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  1. Not sure if this has been posted, but was watching the new trailer for Silicon Valley season 6 on HBO and they had some Crowfall footage in the opening 10 seconds. Thought that was kinda neat. Silicon Valley Season 6 Trailer
  2. Since most mmorpgs boast a female playerbase of 25-35% (approx) and since Crowfall is uniquely a very PvP driven and GvG title its reasonable to assume that it would be activites beyond solely PvP. Crafting, exploring, ingame features fostering community/socialization, etc. Not to say Crowfall doesn't have these but they get overshadowed and wont really be a focus until later.
  3. Almost 96% are male? Yikes. Hopefully as the game draws closer to launch people will see there is plenty to do for both sexes. Also from a perspective of developing a long-lasting, devoted and stable community it never hurt to have a bit more of a balance (or while a balance is never likely at least not 96% )
  4. Very exciting news. That graphical update looks amazing!
  5. Are you ok ,been watching 4 u ,give me a tell if i can help

  6. Sounds exciting! . Having the ingame testing spaced out like they are doing now is the way to go.
  7. Haha thanks. I missed updating them here last week after posting them on my site. Below is our attempt at the Duelist and the Assassin
  8. I very much like the stylized graphics for this title. Whether a game is hyper realistic or a complete cartoon doesn't really affect my perception of it as long as it has all the fun ingredients needed for fun and longevity..
  9. Belated reply but hello and welcome To best understand how things are going I probably think reading the forums is best. Personally I like the art style a lot. While a cliche to say I think the gameplay will really win people over when they realize all the possibilities this game has to offer. I'm sure any of your friends who are holdouts will cave once the game gets closer to launch and they see what it has going for it
  10. Lol I can't even tell after a few seconds of glancing
  11. The Guincean was a lot tricker to draw since it's non human but it's almost done so I'll try to remember to include it in the two for this upcoming week
  12. It's probably been commented on but the animations look so fluid, it's great. That class looks like a lot of fun to play.
  13. Just that I think it's inclusion would be the greatest expansion ever! A game like this begs for it's addition but I think it's obviously best left as a post launch feature. I'm sure they have plenty on their plate as is.
  14. If you're so friendly and excited then you must visit the forums more often! However I get that people may not want to get too excited about a game that still has a way to go.. but sometimes we can't help ourselves
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