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  1. Original poster made some good points, as I also have had to stop for a bit due to farming boredom. I do not know if there is a solution at this moment, possibly more options in the future. Either way, I feel your pain.
  2. No problem! They did not do a good job showing people how to move servers, so that is a common question. Good luck in Dregs!
  3. Go to main screen and click blue "play" button instead of green "Enter Campaign" button. You can now move your guy in between servers. Once you go into Dregs, you are locked unless you pay a penalty.
  4. Totally no offense, but why another topic on this? As you pointed out, you have a topic going regarding low population and new player experience. Just curious.
  5. Very valid concern, as there are many features that remind me of older MMO's. I hope they can streamline group, guild, EK features pretty soon.
  6. Yeah I asked in another post, then saw this. Very annoying in my opinion.
  7. Any way to walk in my placed buildings and NOT see the highlight? (The whole building goes blueprint looking)
  8. They have been here since day one (or two at least). Glad to see the guild is still flourishing. Good Luck!!!
  9. As usual, thanks for all the info.
  10. Every single experience I have had over the years with support has been solved quickly and professionally. Well done to the entire team!
  11. It is satisfying to see the journey enter a new phase. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this year plays out in game.
  12. Grats to the entire team for a long long journey. Good luck to all at launch!
  13. Sorry I missed it...sounds like it was a good time.
  14. From testing years ago a ton, then missing a couple years...I can say it sure is different. Some good things, some take getting used to. I am interested to see what the future brings.
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