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  1. I would like to offer a suggestion to for the new Relics/Artifact system. I would suggest adding a Priest discipline. The priest discipline would be the only discipline that can construct temples. Once the temple is constructed you can place relics in them for guild bonuses (+learning, shorter death penalty, etc). The number of relics in a temple also increases a priests powers. These powers would differ depending on what temple he has constructed. In campaigns different priests would offer different advantages. Priests of nature would help with resource collection and could produce food even in the dead of winter. While other priests would have other abilities (combat buff/debuff, summoning, resurrection) which would be stronger the more artifacts are in his temple. I would also create a wide assortment of relics that give different bonuses to temples. So some relics might give a large bonus to the god of war temple but no bonus to the a temple of the god of nature.
  2. Will Lords have the ability to limit how many tax free parcels can be placed on land granted to vassals? I think rulers will be rather upset if they can't generate income from vassals.
  3. Crafting will be a big deal and you are going to need several players to support a crafter. Some people will need to guard him while others will gather resources for him. A crafter's safety comes from his guild/faction. If a guild can't adequately provide for a crafters needs then he will go elsewhere. Auto travel is pointless in a game like this.
  4. I wouldn't automatically lock them out but I would make their respawn timer increase. If another player finds their remains they can get resurrected. If the respawn timer gets over 15 min they are given the option to leave the campaign permanently. Every twentyfour hours the respawn timer is cut in half. Killing other players, killing monsters/creatures and other tasks would also bring down the respawn timer.
  5. I really hope there are parcel/building types based on archetype, promotion class, and/or discipline. A great forge parcel would be interesting if only a forge master with the blacksmith discipline could purchase it.
  6. I totally agree with that 100%!!!! I hate naked travelers and naked gankers. One of the biggest issues I have with games like this is that casters can be really powerful with no items. So you see bands of 5-10 naked casters running around ganking people (I confess I do this also). If they die it's no big deal. UO had the same problem with naked thieves at the bank.
  7. I think this will be vital part of the game. Smaller groups of people should have the means to conceal themselves from a larger force. It would also give a tactical advantage to smaller races.
  8. I agree!! It would be spectacular if in winter you might forgo the horse for a toboggan ride down a snowy mountain. Ohh battle toboggan!! The more people the faster it goes and you can run right over people on the battlefield. Or use it to out run an avalanche I want a battle toboggan stretch goal!!!!!
  9. HAHAHAH!!!! If you ever played Shadowbane it was never boring traveling, the paranoia level was insane. If you wanted to travel long distances you had to auto run while spamming track. If you saw a player's name come up on track you took evasive measures.
  10. That brings up an interesting point, as winter progresses and resources get scarce people might be forced to harvest ice to make walls.
  11. It would be kinda interesting if certain spells would turn water blocks into ice. A caster could create an ice bridge, ice raft, or trap enemies beneath ice leaving them to drown (unless they broke through). The rate at which the ice melts would be affected by the season.
  12. This comment really made me laugh. I would rather hire an out of the box thinker willing to swing for the fences then someone that plays it safe.
  13. If one guild gets good at farming hunger beasts then other guilds would just start training in the Beast Hunter discipline.
  14. I agree it should be global so allies and enemies wouldn't know your exact health.
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