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  1. I think the CE is a good value over all. The mini-fig art is wonderful. Wouldn't be too hard to imagine a companion Crowfall board game that would be compatible with these. 😁
  2. I don't like any character on that FTWD show contrary to TWD. If they were all turned into zombies, I wouldn't even care. Does that make me a bad person?
  3. Crazy thought...Could render/draw distance reduction be a stat for more concealed harvesting? Cheap as hell way to do it. Of course that could only work with harvesting gear... yep crazy.
  4. I haven't been following the progress closely I wonder if they have discussed group harvesting (3-4 harvesting on the same node increase the yield), Tree/rock monsters as an alternate source of harvesting, or camouflaged pack animals for solo harvesters.
  5. In theory, upgrading would work the same as when you upgrade from the store. So it would be like: KS Great Hall(from Small Castle set) -> KS Noble Hall(from Medium Castle set) -> KS Throne Room (from Large Castle set) If a KS Great Hall is going to be a gold trim skin, then upgrading it wouldn't change it's color. Anyway, additional skins could be something done later on. I wonder, though, how much texture memory that is going to take up. Having color dyes and give a base texture a color tint would be less performance-expensive but may be not as interesting. Isn't the terra
  6. Ah, so the visual difference may very well be KS:Gold, 2015:Red, and 2016:Purple just like on the Knightmare! ...or not
  7. It seems like the price per piece isn't very good for medium sized keeps and castles. Small is a good play-it-safe option but you do get a lot more for your money on Large version. The unknown maintenance cost really is a conundrum. I'm imagining I can use a lot less of the total pieces to reduce the cost but I have no idea.
  8. I highly doubt that turning destruction on for your EK would mean that you have to spend resources to fix it or nobody would ever do that. More likely to be like in Landmark where once the materials have been used/payed for any destruction can be reset without cost. I'm thinking its still a good idea to save some in your wallet for other things when they come. Stuff like villas, manors, noble houses and such to fill your keeps and castles with.
  9. That's why I'm still going to hold on to my Fort (well, I did upgrade it to Large). Since it won't be as resource expensive (build or upkeep). Changed my mind, just getting a Large Castle. I should have plenty to build with since it basically a wall and Throne upgrade to the Keep among other things. With it all being modular I wouldn't HAVE to place everything. Still wish I knew the visual difference between KS, 2015, and 2016 versions.
  10. Help! Should I buy a small castle, and large keep if I have a KS medium fort? Or are the resource costs for all of them going to be so undeity much that I'll never be able to build it? Or does it serve no purpose to have more than 1 of the largest fortification. I'd love to tinker with as much of the EK building as possible but not 100% on the actually possibility or viability of doing that solo or as a small group is. Though I am keeping my wonderful Collectors Edition box w/ figurines to snuggle with at night. 3 Char slots still seems worthwhile to hold on to.
  11. I want to have a game that I thoroughly enjoy after all the testing ends. After a lot of time gaming and working on games has taught me that less exposure to the same game over a long period of time the better. Really don't want to be burnt out on the core 40% of the game and not even be able to enjoy the rest of it when does get fully implemented and reasonably polished.
  12. Thanks for the short summary of what the current status is. I don't have the time to always test and keep up with what's going on and it feels a bit like this...
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