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  1. Is it just a line saying captcha or is there a text-field below it where you can write? Scree, the owner of the website has been messing around with the code for a bit..he mightve goofed up.
  2. To the two new people who just signed up, & someone else i dont know. Scree has sent an email to you to join our slack.(IM board)
  3. Our Scree has a job, (hah, working class.) so im answering your question with very limited knowledge of everything! I think, if you can successfully juggle crafting and being an worthy asset, i suppose you could do whatever you want. but as draegan puts so eloquently: "YOU CANT BE A FOOKIN MERCHANT PRINCE!"..Im gonna be an innkeeper(if its possible) when I'm out of combatzones.. otherwise, welcome to our family of wierd people, Im Mc and im from europe. c:
  4. If anyones still watching id appreciate some european friends :c
  5. Im quite aware of that, but im from denmark, i take the title of viking both in jest and to honor my ancestry..
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