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  1. LFG - No longer. Thank you everyone who has contacted me. *edit Guild criteria: Region: NA (EST) Atmosphere: I'm looking for a relaxed guild that knows their stuff and are willing to guide my noobish self. But when it comes to PVP I like to keep it serious and lite on all the LOLing while crushing our enemies. Casual/Hardcore?: Casual but competitive-capable. I'm up for harder PvP worlds. Size: Mid-sized or larger. I want a good size group of people that are active enough to keep going strong without me. Play-Style: I'm planning on filling some sort of support role of ranged DPS or healer. Haven't fully decided. I may get into crafting but not heavily. Commitment: I'm going to be honest. I don't know how much time I can commit and so I can't be a necessary function to your operations but I'm willing to jump into the thick of it throughout the week if I can. Miscellaneous: I've endured some legendary level of avoiding beta testing and early access gameplay so that I would have a fresh look at the game near launch. There will be a lot of intricacies I won't know. Experience: I've played all kinds of MMOs since 2005 but not many in the last 5 years. I've been in a range of hardcore PvP and raiding PVE guilds to the complete opposite. Never played Shadowbane unfortunately. Voice-Chat services: I'm fine with any platform. Being very vocal and sociable isn't really my thing but I do prefer voice in PvP with leads and assists calling the shots.
  2. I think the CE is a good value over all. The mini-fig art is wonderful. Wouldn't be too hard to imagine a companion Crowfall board game that would be compatible with these. 😁
  3. I don't like any character on that FTWD show contrary to TWD. If they were all turned into zombies, I wouldn't even care. Does that make me a bad person?
  4. Crazy thought...Could render/draw distance reduction be a stat for more concealed harvesting? Cheap as hell way to do it. Of course that could only work with harvesting gear... yep crazy.
  5. I haven't been following the progress closely I wonder if they have discussed group harvesting (3-4 harvesting on the same node increase the yield), Tree/rock monsters as an alternate source of harvesting, or camouflaged pack animals for solo harvesters.
  6. In theory, upgrading would work the same as when you upgrade from the store. So it would be like: KS Great Hall(from Small Castle set) -> KS Noble Hall(from Medium Castle set) -> KS Throne Room (from Large Castle set) If a KS Great Hall is going to be a gold trim skin, then upgrading it wouldn't change it's color. Anyway, additional skins could be something done later on. I wonder, though, how much texture memory that is going to take up. Having color dyes and give a base texture a color tint would be less performance-expensive but may be not as interesting. Isn't the terrain AND the buildings going to have dynamic texture changes (snow,rain) based on season?
  7. Ah, so the visual difference may very well be KS:Gold, 2015:Red, and 2016:Purple just like on the Knightmare! ...or not
  8. It seems like the price per piece isn't very good for medium sized keeps and castles. Small is a good play-it-safe option but you do get a lot more for your money on Large version. The unknown maintenance cost really is a conundrum. I'm imagining I can use a lot less of the total pieces to reduce the cost but I have no idea.
  9. I highly doubt that turning destruction on for your EK would mean that you have to spend resources to fix it or nobody would ever do that. More likely to be like in Landmark where once the materials have been used/payed for any destruction can be reset without cost. I'm thinking its still a good idea to save some in your wallet for other things when they come. Stuff like villas, manors, noble houses and such to fill your keeps and castles with.
  10. That's why I'm still going to hold on to my Fort (well, I did upgrade it to Large). Since it won't be as resource expensive (build or upkeep). Changed my mind, just getting a Large Castle. I should have plenty to build with since it basically a wall and Throne upgrade to the Keep among other things. With it all being modular I wouldn't HAVE to place everything. Still wish I knew the visual difference between KS, 2015, and 2016 versions.
  11. Help! Should I buy a small castle, and large keep if I have a KS medium fort? Or are the resource costs for all of them going to be so undeity much that I'll never be able to build it? Or does it serve no purpose to have more than 1 of the largest fortification. I'd love to tinker with as much of the EK building as possible but not 100% on the actually possibility or viability of doing that solo or as a small group is. Though I am keeping my wonderful Collectors Edition box w/ figurines to snuggle with at night. 3 Char slots still seems worthwhile to hold on to.
