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  1. I am currently guildless and will join anyone's guild for 30$ or 35.4€. Just kidding.
  2. Theory crafting about big picture what will/could be is more exciting than knights HP has been increased by 10% but at least they aren't lying to us about what they are going to do in these videos. And catch up mechanics and the type of training generally don't cause the downfall of a video game or cause it to be a non starter. Things like is it fun to do over and over or does it have enough variety of non fun things to make them all together fun? Or has what was advertised been what they've actually done? Or is the game riddled with bugs? Are much indicative of the success of a game. Not the background exp system or catch up systems.
  3. I do agree with Caenth. I like having as much of the screen as clutter free as possible and it's not too hard to just put a couple more xs into the windows and having them open together but be able to be Xed out if you wanted to.
  4. They mentioned different campaign settings. Love to see that's still a plan.
  5. I don't know how I feel about the spirit banks. There is positives and negatives to it. A couple big negatives are that: the campaign closing earlier through the reset mechanic and then changes to the next campaign's rules was supposed to be the balancing mechanic and so were other things such as equal number of players on each side. And secondly we were told the spirit bank was a temporary mechanic that was a cheap solution to people not being able to craft anything due to being raided.
  6. If you mouse over the article section then click on the news section. Then mouse over the community section then a magical button gets revealed titled "Guilds". Clicking on that leads to the home page or the page that you go to when you click on Crowfall. This button is not supposed to be here yet and it is not working. Also great job on the dev track. It's one of the most popular buttons so make sure it works!
  7. The game is in Pre-Alpha and as many people in the forums have said it's not supposed to be fun yet so take a break wait until they look at crafting again if being a crafter is what you want to do. I do hope ACE adds active gathering things from games that have implemented it well or just make it full on passive like Eve. But who knows they could just gut the system and make crafting like Skyrim or Deliverance. But it's not worth being unhappy over so let people who want to stress over it do that.
  8. You guys don't like it because it makes them look like a monkey or a gorilla. ACE wanted to do a Stoneborn not a Dwarf. You can be disappointed that you don't get to play a traditional Dwarf and say it looks ugly but don't say the graphics on it are poorly done just because Stoneborn are not Dwarves.
  9. I highly agree with points 4 and 2. I've written on having a shallow power curve many times. My standard is the strongest character should be no more powerful than 25% of the weakest, most base equipped character. Plus because right now the crafting system is a snooze/annoyance fest forcing players to go through that to get to the fun stuff is not good. This is a major unsolved problem in pvp in all mmos imo. On point 2: I've always supported no teleportation in Crowfall ACE said they plan to implement them but we'll see how it turns out. For safe zones EK's should be 100% safe or up to the player. For the CW world the graveyards need to be safe in case of lag or other issues if they keep dying but that's the only place imo that should have a safe zone.
  10. The fae looks much more beautiful than it did a few months ago. With the race/class split up I'm unsure if I'm going to pick them but I'll definitely give them a try. I'm interested to see how the male fae looks. He looked more gritty and less shiny in the artwork so I wonder if he too is going to shine.
  11. Sleeping confirmed in game! It's doubtful they will have flying combat. This is primarily a pvp game so I would expect creatures to be rudimentary until sometime after the base game is launched (as in after they have completed the primary portion of their game). It would be fun if Witcheresq combat was in the game and fun to watch other people fight it out then steal their loot but I doubt it will be in the game.
  12. WoW minotaurs are fine on mounts. I don't really see a problem there.
  13. No it should not be released when it's done. But seriously that is how you troll.
  14. Just make sure on applications when the question "may we contact your previous employer?" is asked select "no" and you're good to go..
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