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  1. Coming from WoW this is almost a direct adaptation of mages "Blink" move.. whats the lore behind us having that move? it seems so wierd for a ranged class to have a gap-closer..
  2. Id say all those points are important.. I really wouldnt expect much less than all of them for what ive paid and anticipated. Sideprofessions would be a nice thing as well, something i would embrace dearly..like Innkeep, Harvester, Lumberjacks, etc..
  3. Id only do it inbetween big battles like when nothings going on really.
  4. So, first off, im not even gonna play as knight in the end, melee doesnt interest me..but what im bugged by is this; They gave the knight a shield & a 2 handed sword They also attached that sword, which probably weighs 10 pounds, to a small leather strap attached to a belt..and its hanging by his knee.. Just wanted to get this out of my system.
  5. Its been decided, i will name my god "Memelord Supreme"
  7. Well i imagine that my "Horde of food" that people think i would have wasnt really worth zerging..like, 30 ales, 30 steaks, 20 bread, 10 apples..
  8. If you consider good loot as food-stuffs..sure lol. if i were at this inn and i heard some guards warning about an enemy attackin, id bolt with all valuables.
  9. To meet new people? idk, i doubt youre gonna wanna invite everyone in the CW to your EK..i also plan on abandoning my EK, f that s
  10. Well considering the fact that most inns would be in strongholds sorrounded by guards of their allied factions, id rethink that move son.
  11. Is it just a line saying captcha or is there a text-field below it where you can write? Scree, the owner of the website has been messing around with the code for a bit..he mightve goofed up.
  12. I hope to god there will be a galloping animation for running..like, true galloping and not just sped up walking movement..and that gallopping into somethig will launch it into orbit.
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