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  1. Immortal's Ring which has the tag NO TRADE can be put up for sale on a vendor.
  2. You know this? Well, it's bugged and doesn't increase mounted movement speed. I suppose that's appropriate.
  3. The UI distance indicator on your crosshair wasn't displaying while on a ranger. I'll need to test it again.
  4. Improvements I most agree with which are small simple changes Reduce cost of domination dust Increase the health of siege attackable objects (I'd prefer 1.5-2x base hp buff on all and also HP scaled up with the battle size or zone population. (55 enemies in zone: 2.44x HP, 90+ enemies in zone: 4x HP) Remove tax on listing items on a vendor Tax on the sale of items Allow disc swapping in EK even if it needs to be a structure with a zone to enable this ability. Update tool tip info on abilities and describe what applied effects do (blackmantle, elemental break, etc) Add a loot all button for chests and any lootable containers Allow no-trade items to be put in personal chests Change logout time in temple to 3 seconds Change logout time in EK to 5 seconds
  5. Can you get a programmer and UI/UX guy and knock out a time of day feature in 30 minutes?* OR make thralls in combat not despawn? The amount of grief it could save players engaging thralls only to have them vanish during the fight... *Such a feature needs to bring awareness to players in a day/night change that is approaching and a visual queue such as a glow around the day or night symbol when the time of day has flipped.
  6. I wish there was more clarity on this too. I have VIP months on my account but how do you "consume" it or know if it was used? It's not in the consumed rewards tab.
  7. LFG - No longer. Thank you everyone who has contacted me. *edit Guild criteria: Region: NA (EST) Atmosphere: I'm looking for a relaxed guild that knows their stuff and are willing to guide my noobish self. But when it comes to PVP I like to keep it serious and lite on all the LOLing while crushing our enemies. Casual/Hardcore?: Casual but competitive-capable. I'm up for harder PvP worlds. Size: Mid-sized or larger. I want a good size group of people that are active enough to keep going strong without me. Play-Style: I'm planning on filling some sort of support role of ranged DPS or healer. Haven't fully decided. I may get into crafting but not heavily. Commitment: I'm going to be honest. I don't know how much time I can commit and so I can't be a necessary function to your operations but I'm willing to jump into the thick of it throughout the week if I can. Miscellaneous: I've endured some legendary level of avoiding beta testing and early access gameplay so that I would have a fresh look at the game near launch. There will be a lot of intricacies I won't know. Experience: I've played all kinds of MMOs since 2005 but not many in the last 5 years. I've been in a range of hardcore PvP and raiding PVE guilds to the complete opposite. Never played Shadowbane unfortunately. Voice-Chat services: I'm fine with any platform. Being very vocal and sociable isn't really my thing but I do prefer voice in PvP with leads and assists calling the shots.
  8. I think the CE is a good value over all. The mini-fig art is wonderful. Wouldn't be too hard to imagine a companion Crowfall board game that would be compatible with these. 😁
  9. I don't like any character on that FTWD show contrary to TWD. If they were all turned into zombies, I wouldn't even care. Does that make me a bad person?
  10. Crazy thought...Could render/draw distance reduction be a stat for more concealed harvesting? Cheap as hell way to do it. Of course that could only work with harvesting gear... yep crazy.
  11. I haven't been following the progress closely I wonder if they have discussed group harvesting (3-4 harvesting on the same node increase the yield), Tree/rock monsters as an alternate source of harvesting, or camouflaged pack animals for solo harvesters.
  12. In theory, upgrading would work the same as when you upgrade from the store. So it would be like: KS Great Hall(from Small Castle set) -> KS Noble Hall(from Medium Castle set) -> KS Throne Room (from Large Castle set) If a KS Great Hall is going to be a gold trim skin, then upgrading it wouldn't change it's color. Anyway, additional skins could be something done later on. I wonder, though, how much texture memory that is going to take up. Having color dyes and give a base texture a color tint would be less performance-expensive but may be not as interesting. Isn't the terrain AND the buildings going to have dynamic texture changes (snow,rain) based on season?
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