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  1. Not sure if this has been posted, but was watching the new trailer for Silicon Valley season 6 on HBO and they had some Crowfall footage in the opening 10 seconds. Thought that was kinda neat. Silicon Valley Season 6 Trailer
  2. Very exciting news. That graphical update looks amazing!
  3. Are you ok ,been watching 4 u ,give me a tell if i can help

  4. While I wouldn't want any extra features added to the game right now (not that anyone was suggesting it), I do think including naval combat with continents/islands to fight over would be the best expansion ever
  5. GvG, sieges, resources and all the ensuing server politics. Should be a blast!
  6. Shadowbane was a real test of guild cohesiveness and loyalty as it truly gets tested when you see your city and everything you worked towards for months in ashes. A lot of guilds folded at that point and it's the sort of guild stressors that aren't seen in nearly any mmorpg since. True victory cannot really be achieved without the possible consequence of true loss. - that sounded poetic!
  7. Oh that's awesome! They seemed like nice guys. We need to keep those vintage guilds around.
  8. I was in Free Corps during the Death launch and those were really the best mmorpg memories fighting LoD. The server really hated those LoD guys buy hey, 12+ years later and Lok-Ri, Salvation, Free Corps, Silent Tribe, Viri-Mane, Mithril Warhammers(was that their name?) are all memories while LoD is still at it. Hope some of those old guilds start up again ... I think Virakar is semi alive...(maybe)..
  9. It's a guild you love to hate, which I suppose is important for these types of games . Fighting them on Death was some of the most fun/aggravating experiences I can ever recall. 12 years later I still remember the shock at seeing Silent Tribe fall to LoD.
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