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  1. Adjustment: https://discord.gg/fkNtuJp (Use this discord link instead if interested.)
  2. I personally think it should't matter how many wipes happen. We all know things are in development. In the end.. there will be a wipe maybe even more wipes then you hope.. If nothing else you learn how to build a character the way you want faster. I also know there is no catch up mech in place yet.. so the competition aspect of the game isn't really "Balanced". So.. don't think it matters either way. "The wipe is coming.".. with white walkers and all that stuff However, if they do wipe.. wipe it all.. items toons.. passives.. all of it. That way we have no uncle Robs at the game table!... or was it uncle Joe?
  3. Currently beginning to look for a decent guild.

  4. I think this is nothing like the champion.. but it inspired the drawing..
  5. haha so we can RP the red wedding in our settlements?
  6. haha,, glad my post got so much attention. I could see them doing rule sets for those occasions. Take home that gingerbread house you always wanted.. om nom nom
  7. I was curious does the world of Crowfall have holidays? Like X-mas Halloween and fill your face Turkey Day? Its always nice to have in-game holiday fun to change the gaming up.. Just wondering if it "was" to be in Crowfall what it would be like
  8. Just curious what everyone thought. Would be funny.. well i can't use magic.. sooo Ill just turn into a werewolf! haha teeth..
  9. Orokosh


    anyone who would like to play smite feel free to friend me. Ekoji is my Username. Send me a message and that your from here We can have some fun.
  10. I been looking to try out shadowbane. Only thing is, I can't seem to find a download for it that works..
  11. Me and my boyfriend just started characters on Neverwinter to pass our time before Crowfall gets closer to testing. If anyone else plays list your name maybe we can get to know each other. Character: Ekoji Rone
  12. Say someone is playing confessor. Which seems to be a magic based class. If their friends go into a non magic based ruleset. Does that mean they just wont be able to go in at all? Or will there be a way that confessors will be able to join the fun but use no magic?
  13. I'm hoping that Alchemist Runestone will give more then the typical make this potion and that. I would like to see them take the approach of having a character with that runestone buff how many mats they can pull from a plant for example. Or, perhaps when they drink potions due to their understanding of how to make them they last a little bit longer then a full warrior.
  14. The game itself as not even entered Alpha so it is to soon in my opinion to be judging anything. However, that being said. I'm thrilled they are showing progress in what they are working on.
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