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  1. Dec 2016 seems a lifetime away. I guess I need to log some time in my first MMORPG. Poker :)

  2. I am against fast travel that simply allows you to safely zip through a hostile area. Still I think in rule sets where holding specific POIs are in place, allowing fast travel between held POIs that are adjacent adds a certain strategic element. Strategies would have to include the breaking of travel lines for reinforcements. IDK, but something more than we built the "in" here and the "out" here and now Scotty just beams us around.
  3. Just got caught up. Casual gamer at the end of the last episode was interesting. Keep up the good work gents.
  4. I am really proud of how humble I've become.

    1. Iridian ShadowWeaver

      Iridian ShadowWeaver

      Such admirable humility ;)

  5. Wow. I think I just had an epiphany about my gamer self. I am a whale with a carebear patch on my belly covered in wool . I am a casual gamer with a varied game resume. Real life limits my gaming hours. I just can't read every fan site's forum and strategy guide and build theory and actually play a game. Still, as a casual gamer, I enjoy playing. I enjoy the friendships made and experiences had. This will be the second game I have started playing at it's genesis. The first one also had a lot of momentum. It had a less than perfect launch, but not a horrific one. I lasted about six months in that game.... And if I had to do it all over again, I would. Maybe I am just a walking cliche, but even with the destination being " not my cup of tea " the journey and exploration getting there was fun. Perspective is paramount. I think that is why the "Eternal Heros, Dying Worlds" concept interests me so much. I have heard them say this game will target a niche player base, but this concept allows them to provide for multiple niches at the same time. I personally am backing this game because I see it providing so many opportunities to explore various gaming experiences. And maybe they just might find the right reagents to transmute this wooly care whale into a hardcore elitist. Who knows? But I think it will be fun finding out.
  6. I was recruited into The Soul ( my guild ) in a very small European based sandbox called Ryzom. Ryzom was graphically dated but beautifully complex when I started playing, and it had a small but incredibally helpful and passionate community. I played with The Soul there for 2 years. We then bought in to the Elder Scrolls Online hype and, in mass, made the switch together to ESO. I had played ES on consoles and loved it , but without totally bashing another company, the online game got pulled in too many directions for my liking, and many of my guildies. So right now some of them have fallen into at archage (sp) and I have been trying to teach PvP to my 10yr old daughter in Wiz101. Which is only to say I tell her things like " I know you like the look of that robe better, but it has horrible stats! ". LOL I think my guild is a little wary to get excited about another development project, but as more of the direction and systems are revealed , I am hopeful they will see the potential I see here with Crowfall.
  7. Grats to ACE and the ever growing Crowfall Community! Awesome news!
  8. I would love to see this Archetype have a branch that goes stealthy supporty recon-ish. I like the idea of projecting a pseudo omnipresence. I imagine the conversations would go, "We can't do this here. There may be a Confessor watching."
  9. Hello Crowfall Community! I am Quinn. I love gaming, even though I consider myself a "casual" gamer. I haven't played everything, but have been active in various theme parks and sandboxes over my years, and I will even admit to playing Wizard 101 when my daughter asked me to play with her. Looking forward to the vision of this game, and the repeatable exploration surrounded by some good ol' fashion conflict. I am working hard to get my guild ( a small group of great people ) as excited as I am to stake our flag in the Eternal Kingdom, and meet some more great people along the journey.
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