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    Bremmen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Big Boyz With Shields   
    he didnt say you wont see sheidls he said you wont be able to swap for a shield in combat to avoid the big fireball he said clearly knights have a shield
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    Bremmen got a reaction from APE in Is Anyone Else Affraid Of What This Game Could Be?   
    im kinda confused to whats going on here because none of it on the last page seems to be linked to the original post at all so im kinda hoping the devs step in a shut this thread down as it has clearly descended into name calling i havent even bothered to read what might have been interesting because of the silly behaviour which has broken out in page 17 GJ people
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    Bremmen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Is Anyone Else Affraid Of What This Game Could Be?   
    honest answer click on the wrong part of the link mate simple as but the poop throwing caught my eye
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    Bremmen reacted to bairloch in Why Ttk And The Zerg Are Inextricably Linked   
    So I've contributed to many conversations here about Time to Kill. A lot of folks think it should be longer than real life because it isn't "fun" to be randomly one-shotted on occasion. I'm of the opinion that one shots should be possible. And this morning, I realized that having that possibility is very important to battling the Zerg. Allow me to explain.
    In real life, fortifications can trump the Zerg. Well fortified forces often need sieging and starving out (the real meaning of siege, not the SB one). Having more numbers isn't necessarily going to beat a well prepared, well defended fortification. Why is that?
    Because humans are so very easy to kill and/or incapacitate. IRL, you lob an explosive, some boiling oil or alchemists fire into a packed group of humans and you're going to take a large portion of them out of the battle in one blow. It isn't "fun", it isn't "fair", but it is true.
    In video games, we've decided that this can't happen. We've given everyone these massive health bars so an explosive near us takes off, say... a third of our health, and then we pop a potion and we're not even breaking stride. This is what gives the Zerg its power. If the Zerg was as fragile as a human mob, this kind of thing would not happen. That explosive would put them down in large swathes and they'd have to change tactics.
    In a game like CF, you can have explosives, AOE spells and whatever else they put in. If those took people out of the battle a dozen at a time, you'd break the Zerg fairly quickly. But that brings up an awful question of balance. That same splodie used in a small battle or even one-on-one would be horribly unbalancing.
    So what to do? Perhaps a mechanism where the more toons per square meter (or some such measurement) has a multiplier on the explosions. This does have some real-life merit as contained explosions do much more damage than one dropped on an open plain. So that same AOE nuke that does a third of your health bar in one-on-one combat does triple damage if you're packed into a Zerg.
    Now, this doesn't mean that large armies will be useless. No, you'll just have to actually use tactics to deploy them. A raiding party to the wall in this spot while an artillery team works over this section of the wall and sappers are undermining this section. The rest held in reserve because you know you will take heavy losses. Send in reinforcements here, a cavalry charge there and your own nuke squadron there... when the time is right.
    This won't be popular because everyone wants to be fighting all the time, now now now, me me me, instant gratification!!!!111!!!eleven!! Yeah, well, that's how we got the Zerg to begin with, isn't it? So maybe changing our thinking a bit can get us out of this Zerg-loop we're stuck in and actually see some real battles?
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    Bremmen got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Is Anyone Else Affraid Of What This Game Could Be?   
    im kinda confused to whats going on here because none of it on the last page seems to be linked to the original post at all so im kinda hoping the devs step in a shut this thread down as it has clearly descended into name calling i havent even bothered to read what might have been interesting because of the silly behaviour which has broken out in page 17 GJ people
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    Bremmen reacted to bairloch in Crowfall's "strategy" Element: Rts, 4X, Grand Strategy?   
    Minor point, but there has been shown, in some campaigns, to have a kneel option. This would not have a "clear victor" and could definitely lead to meaningful diplomacy and emergent gameplay. Unless, of course, I'm reading too much into it.
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    Bremmen reacted to zerosum in Crowfall's "strategy" Element: Rts, 4X, Grand Strategy?   
    Given the references to EVE, I had hoped that there would be some kind of long-term sovereignty mechanic by which player groups held together empires. I fear the reality will be more a month long first person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game like LoL, with the player's personal area being a glorified player lobby. I hope I am wrong. I would like the campaigns to have meaning.
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    Bremmen reacted to Archiebunker82 in Crowfall's "strategy" Element: Rts, 4X, Grand Strategy?   
    I figure if my unit can control the spice we can control the world...The spice must flow.
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    Bremmen reacted to Tyrant in How Do I Link My Kickstarter Pledge To Crowfall.com?   
