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  1. Obviously, this mechanic exists to incentivize gatherers to not go it alone. If you have someone watching your back, you're fine. This is a non-problem.
  2. Maybe, but I'm too tech illiterate to know for sure. Could it just mean something like that particular bit of the game isn't sending data to the server and/or players all the time?
  3. KJDavid

    Something Awful

    All the coolest kids use aviary. Listen to capntastic and you plebes will learn something. Not something good, mind you, but it will be something. Awful.
  4. The "game" that unknownxv describes sounds bloody horrible. Wait. No, that's too much of an understatement. It sounds like the most rancid, turgid, brain-bleeding insanity I can possibly imagine. That, obviously, no one would ever play.
  5. I love code phrases like this. What it really means: you are disagreeing with me, I can't really argue any of your points, so I'm going to claim no one is engaging with my points. Bonus points for claiming your opponents are blind fans.
  6. I believe they've already stated that all mounts (i.e. - the things pulling the wagons) can be slain. So, there's that. Magic-terraforming could be cool, but I doubt we'll see it in the Core.
  7. Yes, except for the 'probably' part.
  8. Flagging is a horrible game mechanic.
  9. That's not what they're trying to do, dude. That's now what they're trying to do.
  10. OP Paraphrased: The world is burning! And you will all burn along with it! Ha ha ha ha ha!
  11. Oh my, god, they totally could have! How do we know they aren't actually going to use the funds to buy child-sex slaves from Mars?!! We don't you guys! We don't know for SURESSLY! After all, they promoted their Kickstarter, so that means they're capable of anything - genocide maybe! Hurgle-gurf! Huurk! /stupidity off
  12. There's so much wrong the with the OP I don't even know where to begin.
  13. Since they're an American company, they don't have to conform in any way to Russian law. It's not like the forum is going to be set up inside Russia.
  14. Never not poorly made socks post.
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