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    Bremmen got a reaction from Steven Yannic in Werewolves Unite   
    I will enjoy hunting all u meh-wolves and destroying you all down
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    Bremmen got a reaction from Steven Yannic in Do You Think You Will Get Your Archetype Name On 1St Try?   
    Have they come out and said we get a surname as well haven't noticed anything about that? It would actually change my character name quite a bit
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    Bremmen got a reaction from Steven Yannic in Promotion Classes   
    It's actually in pre alpha mate and they have stated many times there not looking for combat healin
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    Bremmen got a reaction from Steven Yannic in Promotion Classes   
    I would like to see a advanced class of a duel wielding swords with storm control but instead of using the swords for stabbing you use them for close combat casting "ofc you strike with them" but the main goal is to touch your opponents casting spells.
    Another dream is what I'm dubbing "Frost Scion" now this is a full on caster but she sings her spells out which makes her a very different type of caster from the norm singing her spells into the world forming from her words taking shape making her free from weapons but slightly more stationary.
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    Bremmen reacted to Lephys in Promotion Classes   
    @ the summoning frost weapons thing...
    What if we don't think of it in terms of summoning "an item," per se, but rather a delivery system for a spell? Melee range freeze/chill spell? Instead of just casting on a spot (even with cool, actiony ranged casting, in which you actually have to aim at that spot and successfully hit it, etc.) and everyone in the circle/cone/what-have-you takes damage, what if the spell is that you effectively summon a temporary frost blade that lets you attack 3 times before it shatters (or performs some other aesthetically cool variant of the spell's end). Now, for the effects of the swings, thing like a spell. It attacks in an arc in front of you (I dunno... 2 meters? Like a cone wedge, kind of, but less narrow right up at you. Think Cleave. ). When it strikes people, it doesn't do a ton of on-hit damage (maybe a little? It's a thing striking people, *shrug*, however magically obscure), but it applies Chill and/or Freeze (and/or maybe a DoT?). Whichever effects you choose could stack to some degree (only up to 3 hits, so it's already limited, even if they stacked by 100% -- which could obviously be adjusted). OR, you could hit three different groups of enemies to slow/freeze all of them. Choices, choices.
    Melee magic is horrendously neglected in almost any game ever. I can see something like this working. I would really hate to see you summoning a weapon that simply functions as a weapon, though. Utility weapons, maybe. Guild Wars 2 did this, a bit (even had "charges" before the weapon went away). You could even summon a weapon, and someone else could pick it up and use it. I liked a bit of the GW2 summoned weapons, while, I feel like they still functioned too much like regular weapons. That'd be a really great system of support magic, though. Instead of just buffing/debuffing people, etc. you could summon a beneficial/utilitous (utility-ful?) spell in the form of a "weapon" It would function like a weapon, but would mainly just be a delivery system. OR, you could just cast the spell, and use the weapon yourself. *shrug*
    Just a thought. Also, I don't know why I never thought of that before now. This is why I love collaborative brainstorming, 8D
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    Bremmen reacted to Lephys in Promotion Classes   
    ^ Interesting, but then how would you manage the frequency with which those were available? Let's say you can only summon one per day (just for example... this could obviously be adjusted). If your frost-weapon shatters, then you still have to rely on conventional equipment the majority of the time. If that's too long of a time, then maybe you shorten it to every hour. Well, now, you're just going to use your frost-weapons all the time, because it's a "free" weapon of good quality (equivalent to your skill), without any worry for finding rare crafting materials, or finding someone of high crafting skill, etc.
    At what point does your ability to summon frost-weapons become insignificantly infrequent, and at what point does it become so frequent as to undermine the whole point of the crafting economy and item decay/resupply necessity?
    Not saying it's a bad idea. It'd definitely be cool (pun totally intended). But, I think there are questions that beg to be answered, as it could definitely go horribly wrong without doing so.