    We got the data from Kickstarter and we will start testing the merging next week.  We'll do some small tests first to make sure it's working well before we email everyone.  So be patient, we want it to go smoothly!
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    Bremmen reacted to DracoArgentum in City Sieging Explored   
    Define best. Then wait half a second until the skilled guilds start strategising to maximise whatever measure(s) you used in your definition.
    There is no way around this, however victory is determined is de facto a score that you will maximise if you like winning. If people want to get touchey feely about not liking something to be called a score thats a lack of understanding on their part.
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    Bremmen reacted to Katzemensch in Bad Pvp.   
    There are FAR too many unfounded assumptions here.
    First is that there's a casting timer at all. We don't know enough about the casting systems yet to make that assumption. It's very possible that some spells will have no casting timer, some have short casting timers, and some have long casting timers. A mage relying on long casting timers when being attacked by multiple foes is engaging in some seriously bad planning. 
    Second is that if there is a casting timer, that being hit will completely reset the timer. We've seen plenty of other games where damage can reduce the casting bar, but often with these, you also have diminishing returns - hitting a mage with a super-fast, low-damage attack may not be able to prevent them from casting, just make the spell take a bit longer. 
    Third is your idea that mages are going to be all "cloth with low HP." Even if we assume that Mages are fragile, flimsy, and poorly armored (another unfounded assumption, at this point), that just means that Mages will find friends to stay with, to be their "tank" while they cast on you from range. 
    Fourth, even if we accept the 5-on-1 scenario, the idea that the Mage would stick around to try to fight instead of trying to escape is really unreasonable. If the mage is outnumbered, outgunned, and can't run away, the best option is to simply stop fighting and get the death over with as fast as possible, so he/she can go back to camp and warn their team/guild. 
    Fifth, the 5-on-1 is an amusingly stacked deck. How does the opposite one look - 5 Mages on 1 armored Knight? Something tells me that Knight is going to be just as dead as the Mage in the 5-tanks-on-1-mage scenario. Numerical advantage makes the entire heming and hawing about classes irrelevant. How about 5 Forgemasters on an Assassin? 5 Stalkers on a Ranger? 5 Druids on a Templar? In all of these cases, the idea that the 1 is going to win is an extreme long-shot.  
    Seriously, your entire argument is shallow and based on some pretty broad assumptions that are probably fundamentally flawed in the first place.
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    Bremmen got a reaction from dorksmetal in Looking For A Liege Lord And The Fall Of The Westlands.   
    I have little doubt he will show up. But if i will be making his armour i doubt it, I don't plan to wait all all summer for the horseman so let us start on your harp little one
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    Bremmen reacted to ozzie mozzie in 03/20/15 - Eternal Kingdoms!   
    Gosh, you just took my thoughts and wrote them!
    I've been sitting here for a few days now pondering this conundrum. I can actually see a major split in the Crowfall community regarding people's playstyle.
    Unless, ACE actually finds a proper incentive for everyone to enter a campaign we could actually have 2 totally separate communities. 
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    Bremmen got a reaction from dorksmetal in Looking For A Liege Lord And The Fall Of The Westlands.   
    "Bremmen sits and chants and the Earthen armour falls from his body he sweating hard breathing heavy and slight swaying"
    Little one it takes it toll on me to use my Earthen Armour I will need to sit and eat and drink.  
    "Walking slow back to his for he drinks a full skin of water and devours the rest of the bread beckoning over little one"
    This wheel of cheese is yours little one you earned a feast this day I shall start back to work in a moment on your harp as I feel the hero of this day is you and its the only fitting reward for such gallant action.
    "OoC" @Chancellor ur almost a full day behind man
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    Bremmen reacted to dorksmetal in Looking For A Liege Lord And The Fall Of The Westlands.   
    ..::Beard pulls another arrow swiftly our of his quiver and aims for the heart releasin the arrow into the wind::..
    "The arrow goes clean threw his chest and peaks out his other side.
    Seeing their leader destroyed the raiders flee post-haste"
    ..::Beard rests his bow down to his side and looks up to Bremmen in excitement::..
    Impeccable! check his body see if he has anything of use!
    (OOC don't mind at all!)
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    Bremmen reacted to freeze in Crafted Doors, Locks, Keys, Traps, And Lock Pics?   
    look at him... knowing about walls and doors and stuff
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    Bremmen reacted to Gideon in How Is Crowfall Going To Fight The Zerg Mentality ?   
