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  1. so, if i take one half elf and stick his head up another half elfs rear end.... does this make a whole elf?
  2. I'm just glad its not a guinecian fan club . cant wait to see yyou ugys in game ^^
  3. its a stalker with a great sword.... the "massive drop" is obviously disciplines as this is not the stalkers defaultnormal weaponry
  4. wonder if they are building somethign or showing whats built
  5. was pretty amusing we lost like 3 ndoes of ore to those fireworks:[
  6. how does i ernz platinumz gamerzscorz
  7. contact support if its not displaying proper ones, if you have access to the 2015 (if your suppose to i mean) which judging by your badge you should its most likely a display bug, contact support and they can fix this for you if you would like the 2015 castle instead of the 2016, only difference is cosmetic but looks can be important!
  8. we are mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooving closer to a full roster
  9. it may not be listed but its in the backer rewards granted by ruby.
  10. of the oens in the store... the large castle.... of what i'd like to see.... alternate building types of functional necesitys... eg... id love a blacksmith building that is basically a cave to be put by/on a mountainside.
  11. best ns was the proc one with utility skills and using the low delay resoruce xbow
  12. yes tyvm this has made me a happy ek owner ( yay was able to get my large castle <3
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