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  1. Once waffles are complete; place I'm campfire for your breathing pleasure.
  2. Because clearly we already took it.
  3. But then the 4 man zerg groups will be there; how will the honorable 2 man gank squads ever be able to kill weaponless noobs?!
  4. Seems neat; would be cool/hope that you could do a bit of archaeology to figure out what went down in that world. Ooo there's an idea for a skill tree: Archeology.
  5. It takes ~year to master that role (get every skill in that tree + the min requirements to get to that tree. You can get the basics to that skill long before that.
  6. *raises hand* Having roles that require investing ~1year will increase immersion.
  7. http://www.evilenglish.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/tumblr_inline_ngc8f5oUtV1ry72ay.png Sorry had to :-v
  8. Actually SWG very much did this; I had a crafting friend I went to and he came to me when he needed someone to help him kill a mob for some rare resource (how I got my Aklay baton). Interlocking social structures is what made games like SWG great. SWG had a lot of problems but this wasn't one of them. With that being said you can train in crafting while you train in your AT so you will never be useless in combat idk where people get that from.
  9. I don't think the skill tree is supposed to be to differentiate two fighters from one another. It's to differentiate a crafter from a fighter etc..
  10. I could see some sort of traditional leveling work. That vessel survives through a siege and gets a bonus but if he dies it's gone. Give some rogue like vibes to it. But it would be hard to prevent people from finding a way to just grind xp out; it would have to be only from pvp
  11. There is something about the skill tree you guys seem to miss; it's not how your chose a 'build' it's where you chose a 'role' Explorer/crafter/fighter/harvester/leader/etc It takes ~1year to train into whatever role you want to play (longer for combat). Seems to me the point of this system is to bring back the 'good old days' of MMOs where people had socials roles. Bringing in some modern day flexibility. I suspect many people will do something like go for harvesting and then a year after that dump all their points into combat (which takes much longer than 1 year) Now if y
  12. We are also missing features that let us store resources/mass produced etc
  13. That's what they want you to think
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