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    Holyvigil got a reaction from Sillsei in One Concern About The Death Of Worlds   
    In a sense you are saving the worlds.  If you are facing an unstoppable enemy the best thing that you can do is minimize your loses and deny the enemy from gaining strength. You are saving the parts of the world that you bring back to the eternal kingdoms; saving them from corruption by the hunger. You are also defeating the hunger by denying it resources. In war this is called a scorched earth strategy. In real life Russia used this strategy the most often even going to the great length of looting their own capital city and then destroying anything that was left in order to deny their enemy. In fantasy the most known example is in Warhammer 40k: humanity uses this tactic in order to the deny the tyranids the resources of their world's (and give the remaining humans on those worlds a merciful death). 
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    Holyvigil got a reaction from chancellor in Active Storyline   
    There is no plan to have an active story line. There's some dev posts that explain how it is going to work but you should try Eve Online and see how they do lore. Players make their own stories.The only NPCs that are for sure planned are vendor NPCs. There will be no computer made quests in this game.
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    Holyvigil got a reaction from WhiteShadow in Fast Travel: Reframing The Discussion   
    I don't know what would be best no fast travel or limited fast travel. But unrestricted teleporting fast travel is bad. 
    How about this instead: roads give movement speed bonuses.
    I'm thinking more about real life and how a well built road made supplies come much quicker in the roman world and obviously in the modern world you can't take a semi through the wilderness.
    Then you could continuously improve the road for a better movement speed bonus. Plus players would then have a reason to build paved roads and if they are a small group they would have a tactical reason to not build them.
    It would also make sense for the natural progression of pvp in the worlds.
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    Holyvigil got a reaction from chancellor in Don't Hold Back The Races Natural Abilities (Ie Centaur's Speed, Fae's Flying, Etc).   
    I agree with you. I am all for game breaking abilities for the sake of variety. I'm also ok with it being mandatory that you have to be one archetype/race if you want to be competitive. Some people play games for it's competitive nature and games that focus on competitiveness/balance/handholding whatever you want to call it are good for those kind of people. I support extreme racial abilities with counters because I don't plan on being in combat a whole lot with the archetypes/race that I want to choose so whatever makes out of combat easier for me I'm all for.
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