other and the Hunger from a lore perspective if the end result is the same every time (Hunger wins)? There needs to be a higher purpose to the resources gained in the campaigns that goes beyond equipping for the next campaign.  Just off the top of my head...
    There is a polar opposite to that dark blobby thing from which The Hunger eminates. It's a light blobby thing from which all divine power emanates. Each of the gods want to harness that power for themselves. Each of the deities has a diametrically opposed deity in the pantheon. Upon reaching a certain level of 'enlightenment' (skill advancement/resource acquisition/etc.), followers of a particular deity are given access to a 'celestial plane' where there is a huge white gate that they must break down. At the same time, the followers of the opposed deity are given access to that plane and are told they are to prevent the gate from being broken down. Eventually, enough sieges occur until the gate collapses and a giant white crystal is there behind the gate/wall. Players from the attacking deity click on the crystal and they are given a picture of a huge obelisk that they must create (crafters will divinely be given recipes at this point). The obelisk, when completed, will channel additional energy to that deity. The game then becomes similar to Civilization and the building of Wonders until one obelisk is completed. During construction, only the diametrically opposed deity's followers have access to the construction zone and can attack the construction crew or structure. A completed obelisk provides some benefit (increase in import/export or some non-game breaking buff) to the followers of that deity. Throwing in a 'trophy' of some sort would be cool too. Once completed, obelisks become open to attack from anyone and all partially-completed obelisks are destroyed. Once the completed obelisk is destroyed. the gates go back up . I envision an obelisk taking many, many resources both common and rare. They're not something that will be built in a week, or even a month even if all the resources were stored by players in EK. Likewise, destroying them will require many factions acting together over an extended time with siege equipment. Obelisks cannot be repaired because no one knows how to repair them... only make them.
    From a conceptual standpoint, CF sounds like a fun game to play. But, it needs some polishing in the lore area to make it a compelling RPG.
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    Bremmen reacted to ozzie mozzie in Crowfall - End Game "trials Of The Gods" Idea   
    I very much like your idea Trugamer.
    Tournaments and such would be awesome fun for the EK, in between campaigns.
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