    I don't know if there will or will not be a zerg, but What I can say is, bring em' on.
    If the combat works well and you can funnel the mass stupidity into a trap like a rock slide in a mountain pass then it will be a fun time.
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    Bremmen reacted to APE in Will There Be Any Pve Campaigns?   
    People are free to want PVE options, but CF doesn't "need" them to accomplish what they have planned. Simply as that. If that makes the game less appealing for some, oh well. As they've said from the start, they don't need or want to cater to everyone.
    I don't see CF as being tailored for "hardcore pvpers" but rather fans of conflict and strategy and players as the content.
    ACE seems to believe their design is viable so that is good enough for me at this point. They've mentioned a few times that they don't need tons of players to sustain the game as creating/supporting games has become cheaper over the years.
    We all have opinions on what is "viable" or "successful" but if the game is able to stay open, keep updating, and has enough players to fill a few campaigns, sounds good to me. I'm selfish and as long as I'm having a good time, don't really care if XYZ other players aren't willing to give the game a try.
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    Bremmen reacted to doc gonzo in Break This Game - Don't Fall To The "balance Is Everything" Mantra   
    I call shenanigans here..... 
    yeah....tanking mobs was easymode....
    trying to do it in PvP??
    screen shot or never happened
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    Bremmen reacted to TullyAckland in Confusion About 13K Backers   
    Today I learn giving something to people as a thank you translates to an insult. I need to stop sending Christmas cards, I'm probably making people furious.
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    Bremmen reacted to dorksmetal in (Occ Introductions) Welcome One And All!   
    Okay I'll go first! My name is Perceval Aka The Beard ,lead vocals and lute player for the local band, The Beard and Stache! I'm a bard by trade but am mighty graceful with a bow.
    I grew up during the hungers rampage on my homeland, the only reason I survived is because my Guinecean mother sold me as a pet to a nobleman passing through. he kept me well fed and well trained in the art of the lute to play him to sleep every night until his death. 9 years I was a prisoner in his home, but it never felt that way. After his death he left me the majority of his estate. Now I'm here to share my findings on the hunger to you today!
    Enough about me, whose next! Come on don't be shy!
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    Bremmen reacted to Lorelyn in (Occ Introductions) Welcome One And All!   
    Greetings fellow brethren. You may call me Lorelyn. My surname is irrelevant. It is hard for me to say what I truly am as I have only just returned. It has been perhaps a good seven years since I have seen the faces of friends and foes alike... becoming nothing more than listless after the loss of communication from the land I once called home.
    However, by the grace of the gods I have found hope anew and swear my bow and blade to any who will have it! I may be rusty... Yet my loyalty will never faulter.
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    Bremmen reacted to Chiyeko in (Occ Introductions) Welcome One And All!   
    Serena Athrawes is my name, noble my house once was, but now it is nothing but a burning memory of pain. I sworn my alliances after I saw it burn that I would stand and fight to protect those who could not protect themselves. I fear none, for all that I had to fear for is gone, so either join me, get out of my way or die where you stand for I have no time to waste.
    If you look at me and see but rags and a blunt sword, than I know you are blind to the true nature of things, for my strength comes not from simple things. For as much as I gain strength from my oats to protect, it shall be the fury of vengeance that will drive me until there is nothing left to avenge.
    So look upon me and see my true nature.
    Ok just whatever came up in me, I need to have more of the lore to fully work out a character into detail (3-4 pages in general), still this should be a nice little mood piece
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    Bremmen reacted to Agelmar in Break This Game - Don't Fall To The "balance Is Everything" Mantra   
    Because you shouldn't be able to put another player in a position where he can't actively play the game but instead watches himself die.  There needs to be some type of skill involved that people can react with.  It has happened many times in PvP games and it sucks.  Being stun locked or chain rooted and being able to do NOTHING in return is not good design.
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    Bremmen reacted to BradicusMagnus in Break This Game - Don't Fall To The "balance Is Everything" Mantra   
    Two things come to mind regarding this "balance" question.  First, I like Marcus Buckingham's view that, "You don't want well rounded individuals. You want well rounded TEAMS."  Just replace the word "rounded" with "balanced" and I think you get the intent of the ACE vision.  Secondly, when asked what is your favorite aspect of Crowfall, Gordon responded with "Player bonds."  Seems like the goal is to play CF as teams and the teams become well balanced against other teams.  But, if one plays solo, there will be times when encounters with other solos result in imbalance.
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