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  1. Whenever I start to play a new test I go through the task of going and taking screenshots of all the Race Disciplines to weight which one I should choose for what I'm testing. My feedback is to somehow put that information in the race selection screen. That way the comparing can be done in game.. I don't mind being crafty just thinking.
  2. While I played 4/11 I noticed: Mobs: 1. Enbarri Clerics when they used their blind spell on me didn't blind me at all. 2. Enbarri male and females have men's voices when they die. Skinning: 1. While skinning I was unable to hit some of the crit markers (I think this is already noted) which forced me into combat mode which then took me out of survival. Lost the meat/leather Using Bandages in combat 1. While using bandage, mobs are attacking me but the healing channel is not stopping. Not sure if that is intentional.
  3. Adjustment: https://discord.gg/fkNtuJp (Use this discord link instead if interested.)
  4. I personally think it should't matter how many wipes happen. We all know things are in development. In the end.. there will be a wipe maybe even more wipes then you hope.. If nothing else you learn how to build a character the way you want faster. I also know there is no catch up mech in place yet.. so the competition aspect of the game isn't really "Balanced". So.. don't think it matters either way. "The wipe is coming.".. with white walkers and all that stuff However, if they do wipe.. wipe it all.. items toons.. passives.. all of it. That way we have no uncle Robs at the
  5. Currently beginning to look for a decent guild.

  6. I have not been playing in some time. Man how the game has changed. For the better of course. The game play is much smoother compared to before. I also like the race/class combo decisions and how the zones work. I feel like I can go back and help friends if I need to. Crafting in the beginning was a bit overwhelming just due to not knowing how to navigate the menu. However, I did find the search bar at the top to help. Anywho, below are my suggestions/ideas for the amount of time I played Few things that I noticed: Druids:Animation Critique Their main attack(Left c
  7. Hey all very new to posting on this forum. I tend to be a ghost and not post a lot on forums but I decided I wanted to be more active this time around. I am looking forward to this game and getting to know the community better. As for things I need to know. There is a lot of information on here. I'm sure a little reading will go a long way .
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