  12. I want to have a game that I thoroughly enjoy after all the testing ends. After a lot of time gaming and working on games has taught me that less exposure to the same game over a long period of time the better. Really don't want to be burnt out on the core 40% of the game and not even be able to enjoy the rest of it when does get fully implemented and reasonably polished.
  13. Thanks for the short summary of what the current status is. I don't have the time to always test and keep up with what's going on and it feels a bit like this...
  14. In any of the passive + active hybrid progression systems I've thought up, I find it too difficult to nail down exactly how the active part works. There are going to be a ton of skills that don't translate well in actions-performed for granting XP for X skill and to keep the gains balanced across all skills would be insane. Passive training completely avoids that pitfall. I'd definitely suggest some way to add a training speed modifier (x1.5-x4) like the mentorship idea instead. Mentorship What about having to set a minimum time to mentor and being lock into that until it expires? Example 1-5days I'm imaging a contract is made between you and another for the timeframe and optional compensation. Instead of gameplay affecting bonuses, what about cosmetic or other benefits instead as a reward for mentoring? Couldn't 2 vet players constantly mentor each other in the skills they haven't trained yet? Personally, if the power curve is such that a new player is competent in the first week or two, it's not such a big enough problem to fix. If it's not, then I think the focus should be put into giving only new players a training boost until they can be.
  15. In most of the voxel engine games I've played, there's often the problem of reusing templates and dropping them on top of generated terrain. Often times you would have houses that are floating with one corner at the slope of a hill. It's like there needs to be filler that gets put in if there is a gap or the base of the structure needs to have so much extra depth that those wouldn't exist. I'm not sure if the same idea could be applied here and how/what gets generated with the EK terrain. If there will be a lot of rolling hills, that becomes really problematic with building even with modular pieces. I envisioned that overall, the terrain would exist in height-tiers or wouldn't have a huge ranges in elevation but that probably isn't the case. Is it possible to put a layer of dynamic terrain over top of the static terrain so that it can be modified? Still couldn't have trees sticking through that though. Then with the middle layer it could be made flat and easy to base build on top of but some destruction could still be possible. Would love to make some early prototype fortress or city.
  16. I like the concept on it's own but I (and we) don't speak for ACE or what they should do, or which such feature that may not even need to exist to fix and non-existing problem. Lets focus on discovering FTL before trying to cross the wormhole at 5.4 x1010 AU
  17. Just some ideas Advertising kiosk - EK structure with a maintenance cost to increase exposure of what you are selling This takes all the type and rarity of items your thralls are selling and advertises that they are for sale (instantly updates if those are sold). Instead of a global market to buy specific items you can find what EK they are sold in but don't know their price. (?) Option to 'follow' certain crafters or traders you were happy to do business with so you can quickly find their EK. Or just having a friend list with [goto their EK] option. A 'social hub' type parcel that exists only in campaigns with perks for crafters or traders so they naturally congregate there. Would there be a need for a [Looking for Work] tag?
  18. The hardest part is coming up with an acronym that is brief and easy to say. MOBA was probably given the name for that very reason. Not so much of what each word means on it's own. I wish there was more describing how the game is unique from all the other MMOs out there. The generated worlds and deep interconnected game systems make the game sound more like a "Systemic Online War Game". SOWG? Hmph
  19. I think about all the good things that could be done with that money. I just hope the right kind of person wins. Btw, anyone can win, all you have to do is buy all 292,201,388 ticket combinations. It will only cost you $584,402,676 and a risk of having to split it. Easy
  20. Was it an entertaining action film? Sure. Was it a great Star Wars movie? No. Certainly not a 1 billion dollar movie to me. I found the writing to be fairly weak and the character development was poor. Even when reintroducing the old characters. Aside from the millions put into big production special effects it felt more like a fan film- Disney being the fans of SW, and the different direction it could lead.
  21. Crowfall, being so different, really doesn't belong with other MMORPGs nor their terms. So I'd say, "consequential" is the best word to describe what this game is. It practically needs a new name for itself because depending on it's success, it could be the start of a new sub genre.
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