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  1. Last time I checked Second Life wasnt dead. Minecraft wasn't dead. So why are you making up lies about sandbox dying? Is there something special about lying to people that I dont get? Explain.
  2. Е X A C T L Y Actually everything about the game reeks of bad design and mediocrity. The name, the setting, the gameplay mechanics. The goddamn GUNIEA PIGS. Its a joke, this game can't and won't be popular. Well maybe in Korea it will, they like wierd ugly stuff out there. But here in europe...meh. It COULD become popular with the 12 year olds but as the game is heavily PvP based this will probably not be the case either. Sadly. Proud words from the developers in the beginning about how they wanted to make something different and intriguing and gunea pigs in the end. Not even fu
  3. People are so tired of carebearish MMOs that when they see a full PvP game they can only talk about PvP. People are anxious. As to other dangers..lmao if you dont wanna get killed by monsters, just dont go to the monsters. While a player can kill you anywhere in the open.
  4. True dat. Huge cooldowns, huge costs. Something you can use two-three times per day. That is, IF you are a class that can do it.
  5. My thoughts exactly!! : http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/3879-here-i-come/
  6. Don't you have irl stuff to do schoolboy? You've been monitoring my thread since the beginning. What a pathetic life.
  7. Stop projecting. My mom was long dead even at the time you were an infant. Too bad your brain hasn't developed since then.
  8. It feels like half the posters ITT are 15 year old angsty teens. Not even funny.
  9. What if e-mails are not satisfactory also, can I call you on the phone?
  10. You kidding? No. Who ever does? Besides, thats what mods are for lel.
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