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  1. A few hours left on the KS . I sent them some cash and will be eager to see if this pans out. https://fracturedmmo.com/?refcode=351324be61d6
  2. Check us out if you are looking.
  3. We are still looking for a few good men/women/elf/etc
  4. lol, I can confirm the names are actual names. That being said, still looking for a few more.
  5. We are growing quickly and still need a few.
  6. We are growing every day. Make sure to check us out!
  7. Sorry to hear, thank you for posting.
  8. Also a good name for a sub guild... <Pretty darn dandy>
  9. Hey,


    Looks like Serrated is not going to do anything in CF.


    If you have a spot, I would be interested in helping and joining.




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