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  1. Less uniform resource distribution would go along way to making this a more strategic game. And it would also make certain areas better for completing different victory conditions.
  2. I think making it just like passwall is a missed opportunity. Giving a stealth class the ability to move faster, avoid large battle AOE damage, and pass through walls would add some interesting gameplay for duelist. Hopefully, since this comes at the cost of stamina and burrow will only work on grass/dirt (in the future) it wouldn't be too overpowered.
  3. I agree you need an "Iron Throne" that only one person can have and everyone wants.
  4. I wonder if they are going to use the War Tribes to counter the Zerg. If the Tribes react to world events dynamically then perhaps they will see large guilds as a threat and attack them. And it was implied that players will be able to ally with the tribes .
  5. I think the only way to solve this problem is offer diminishing return to larger guilds and incentives to smaller guild. This could be done using emperor, king, lord, officer only equipment (crowns maybe) that gives bonuses to the party/guild. The catch is that the buffs diminish the more players that are in your guild. And after the campaign the equipment becomes trophies you can place in your EK. You could also give advanced passive training in command line based on position which focuses on one of the three major paths to victory. For example: Officers War Leade
  6. So I am really enjoying my Guinecean duelist its a very fun class to play. I was a bit surprised that tunneling was a blink ability rather then a channeled ability. So here is my idea: Make tunneling a channeled ability that gives a 25% movement speed buff at the cost of stamina. While tunneling you are immune to most types of damage. The Vanguard Scout promotion class will have an ability to reduce the drain. Mole hunter would have an ability to detect tunneling. This would feel more like natural tunneling mechanic.
  7. I just watched the video about the new tagging system for objects in Crowfall so it sounds like this would be easy to implement
  8. Greetings, I have been thinking about the use of stealth in Crowfall and I think stealth shrubbery would make it more fun. The mechanic would be pretty simple; The player enters a bush and begins to silent cast camouflage (no channel UI ). The effect would remain active until they leave the bush for more than ~1 second allowing the player to return or enter a new bush. The effect would act just like Wood Elf camouflage removing the Name/Badge while moving and making you invisible if you stop. However moving or using abilities in the bush causes noise. Other possible mechanics:
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