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  1. Slow - Have Not Been The Same http://youtube.com/watch?v=1RzA0VHcsBY
  2. GBH - Give Me Fire http://youtube.com/watch?v=FygkQlGBmd4
  3. Anyone else play Pirates Of The Burning Seas? Great sailing and combat. Land-based combat was wonky but sea battles were fun. Is what I was thinking of as I was first reading this thread Would be great fun to run over fishing boats in a mano'war then cannon the poorly made socks outta some ports. Lol *dreams of being a Centaur sailor, out on the ocean blue*
  4. The Violators - Live Fast Die Young http://youtube.com/watch?v=byNahoRWeZU
  5. My good Sir, I do not doubt your claim of discovery and intellectual property ownership... a moveable cannon is a good idea. I concur. Nothing wrong with a good idea and knowing how to present it. Search function helps you help some mods from getting tired of having to merge topics like they were herding sheep. If they still wrangle like that but, back on topic, hope you factor in encumbrance, cannon mass, wet decks and other fun stuff into your equation... as well, please do search and see what others in the community have said and thought on the subjects and topics at hand. Good day!
  6. Like the ideas... even though it has been brought up before... and even though naysayers poo poo it for the same reasons. It can be done. All that water was a huge waste in Shadowbane. Coding water (like empty space in sci-fi should not take much resources or talent) should be rather simple. It's the accessories, the accoutrements and other related objects and mechanics which would really need detail and focus. Think that a water-based expansion would be more realistic as an expectation, for later, rather than bogging down the initial project, now, which would cost more money and
  7. Gassenhauer - Local Youths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGBH3-DzbKE
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