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    Bremmen reacted to EDM in Promotion Classes   
    Maybe frost weaver should have a season dependent ability, weak in spring, but extremely powerful at the end of the game.
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    Bremmen reacted to Lastgirl in Do You Think You Will Get Your Archetype Name On 1St Try?   
    Sephiroth, OP.
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    Bremmen got a reaction from courant101 in For Fun: Your Top 3 Archetypes   
    1. Forgemaster, love stoneborn idea
    2. Assasin, hey lets kill but silently
    3. Frostweaver, because i love playing with snow and ice
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    Bremmen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in For Fun: Your Top 3 Archetypes   
    1. Forgemaster, love stoneborn idea
    2. Assasin, hey lets kill but silently
    3. Frostweaver, because i love playing with snow and ice
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    Bremmen got a reaction from Steven Yannic in For Fun: Your Top 3 Archetypes   
    1. Forgemaster, love stoneborn idea
    2. Assasin, hey lets kill but silently
    3. Frostweaver, because i love playing with snow and ice
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    Bremmen reacted to Jihan in Requested Infodrop: Guilds, Subguilds, Kneeling, And Fealty   
    We know subguilds will exist and have their own name and heraldry, from the text of the guild bundles in the store. And we know that there's a kneeling mechanic from the original KS infodrops related to the campaign bands. But there are a lot of questions we don't have answers to and I'd love to hear the devs thinking on how they envision the system working (even with all the "subject to change" caveats you want to issue.)
    Is a subguild specifically created as an internal division of a guild, or is it just a guild which has subbed?
    Can a subguild break from its sovereign and become an autonomous guild, or sub to a different guild?
    How does a subguild differ from a knelt guild, if at all?
    Is the sovereign:sub relationship campaign specific, or universal?
    Is the sovereign:knelt relationship campaign specific, or universal?
    Do VPs earned by a subguild's activities accrue to them or to their sovereign? If I break from my sovereign do I take the VPs I've earned with me?
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    Bremmen reacted to seventhbeacon in Knights Of The Mana   
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    Bremmen reacted to Tyrant in Testing Is Coming   
    Our first test is a pre-alpha test.  Our pre-alpha testers will be the first test group for this test.  Expect us to do this first test over a few weeks, as we want to be able react to feedback and have new game builds as we expand the test group.
    We've already said that we'll be letting the alpha 1 testers into this test also (in groups, in the order of their pledging).  We are doing this in order to get more testing feedback (there simply aren't enough pre-alpha testers to give us all the feedback we'd like, plus it's appropriate to reward early backers where we can).
    By the time we close the pre-alpha test, we'll schedule our next test based on both our ongoing development plans and what we learn from (and must react to) this first pre-alpha test.
    This is a great topic for us to expound on in a founders update sometime during the coming weeks.
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    Bremmen reacted to Pann in Can Player Mods See Ips?   
    1. Yes, mods can see IPs, yet...  
    2. As Courant101 said, with the third party forums popping up and many people using their same forum identities there (or being open about being the same user), it does seem a bit irrelevant, still... 
    3. Gordon has said many times that we'll eventually have paid mods, but... 
    4. Someone who wants to do some shenaniganizing should be smart enough to figure out how to Kingsman his way around all the obstacles. 
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    Bremmen reacted to headlight in Can Player Mods See Ips?   
    Oh, it was confirmed by a monkey mod that they can see IP's. I don't see how that would matter when we get paid mods. They can write them down all they want, but without the ability to cross-reference on live, it's a moot point.
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    Bremmen reacted to KRIPTIK in Combat Chat 3: Powers Q&A - Official discussion thread   
    A "group" of crows is called a Murder. We should call our groups murder's IMO.
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    Bremmen reacted to Waikikamukau in oh god pls no   
    There's been a lot of talk about 'bad quality testers' providing less than helpful feedback on the combat system.
