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  1. Top 5 likes and why Passive Training Removal Archery availability (really for me just adding a second tray to get around Templars having to use their dodge for parry) partial crafted item stacking storage expansion loot all (didn't expect to like it so much) Top 5 Dislikes and why Chat in game is unexplainably bad. Maybe one day I will be able to use question marks freely! Limited major/minor/character build discipline options / nerf with domain patch D.Dust costs resulting in needing to farm so much gold Necromancy additive nerf. Should have went the other direction IMO. All characters should have two trays... One tray classes could get a support tray... Put vendors back in temples or free city in GR. Sell X value every day or your vendor and everything on it goes into your bank. No tracking skill.
  2. None of the 6-7 discs that came out of the 3 I used to use seem to be able to be used now (Paladin)... So I guess I'd have to 100% agree with that.
  3. Thanks Jah thought I'd have to purchase something for pre-release access.
  4. Account has a digital copy of the game but no current pre-release access. Just trying to figure out how to get access without having to have two copies of the game...
  5. I'm not sure how to go about getting current game access if you already have a digital copy of the game. Is there a way without buying a second full copy of the game? Maybe I just can't see the option in the store because I already have game access? Thanks in advance.
  6. In Alpha? People who I'm generally crafting for don't have other options and I rarely ask for even full mats. I'll tell them beforehand to supply the dust/embers/epic+ ore-stone-wood-leather/ambrosia. If that 2% fail rate bites I'll usually cover another bar/arm/etc on my dime. If the noob seems like a reasonable person and I have a surplus of mats? I'll probably just hand them the blue vessel/gear with just a minor dust co-pay. If they seem spoiled, complain about a quoted cost or rush me despite warnings it might take a while (crafting time generally also means other things going on in real life that slow everything down dramatically) then I'll refuse outright, ghost them, or openly demand way over market value. If I feel someone has done right by me? I'm obviously not going to charge them anything if I have the mats...
  7. Well that depends. Remember in Shadowbane every non-crap city ended up being exactly the same design inside by the end and the only thing worth fighting for was the location of the cookie-cutter city (mine were cookie-cutter too so no criticism intended)
  8. This is the news I was dreading. =( Well... I'll have to wait and see what you guys put in to offset this in some other way because I really hope there is something. If not it would be great to have block and parry just be regular powers where you have to hold the key down to use it or something. =( The loss of the survival bar is a nerf across the board (and increase in the annoyance tax) but I'm not sure they realize how big of an nerf this will be to the block and parry crowd.
  9. Won’t there be a wipe per the other post? Or did the wipe already happen?
  10. No Sir... It does matter! Old hands mean I need to get credit for what I can get credit for... So yeah M59 / Early UO here... It is about all I can get credit for soooo....
  11. My advice would be to start with the traditional fight night tournament format followed by a FFA. You need guilds of significant size to buy in or it won't work. Good luck, these are often amazing.
  12. Honestly... this game is more Call of Duty than it is an MMO... All there is to do in the game is pvp...
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