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  1. 1) Disciplines are completely different than selecting archetype, profession, and the passive skill system. One of the core concepts that Ace applies to most of their thought processes is "Risk vs Reward". Part of this is creating a thematic and unique experience (role-play even) for the specific character. Your suggestion just doesn't fit. This has been explained by several people already, sorry that it's a difficult concept to grasp, but I'm done trying to explain it further. 2) It's more than a "statement of intent". The design process gets locked before coding in order to elim
  2. Dabbled a bit in UO and Everquest PvP servers. The EQ Racewars servers were a primitive attempt at faction pvp. Didn't really last. In terms of MMOs though, DAoC would be the big one. Spent quite a while playing the game on various servers, including the FFA PvP ones. Was almost exlusively Midgard.
  3. Yeah, I see what you mean, even just judging by the responses so far. Perhaps if I had named the thread "make all archetypes into trainable runestones ala disciplines" I might have gotten a different response. Perhaps if I had compared it to The Secret World's system, rather than EVE it might also have struck a different chord. Also, I totally understand their desire to not allow us to do everything ourselves. Its an MMO after all. But that is only worthwhile up to a point. SWTORs "class" buffs is one such example of enforced cross class interdependence, one which I feel was not well i
  4. Valid point. Although I don't see how it would destroy good will. Currently you are getting 3 character spots, meaning 3 out of 12 archetypes. Wih the change, you are getting one character that can potentially experience all of the archetypes. Ah well, I guess I can always look forward to the host of original names this will spawn.
  5. 1.) Fundamentally changes it in what way? They have already stated that discipline runes will be removable. So clearly, the ability to adjust and "re-spec" runes and skills in a limited fashion will exist. Expanding this option is not a fundamental change. Its a fine tuning. It just happens to be a fine tuning that eliminates the need for three characters on an account. 2.) The information they have provided is a statement of intent. And it is very much, sorry to say, hype. If I remember correctly, games like Darkfall also hyped themselves as being "skill based". While never play
  6. We aren't even in alpha yet. If ever there is a time to discuss these kinds of options, this would be it.
  7. In fact, its not way too early. These kinds of things take time to implement properly, and the earlier the design choices are made, the better tested and implemented they will be. Also, you keep on telling me how "its going to be", and then in the same post you tell me its "too early to tell". Interesting.
  8. The benefit would be having all of your crafting skills, combat builds and item options consolidated to one character, rather than spread across the 3-5 alts. The benefit would be in allowing players to keep training other archetypes, even after they have maxed out their primary choices. Thus making it easier for players to experiment and try new builds, expanding options. Again, my idea is that when you translate into a campaign, you also choose the Archetype rune setup you want to run for that campaign. In short, your soul transfers over into the centaur campaign and builds an avatar
  9. Well, if their statement of intent matches reality then I doubt you would go for maxed out skills if you were in a time crunch. Unless you needed a skill level to unlock some kind of ability or other upgrade, I assume the most efficient way to get a combat effective character would be to push the skill to that 70-90% of its max, and then work on other skills to round out the character. Then as time permitted, go back and polish things up. Although, like you that's just conjecture and will probably even vary quite a bit from archetype to archetype, and depend on what role the character wo
  10. 1.) If the game limits you, then by definition the choice is not yours. Sure, there may be "other" choices, but that particular one has been removed through no choice made by you. My point was mostly definitional, as it seems these limitations are not really as restrictive as I first assumed. 2.) None of us actually know for a fact how much skill levels, equipment, personal player skill or builds will matter in PvP. We have a general idea, a statement of intentions. Your statement that it will "mostly" depend on teamwork and player skill is not reliable. Its a wish. 3.) RPG mea
  11. Yes, I did read the character progression FAQ. No, it did not really address my concerns.
  12. Nice. Thank you PopeUrban, that's a very solid block of information.
  13. Actually, by definition its exactly NOT your choice. I also very much doubt that you can jump straight into a freshly made character and flex any kind of skills. Will you be able to contribute? Certainly. Probably. Will you pull your weight? Much less likely. This is an MMORPG after all.
  14. Is that confirmed? CF is taking a more...humm...let's call it casual approach to character advancement? The impression I had was that they specifically wanted to give players a sense of permanence about their characters and their EKs, as a counter point to the shifting and temporary campaigns. If what you say is true, then yes, my concerns are unfounded. Although I am not altogether certain its the answer I was hoping for... Also, I wouldn't say I'm in love with the EVE skill system. After all, I never played it more than three or so months. I do remember that the skill system
  15. Actually, that does not at all deal with my concerns. In fact, that is part of the problem: Limited character pool + campaigns that limit archetypes = excluded players and limited options. This makes for tough choices, and not the fun kind. Again, I feel the strength of a train-over-time system is best realized by having the deepest pool of options always available to the player. Other than ACE profiting from selling additional character slots, I see no actual benefit to the current model being proposed, as opposed to having Archetypes being slottable runes that can be trained.
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