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  1. Canth what will the Steam controller allow that controllers at the moment do not? What makes it special?
  2. Yeah I get that, I know it's just testing but I'm super competitive lol
  3. This may be answered in another forum or might have already been asked but I'm looking if anybody has created a video explaining the current class powers and the way they operate. Or even just a review of the combat/classes. I just got into alpha and I'll admit the combat is a bit more complex then I expected (I'm so happy it's not cookie cutter), has anybody taken their stream footage and done a more in depth explanation of the powers? Also I would love if the devs would post the abilities chart you can access in the test so I could study it a bit before the tests. If this already exists
  4. So here is my experience so far. I initially got into the character screen which went smoothly, then I was able to create a character. Then while waiting for the first match to start I got timed out and then couldn't log back in. Maybe about 15 minutes later I got into a match, picked up some gear and was so excited. Then I got out of the building and ran in circles till I got stuck..... I stared at the cool environment and eventually got timed out stuck in my spot in the snow. So maybe not the best experience, but I understand this is testing and it was really cool even though I didn't ge
  5. It's not throwing your money away lol. Again I may not even bother with getting this myself but for some people that don't have $2000 up front this is a better option. Getting access to a $1000 graphics card anywhere in the country has value. I can understand that for some people this won't be a viable option but for some this will really be a good option for them. I don't take your comments personally anyway, I just want to offer the idea to some that could utilize it. Of course if you already have a half decent computer there is no need for this service. People throw $300 to 500 a month
  6. I wouldn't make statements about not being able to run 1920x1080. If you watch the videos the reviewer is able to run at highest settings no problem and no latency. The value of this is much more then a fast computer. There are other services this provides that a home gaming PC can not.
  7. As long as you have broadbane internet most likely your crap computer can handle it. Your computer wouldn't even need a graphics card for this, it only has to be able to stream a video. It won't take graphics computing power on your end to run it. Like I said in the first post if you can stream Netflix then you can use this. Tablets and phones can even run it. I really don't care either way if people use this or not, it's just a option for some people that care about high end gaming and usability from any location. This will be a good option for some and not for others, but I just
  8. The price of a Titan X alone is $1000. So that's about 3 years of subscription plus you get upgrades for free every 1.5 years. For people that are constantly upgrading their PC's and travel a lot this is a great option. Also huge for people that do video editing and gave development to have access to this type of computing power on the go.
  9. Well honestly this is more for people that are concerned with having access to HIGH FPS all the time. Yes you can run most games on a Walmart computer, but this is quality and accessibility.
  10. Magic.... But really it's a mix of multiple data centers and new technology. I understand your doubt with lantency, I struggled with that myself. Another service I use is Nvidia gamestream which has a controller >> tablet >> wi-fi >> server >> pc computer at home. I have no issues with latency with that service so I'm sure this can easily be done for PC. The point is access to PC gaming from anywhere/any device and a very price effective way to have access to a computer.
  11. At 50% off this is definitely worth it. It's also the service of getting to play from anywhere and if you're saying you would build a computer and then upgrade within 20 months, this is still cheaper. Unless you're building a gaming PC for less then $300.
  12. My friend and I just stumbled upon a service called Leap Computing. It has been in the works for a little while and is similar to the concept that the Nvidia Shield is using. You are able to stream a high powered feed to any device you wish without having to take up the space of a large gaming computer or worry about maintenance, as they will do this for you at no extra cost. This is an amazing opportunity and I believe the future of PC gaming. If you need a new computer but are not excited about all the money it takes and upgrades, this is for you. And even though I already have an amazing ga
  13. If you read my first post this is a suggestion IF they raise money to add it into the game.
  14. I love your addition of the night getting longer the closer it is to winter in regular campaigns on top of my suggestion to do campaigns in complete darkness. I hadn't really thought of that.
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