    I would be worried less about the 'bad quality testers' and more worried about Gordon and J. Todd taking their words for it early.  I mean seriously, the pre-alpha group is under 1000 people I believe.  Would you really expect a knee-jerk change based on a tiny subset of a small subset to begin with?  I wouldn't.
    I'm not afraid of 'bad quality testers'.  I'm not afraid of Gordon and J. Todd jumping to appease an initial group.  I expect them to look at it with an objective eye and maybe (big maybe) consider modifying the system 6+ months down the road if the trend shows a significant portion of the testers think it needs a tweek.
    In that case, the hardcore, twitch-based crowd would prove to be a minority and would either accept it and stay or move on.  They've said it numerous times: they're not making a game for everyone.
    Same token, if the complainers about the ranged targeting system are a minority and it doesn't change, then they are the ones with a decision to make.  Stay and work with it or move on.
    Bottom line: We haven't even experienced the current incarnation of the system.  We'll have to wait, try it and then give our feedback.
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    Bremmen reacted to jtoddcoleman in A castle, a keep and a crow - Official discussion thread   
    As noted in this update here: http://crowfall.com/#/news/fifty-shades-of-greyboxing
    ...we'll be sticking with greybox level for a while, certainly for the duration of the combat test.  we shouldn't spend any time right now texturing the environment, when we know that the tech that is going to change as soon as the environment destruction feature is locked down.  Those cycles better spend in other areas.
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    Bremmen got a reaction from IamMe in Did I buy the game or not?   
    never soon enough
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    Bremmen got a reaction from courant101 in Did I buy the game or not?   
    never soon enough
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    Bremmen reacted to Dondagora in Discipline Idea: Spy   
    So here’s the idea: Add spying to the game as a discipline. This discipline would give the skill “Guise” in which the spy will appear as a friendly to a targeted enemy, or perhaps a combo skill to choose which team you appear as. Spies would be able to contact their team via normal means, or perhaps have a special “Report In” skill that channels for 10-20 seconds, meaning a chance of being caught, to send accurate information about the enemy’s position, formation, numbers, classes[20 Knights, 7 Confessors, etc.], the surrounding area, and so on that can be accessed using a mail or bulletin board system.
    The trick here is countering the spy, meaning some way to accuse somebody of being a spy and revealing them without necessarily being capable of accusing people willy nilly and easily sort out a whole zerg simply by randomly pointing fingers. My idea would be to give spies [and maybe Stalkers] a special counter-spy skill called “Interrogate” which will channel for 3-5 seconds, rooting the target [ally or spy, as long as they look friendly] in place and revealing a spy in the end. If a spy is revealed, it will have a relatively low cool down. If not, the cool down will be rather large, say, a minute to prevent attempting to scan through an entire zerg with this method.
    Any thoughts on the concept of spying to be a part of the game instead of being done despite the game? I feel implementing it to be more useful than information that can be transferred via Team Speak or chat will make it more appealing and also provide some fun tactics in the game.
    Also, any ideas that might be better that what I’ve said for implementing spying?
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    Bremmen reacted to headlight in oh god pls no   
    ikr? if i can't jump around my target like a spaz so he can't aim, how am I supposed to own?
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    Bremmen reacted to Ziz in The future of Crowfall   
    Why do people play Moba's for years? (tho I hate to compare crowfall to a moba, theyre the most played pvp games) They have very very little persistence, no open world, no gear grind....
    It's all about competition, that is the heart of PvP.
    For crowfall to be successful and keep people coming back they need to have systems that promote competition. They already have some like: destruction, needed resources, campaigns have a winner (this is a big one compared to other mmos)
    Other things they could add/or we have yet to see is: a shifting meta where new builds rise up and counter builds are important, an engaging social dynamic with meaningful alliances and betrayals, new skills/mechanics/maps to keep the game in a continuous evolution where new builds/strategies are needed.
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    Bremmen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Albion Online   
    Bought it today so UK player looking for people to chill with would be cool if could meet up with some CF monsters
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